The History Of Apogaea

Apogaea began as a way to celebrate the Colorado Burning Man Community and has grown into its own entity. Through guidance from the 10 Burning Man Principles, Apogaea continues to thrive year-round.

Fun Facts

  • Apogaea was formed after the dissolution of Geodesika, a similar event inspired by the ideas of Buckminster Fuller.
  • Approximately 40 interested people met multiple times in late 2003 and early 2004 to design the event known as Apogaea.
  • In 2006 and 2012, extreme fire conditions restricted Apogaea from burning the effigy. In both cases (the Phoenix in 2006 and Blossom in 2012) the effigy was reused and burned the next year.
  • The management, staff and performers of Apogaea have been strictly volunteers, and never received any compensation for their time & effort.
  • The biggest line item expense in Apogaea’s budget has always been creative grants in support of art.
  • The Westword did a story on Apogaea in 2005 titled Afterburn.

The Apogaea Event Timeline – 2001-2023

The Founders History of Apogaea

This is a series of interviews done by our historian, Schmid-E.

Past Events

Here you will find links to information about past Apogaea events, such as art installations, theme camps, placements maps and so on.

Visit the following links to explore fun facts and details about each year:

2014  •  2013  •  2012  •  2011
2010  •  2009  •  2008  •  2007
2006  •  2005  •  2004

The Census

Our Apogaea Census is an evaluation survey completed by participants. It helps us see where there might be areas of improvement and what we did well in a given year. The results, we hope, will allow us to see trends and changes in the community.

2016  •  2014  •  2013  •  2012  •  2011

Afterburn Reports

The Afterburn Report is a detailed summary of the event in review.  You’ll find financial and historical information, plus much more!

2019  •  2018  •  2017  •  2016  •  2014  •  2012