Apogaea 2007

In 2007:

  • Effigy: Phoenix (it finally burned!)
  • Population: 400
  • Ticket Price: $40-50
  • There were 31 grant applications totaling $22,285.
  • There were 21 granted recipients.
  • A total of $7,500 was granted.

View the Official 2007 Apogaea Placement Map (PDF)

Note: all camps, art pieces, performance, and workshops with an asterisk * were recipients of grant funding for Apogaea 2007. Congratulations participants!

Art, Camps & Things

Amoeba Cantina*

Originally based on the infamous cantina at Mos Eisley Spaceport (a wretched hive of scum and villany), the Amoeba Cantina will feature the overall feel or ‘essence’ of the cantina featured in Star Wars. Bring a cup, have a drink, meet the one who might just save you from the Empire’s strangle-hold on the galaxy. Music performances by Amoebafunk (
“No Droids Allowed”

Bass Cave

loud ass beats floro active art drunk sound guys – jagged sound

Boom Hollow

Boom Hollow – a place for didj massage, story telling, and possibly even spiritual awakenings. If you have any questions, please contact Brandon Chase

Camp Chaos

Camp Chaos presents the “Painted Ponies” exhibition. Interaction with magnificent creatures of marked sensitivity through art, creativity and compassion.

Demon Funkies Groove & Bobble

Live music from Demon Funkies dress as a Demon pimps and ho’s shake your booty to live funk!

Energy Riders

We are energy riders, techno pirates out to commandeer your mind through lights and music.

Liquid Lounge*

A space of refuge for the busy head. Providing music, art, and hot chai to those in need since 2012.


Mishief Camp : come by for some shocking good fun – Timber

Mr. Science’s Star Dome

A small dome with constellations, a telescope, modest laser light shows, black light.

Pink Pussie Palace*

It’s the 3rd year for The Perfectly Pink Pussie Palace and once again we welcome you to come play with the Pussies at The PPP. Slide into our relaxing Pink Dome that never closes. Enjoy a drink at our Pink Pussie Parlor or shake it on our dance floor. It is always a pleasure to have you. The Pussies invite you to join us for our weekend celebrations: Hot Toddy Thursday: We will have hot drinks on hand as we chill and prepare to bring in Apogaea as only the Pussies know how. Friday NIGHT 9pm – It’s our Grand Opening. DJ Milk will be headlining our evening along with Yahya, Schmid-E, Xara Kitty and other artists playing some of the sauciest beats that will keep it going ALL NIGHT (and we mean allllllll night). The Pink Pussie Parlor and Lounge will be complete once again with bar, lounge & dance area featuring our famous Pussie Elixir drinks. (we ask that you bring your own cup) WANT TO MAKE A PUSSIE PURRRRR – Please bring a vodka contribution to our bar for the Grand Opening Party. Overwhelming Pussie Gratitude with open paws. THANKS! Saturday 2pm – Hoopapaloooza and Happy-Happy Hour – Don’t forget your hoola hoop (and extras) for Apogaea because The PPP is featuring happy hour with hoola hoopin’ in the finest fashion. Music will be jivin’ with the bump and grinds needed for this event. Don’t know how? Come and learn. This is a participation spectator appreciation event. Once again we will have our “Post Your Pussie Board” up. Please come share the best shots of your Pretty Kitties. Meow Meow Meow! The Pussies are very excited to open up our Palace to Apogaea 07! Come by and show some Pussie Luv. We can’t wait to see you. Hosted by Meow-Meow, Pussie S’More, Purrscilla the Peppermint Pussie, Snuggle Puss, Thomas P. Kat, Hairball and Xara Kitty.

Playa Go Round ~ Casbah~

The Casbah is where you can sit, relax, drink spiced tea, talk with friends and smoke sweetly infused tobaccos from Shishas. Late night we’ll rock this Casbah with exotic sounds and other delights! Come early, come late, come loose, or come straight to the Casbah. We welcome you to our oasis! Live and Burn

Smokin’ BBQ n’ Blues Hellraisin’ Hootenanny*

Come on down to the Smokin’ Bones BBQ n Blues Hellraisin’ Hootenanny! The boys and girls of Smokin’ Bones are back to supply you with some down home cookin’, homemade blues, and a little moonshine before we send you on your way.

The Universatile Bongalow

The Bongalow is our box with no walls, our open imagination zone, our tropical light paradise. Universatile is your reflection, it is the tools you already have at your disposal, it is whatever you want or need from the universe. Come relax with us rasta stylee, get funky, get loose, dance, and just party your little heart out. This is a living transformation, let yourself get taken away.

Universal Truth or Dare

Universal Truth or Dare. The game of the ages is here for one and all with a revelating twist. Come make new friends while truly learning something about them. Refreshments and snacks provided by the hosts whim.


The Altar of Eschaton*

This free-standing structure decorates the grounds of the festival and will embellish the night sky with its radiant glow. Designed as a tribute to the visionary seeking drive with in each and every one of us, it will stand solemnly as a reminder of the creative energy that our hearts and minds together. May any merit generated by this piece be dedicated to the liberation of all beings.

The Ballarium 3.0

In a distant stand of aspens, a temporal rift has opened. Glowing geometric shapes have gurggled out from another dimension. Come, be as one with the perfection of the sphere, but don’t get clobbered and spill your beer. Cuz that would suck.
Note: this is not art, so don’t look at it.

A Conversation Place*

A Conversation Piece is a dynamic sculpture designed to tempt and encourage the creative wanderer, to pause and share reflection with other like-minded souls, as they lounge in a work of art that’s purpose is too create a situation that cultivates conversation while appealing to our creature need for stimulation and comfort.

Daedalus and Icarus*

Daedalus set to work to fabricate wings for himself and his young son Icarus. He tied feathers together, from smallest to largest so as to form an increasing surface. The larger ones he secured with thread and the smaller with wax, and gave the whole a gentle curvature like the wings of a bird. When the work was finally done, the artist, waving his wings, found himself buoyed upward and hung suspended, poising himself on the beaten air. He next equipped his son in the same manner, and taught him how to fly” -Thomas Bulfinch, The Age of Fable. Two life-size steel figures with wax wings, one taking flight, the other watching. If conditions permit, the wings will be burned, letting the metal feathers fall to the ground.

The Fruit of Life*

The Fruit of Life is said to be the blueprint of the universe, containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence. Come experience the fruit of life!


The Future/Primitive Mayan Art Project is a chance to connect to the beauty and wisdom of the ancients in a modern way.

Green Man Tree*

This tree will be over 25 feet tall with a seven-inch base, powder-coated with “chrome” to provide quiet (and literal, though distorted) reflection in the day and fiery branch tips to break up the night sky. It forms a gathering place under its sheltering limbs; the interaction it proves is for gathering, reflecting, and observing. It will be a natural place to be drawn to as man has always been drawn to fire.

The Green Screen*

Ever wondered why we’re not all driving electric cars? What can you do to slow global warming? After oil, do you know what the next war will be fought over? Come educate and entertain yourself day and night at the GREEN SCREEN, a comfortable, renewable-energy run screening room featuring movies, documentaries, slide shows, and other media to stimulate and educate our community on a myriad of environmental issues. Discuss the topics, arm yourself with knowledge, and get ready to make a difference for our beautiful green planet!


The human hand is used for so many aspects of human life and culture: using tools, writing, playing musical instruments, computing, touching others, communicating-nearly every aspect of human life uses the hand in one way or another.

Horses Don’t Swim*

A human-scale surrealistic flying sea horse. In the vein of folk art from Mexico and South America, the piece is intended to represent animal forms from three of the four earthly elements; land, water and air. Humans have been inspired by the possibility of mythological characters since we were hatched; this sculpture is a creation of one such animal.

Light Towers*

Light Towers will be a free-standing, self-powered art installation. It uses durable elements, simple design, and sustainable practices to add to the Apogaea community. This project will use solar power, energy-efficient and high-power lighting elements, and durable materials that can be reused and will leave no trace. Multiple individual light towers can be configured to fill various areas. They can flank a path, inviting participants to move from one area to another. They can form a gate, defining an entrance or passage. Or they can form a post-industrial bamboo forest.

Liquid Lounge*

A space of refuge for the busy head. Providing music, art, and hot chai to those in need since 2012.

The Mini Groove Glow Lounge*

For nighttime chillin’ only, stop by the Mini Groove Glow Lounge. A psychedelic, comfy, mini-lounge with vibrating pillows, air mattresses, black-light art, interactive creativity and a feast for the senses. Come snuggle, stimulate intimate conversation, let the black light chandelier and white eye-popping art and tons of el wire float you away to a groovy space with your sweetheart or cool friends. Only open at night.


Moonbass is a camp inspired by the Geodesic designs of Buckminster Fuller. Our purpose is to provide a camp that incorporates the geodesic domes and spheres in a Lunar setting. The Apogaea community will be able to walk through, Dance, and admire the structures we create. During the day we will have group yoga and Nia sessions. At night we will play sexy house and breaks to create a positive funky atmosphere. It will inspire reflection and discussion.

The ORB*

Ascend the spinal cortex and enter the sacred geometry of the brain. Relax in a plush environment as gentle waves palpitate the ORB and your emotions. – Timber


The Darktower symbolizes the accumulation and subsequent purging of knowledge in society and how this cycle is used to manipulate the power of the individual. Like its namesake, the Longbarn represents the communal gathering place where history is stored and ideas are recorded, much like an aboriginal schoolroom for initiates. Labyrinth is made of two interlocking spirals and is analogous with the multilayered convolutions experienced in an inward exploration of the psyche. Godhead is the final station and embodies the lost Gnostic teachings that we are in the divine and the divine is in us and not some alien dogma that has to be preached and guilt-tripped out of us. Orrorin is the name for one of the earliest known hominids and is derived from the Kenyan words for dawn and man. This performance embodies the rise of early man’s consciousness of themselves, the world and their worship of spirits and the great creator. It is also a more direct illustration of what the different stations represent and instructs visitors in the cohesiveness of the journey.

Potty, Pretty*

A simple decorative respite for your daily venture to the potty.


Dr. Razzamataz the Stupendous and his Mystical Medicine Show will be performing feats of incredible puppetry magic throughout the weekend. Beware the 13-foot-tall Jabberwocky! Have your heart broken by the Sad Tale of Marlboro Karl! Go ape to the rocking grooves of Iron Banana the sock monkey band! Find the answer with H.A.N.D.G.R.E.N.A.D.E.s for Sale!

Releasing Your Inner Poet*

My purpose is to introduce and encourage people of all ages to play with words, write a poem–even if they never have. Then to explore creative ways to express the poem to others, whether it be visual (painting, drawing, sculpture) or performance (poetry performance, dance, song). I will conduct a series of workshops over the weekend for all age groups. I would like it to culminate in a performance with all poets who wish to participate (from the workshops and from the general population of campers) performing their work onstage, with the visual components displayed around the stage.

Shadow Wall*

Get your cheap thrills on! Create fun, crazy and weird silhouettes of yourself and other objects. Also doubles as a light graffiti wall for all your artistic pleasures.

Suncatcher/Dreamcatcher Enlighten/Nightlight*

To illuminate and spark spiritual divination… The work is designed to act as a suncatcher by day and a illuminated dreamcatcher by night….as well as including a prism for night-time viewing which will reflect the rainbow spectrum….it is children-friendly and would bring enjoyment, discussion, and reflection to the self and the community… the community could interact by bathing in the light that flows through the piece and at night by the lit-up scene it will produce…

Singing Cave

Singing Cave invites you on a shamanic journey. Combining modern electronics with ancient scales and magical imagery, our goal is that listeners finds themselves drawn into a collective sharing in the depths of the primordial cave of creative possibility.


Bring hot tea to cold folks on a moonlight nite in the mountains. Come to the sprites of the woods residing in their teepees, eveready to warm a weary travel during the coldest of the nite or early morning for a taste of comfort. Each spirit will provide a different elixir to invigorate body and mind. Leave an offering in return for those who come later.



Pony Pillow Wagon

Sand Crawler



Where you’ll see our community’s most luscious and most talented freaks compete for the title of queen, the crown, a fabulous scholarship, and the right to represent Colorado in the Miss Burning Man Pageant. That’s right, smut galore! Yes, you can enter even if you have a penis. One owner of one actually won one year. To ensure your place in the pageant, e-mail the Reverend TTT your stage name and the talent you will wow us with.

Coyote Poets of the Universe
Ms. Apogaea Contest
Music by Ben
Singing Cave

and more!