Sound & Sound Camp Info & Policies

One of the things that makes Apogaea such a unique and memorable event is the beautiful rolling hills and mountain peaks of southern Colorado.  As far as sound goes, the land acts both as natural barriers and amplifiers, creating unique challenges in managing sound throughout the event. Like Burning Man, Apogaea is dedicated to radical self-expression, and we are also dedicated to creating community. It is understood that some participants will want to sleep at night with a modicum of quiet, while others will be bouncing all night ready for sunrise sets. Beyond the considerations of these Apogaea event-goers, we need to pay particular attention to getting along peacefully with our neighbors – landowners and livestock that make their homes quite close to us, and may be especially sensitive to the noise we produce. While the following rules should minimize conflict and enhance everyones’ experience, it is going to take each participant and all of us in a community effort to make this happen!

Sound Camp Categories

Camps requesting placement as an official Sound Camp will fall into one of the following three categories:

Sound Level
(at Camp Edge)
ExamplesQuiet Hours Enforced?
Small≤ 75 dBSmall Bluetooth speakers or boomboxesYes
Medium≤ 85 dBPro equipment, up to 4, 12”-15” mains and up to 2, 12”-15” subs (Typical DJ setup)Yes
Large≤ 95 dBPro equipment, 4 or more, 15”-18” mains and 2 or more 18”-24” subs (Very large DJ setup)Maybe*

*This may necessarily be modified depending on real-world conditions at the event.  Only camps/locations that are specifically designated for all night performances may have all night sound.

Registration and Placement

All camps with pro audio (anything above 75db at camp edge) MUST register their sound with as clear detail as possible. Non-registered pro audio is not permitted at the event. This will allow Registration, Placement and Sound leads to work together pre event so that Placement can effectively place camps in a more harmonious manner, to maximize how much camps can utilize sound while minimizing potential disturbance to the neighbors and the greater event.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours will be enforced between 4:00 am and 10:00 am during the whole event. All camps will be required to reduce their volumes so that they may not be heard at camp’s edge. Designated Large Sound Camps must work with the Sound Team and/or the Sound Team Liaisons to dial-in acceptable levels, and thus should be able to continue all night, performing sunrise sets, etc.


The Sound Lead, any ratified Sound Team Liaisons, and elected Board Members present are responsible for the enforcement of this Sound Policy. These individuals may request at any time and for any reason that a camp or individual turn down, turn off, reorient, or otherwise alter any sound producing device or machine. Failure to comply with these requests will result in consequences ranging from an order to power off the equipment to possible expulsion from the event.