Venue, Map & Gate Info

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Here is the intersection and roads to watch for
after you cross the bridge.

Venue General Information

  • Location: Valdez, Colorado, approximately 3.5 hours south of Denver and about 45 minutes from Raton, NM.
  • Print a copy of these directions before you leave for your trip. Your GPS will do it wrong and probably will not work outside Trinidad.
  • You will likely have NO cellphone reception, so plan on being off the grid for the entire event!
  • Preferred Route: Interstate 25 to Exit 13B is the preferred route because it avoids a residential area. The following directions will bring you through town so you'll pass stores for things like food and fuel, plus this route can be followed on the way back to northbound I-25.
  • Local stops: Our friend Alixx Rose offered some recommendations on where to make some last minute stops! "There's a local brewery you can get awesome growlers at called Dodgeton Creek, or costume stuff at Shirley's Thrift. Coffee & knick knacks from the Crazy Raven, and there's nine rec shops in town, but Faragosi Farms is my favorite & gives 30% off to med card holders. If you're stopping for food Bella Luna, Nana & Nano's are awesome lunch spots also on Main St. Tees Me Treat Me has fudge & snacks & knick knacks too!"

The Locals

Local law enforcement is aware of our presence and will be actively ticketing speeders coming to and leaving from the event.  Do not become a statistic.

Consider supporting the local economy whenever possible.  Get gas and other supplies in Trinidad if you can.

Secure Your Load!

Loading your vehicle properly - whether it is a car, truck, motor home, or anything being towed - will make your trip to and from Apogaea safer and less stressful.  Here are some precautions the help make your load safe:

  • Do not exceed the load or towing capacity of vehicle or trailer.
  • Do not exceed the weight recommendations for the trailer and hitch.
  • Load your vehicle safely.  Heavy items should be located low, centered and over or between the axles.  For trailers, load the heaviest items toward the front.
  • Secure your load.
  • Make sure that the brakes and lights work.
  • Always use safety chains.
  • Do not overload the roof.

Recommended Directions For ALL Traffic

I-25 South (from Denver area)

  1. Take Exit 13 B (Main St.)
  2. Turn Left onto W Main St.
  3. Turn Left onto Nevada/Santa Fe Trail
  4. Enter roundabout and exit onto University St.
  5. Turn Left onto Prospect St.
  6. Prospect St. Turns Right and becomes Stonewall Ave.
  7. Turn Left onto San Juan St.
  8. San Juan St. turns Right and becomes Robinson Ave.
  9. Robinson Ave. Becomes CO­12 W
  10. CO­12 W to Valdez / Segundo. Drive 13 miles.
  11. Turn Left onto County Road 47.7 (Just before the closed corner store / gas station)
  12. Cross the bridge and look for signs to Apogaea at the next intersection

From other points:

  • Please use the following locations and record your instructions as GPS likely will NOT work!
  • The nearest commercial address where county road 47.7 intersects CO-12 W: 24638 CO-12, Trinidad, CO 81082
  • The exact GPS coordinates of the Apogaea Entrance: 37.122246, -104.708269
  • Please note the preferred Exit 13B to avoid residential areas.

Safe & Happy Travels!

2019 Gate Hours & Info

  • Sat 6/1/19: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Work Weekend, DPW & large camps ONLY, must be pre-approved)
  • Sun 6/2/19: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Work Weekend, DPW & large camps ONLY, must be pre-approved)
  • Wed 6/5/19: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (Early Entry ONLY, must be pre-approved)
  • Thu 6/6/19: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Fri 6/7/19: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sat 6/8/19: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Early Entry

Early entry is available to volunteers and members of Ignition. If you are going to Apogaea with your significant other, friends, etc., all must be approved for early entry; e.g. if your wife has early entry and you don't, then you don't get early entry just because your wife does. Theme camps or art installations requiring extra time for setup might be eligible for early arrival. Contact [email protected] for more information.

What Happens When I Arrive At The Gate?

Be prepared before your arrival at the Gate:

  • Have your ticket and government issued photo ID.
  • Have enough food, water, and equipment to survive the event.
  • Have a signed 2019 liability waiver.

Other Considerations:

  • Your vehicle will be searched.
  • Follow the direction of the Gate volunteers and move your vehicle when directed.
  • Working Gate is a thankless task. Be nice to your Gate personnel and they will be nice to you. A cold, tasty beverage goes a long way!
  • Drive slowly for safety and to keep down dust.
  • Participants are not allowed in-and-out access to the event unless it is an emergency or they have applied and been approved for in and out access before the event.
  • If you know in advance that you will need to leave the event at some point, please apply for in-and-out access before the event.
  • It is $10 to exit PER PERSON. Cash only. Exact change.
  • They will each be given a wristband to reenter for free, upon return.
  • They must have their ID and their ticket in hand to get the wristband, and to return.
  • If you need to leave and return DUE TO EMERGENCY, check with the gate when leaving to arrange for your re-entry.