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June 8 - 11, 2023

The rodeo has headed off into the galactic sunset...
See you in 2024!


Volunteer Signups Are NOW OPEN!

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Volunteer Roles At Apogaea

Apogaea is made entirely out of volunteer dedication and love. We are hundreds of volunteers, working and playing together year-round and during the event to produce Apogaea’s infrastructure. Event Volunteers make up the main force, aided by Sparks and Ignition steering groups. As volunteers we enjoy an opportunity to participate, make friends, play, learn and practice a variety of skills!

Introduce participants to our culture and values

Communicate the happenings by producing: survival guide, WWWW, graphics, video, photography and more!

Provide guidance and support to department leads

Provide safety services to participants

Ensure that volunteer operation is going smoothly, fill in any needed role

Serve coffee at center camp

Ensure participant safety by directing art car traffic

Set up, maintain and tear down physical infrastructure: Create roads, structures & signage before the event. Maintain vehicles, generators, fire barrels, communications, and other equipment during the event, and sell ice.  After the event we tear down buildings and store everything in our semi trailers.  Leave No Trace volunteers help our participants restore the land to how we found it.

Maintain perimeter and fire safety at fire performances

Check in the arriving participants

Welcome and guide participants upon arrival

Answer various participant questions

Light the lamps at night and recharge batteries during the day

Direct parking to maximize flat space for humans and tents

Coordinate the placement of main things at the event

Ensure safety of participants by constructive means

Coordinate the volunteer force operations

Coordinate activities for youth during the event

Open Ignition & Sparks Roles

Join Ignition and Sparks steering groups! These roles are responsible for smooth event operation and year-round projects. To apply for an open role, fill out the form below!

Open Ignition Roles

As AMP Lead (Apogaea Media and Propaganda), otherwise known as the Media Department, you’ll be responsible for coordinating the survival guide, WWWW, graphics, video and photography departments. You’ll assist with departmental onboarding, department goal setting, and general tasks when needed. In general your focus will mostly be on video and photography, helping to launch the fledgling videography department and further define the infant photography department. The goal of the AMP Department is to bring awareness to media art and capture at the event while building up the efforts to fully capture imagery of our community year around. The majority of this role is organizational and administrative–helping to ensure the success of others in their roles and guide and aid them in their tasks to achieve a common goal.

The role of the photography department is…

  • To coordinate with volunteers to photograph the event, all granted art projects, and other community events throughout the year.
  • To uphold and educate the public on photo/imaging policies regarding privacy, permission and distribution of media, and brainstorm new ways to make their application practical with ever-evolving technology.
  • To aid in cessation of any observed type of illegal recording.
  • To create and maintain forums for sharing of images, and to find new ways to use imagery to publicize the event and community.
  • To organize and coordinate reviewing of photos from the event, ensuring consent was gathered by the photographers, and storing photos in a central private and public repository.


The photography lead will be responsible for accomplishing these responsibilities and managing volunteers while helping grow and evolve the overall department. The lead should have have photography experience.

Open Spark Roles

Gate XO is responsible for assisting the Gate Lead in all important gate matters including:

  • Emailing Volunteers for coordination
  • Setup/Teardown of Gate Equipment
  • Opening/Closing the gate daily during the event
  • Helping mediate situations involving event leadership, attendees, security and law enforcement
  • Helping to ensure smooth and safe entry for the attendees of our event


This role is perfect for someone who is:

  • Energetic, patient, has solid communication skills, is self-motivated, and good with people


*Previous gate experience highly recommended*

Open Ignition & Spark Positions

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