Financials For Apogaea, Inc.

Financial Statements

In an effort toward financial transparency, Apogaea Inc. provides to the public our most recent financial statements.

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* Please note that the financial year for years 2005 up to 2010 begin 4/1 and end on 3/31. Consequently the financial statement for the previous year’s event is posted the following April.  This change is due to the IRS acceptance of Apogaea as a 501(c)(3) non profit.  After 2010, the Fiscal year ends on 12/31; prior to this, events were financially split between two  years.  Starting in 2011, the Financial statements will accurately reflect what is spent from year to year. As per Federal IRS statutes, these statements are open for inspection upon request.

Financial Statements

There are several forms used by funded artists, theme camps, workshops and performance art. Most of these forms need to be submitted for reimbursement.


The process for either payment of invoices from Apogaea funds, or a reimbursement of already-paid items, can be found here:

» Invoice Payment and Reimbursement Process 


If you need Apogaea to reimburse you for your pre-approved Apogaea-related expenses, use this form:

»Reimbursement Form

Payment Requests

If there is mutual agreement that the Treasurer will pay for an approved budget item, use this form:

»Invoice Payment Request