Volunteer at Apogaea

APOGAEA 2022: PORTALS • June 9 - 11, 2022
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Apogaea is made entirely out of volunteer dedication and love. We are hundreds of volunteers, working and playing together year-round and during the event to produce Apogaea’s infrastructure. Event Volunteers make up the main force, aided by Sparks and Ignition steering groups. As volunteers we enjoy an opportunity to participate, make friends, play, learn and practice a variety of skills!

You will need to create an account at volunteer.apogaea.com to sign up for volunteer shifts!

Volunteer Roles At Apogaea

Introduce participants to our culture and values

Communicate the happenings by producing: survival guide, WWWW, graphics, video, photography and more!

Provide guidance and support to department leads

Provide safety services to participants

Ensure that volunteer operation is going smoothly, fill in any needed role

Serve coffee at center camp

Ensure participant safety by directing art car traffic

Set up, maintain and tear down physical infrastructure: roads, structures, porto potties, generators, fire barrels and other equipment

Maintain perimeter and fire safety at fire performances

Check in the arriving participants

Welcome and guide participants upon arrival

Serve ice at the event

Answer various participant questions

Light the lamps at night and recharge batteries during the day

Direct parking to maximize flat space for humans and tents

Coordinate the placement of main things at the event

Ensure safety of participants by constructive means

Coordinate the volunteer force operations

Coordinate activities for youth during the event

Open Ignition & Sparks Roles

Join Ignition and Sparks steering groups! These roles are responsible for smooth event operation and year-round projects. To apply for an open role, fill out the form below!

Open Ignition Roles

Create, manage and maintain the space which is “Center Camp”. The Center Camp Infrastructure Lead will work closely with the Center Camp Coordinator, Performances and Cafe Leads to plan, budget, procure and set-up the layout of Center Camp to meet their needs as well as to ensure that Center Camp is a communal space for all Apogaeans.

The CC Performance & Art Facilitator breathes life into the flesh and bones of our big-top by reaching out to the community and recruiting, organizing, scheduling, and promoting art installations, workshops, and performances. This position requires a person who is self-motivated, has good organizational and multi-tasking skills, is an assertive and good communicator, is comfortable with the word “deadline”, and plays well with others.

The Internal Communications & Collaborations lead is responsible for working with the various department leads to find, document, and implement tools and processes to improve communications and collaboration. This includes, but is not limited to the wiki, discussion groups/forums, task & date tracking, and contact management solutions.

Produces surveys, the census, ember report collection, and elections. Uses Google Forms. Collects and shares results of voting and surveys.

This lead will work directly with the Volunteer Department Lead to define each year’s specific requirements and provide support for the Volunteer Database.

As Apogaea grows, so does our document archive, the Apo Wiki. We’ve worked hard to get things cleaned up and organized, but we’re looking for someone to help maintain our documentation into infinity and beyond. Primarily, this role will involve making updates and managing content.

Open Sparks Roles

The Art Fair Kitten is a Spark level position within CATS. You will be responsible for planning and organizing the annual Apogaea Art Fair which takes place sometime in March or April. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): securing a venue, recruiting and registering artists who wish to participate, advertising the event to the community, setup/tear down the day of, etc.

Department of Public Works (DPW) is looking for a driver with experience driving Heavy Equipment and Bobcat/skidsteer earthmovers.  The volunteer should be proficient with the use of a skidsteer loader bucket and fork attachments.  The driver should be able to work safely around untrained people, and of course, must be able to be 100% sober for their shifts.  Work typically includes materials handling and earthwork.  Contact [email protected] for more info and tell us about your relevant experience.

Ice is the only thing sold at Apogaea, and it is an important City Service.  Come learn the ropes or school us good, either way we need you to be part of the team!  We are looking for an interested volunteer to work with the Ice Lead and to help organize and manage the ice and the volunteers.  No experience needed, but it is welcome.  Be a part of DPW and participate in an important way.  Please email [email protected] to tell us about your self and your interest.  Coolest job in town.
Well here it is, your “Sign!”  We have beautiful hand and machine made street and directional signs for our little City.  We are looking for a volunteer to help us install this years streets and destinations onto the signs and then plant the posts and mount the signs.  Artistic expression and creativity is encouraged if you want to improve the signs.  The volunteer should be able to use a Post Pounder to install t-posts.  All tools and materials will be provided. Ideally this volunteer would be available on Work Weekend before the event, and/or Strike after the event.  Come help us build Apogaea and volunteer with DPW! 🙂 Email [email protected] and tell us if you are interested, thank you.

Open Ignition & Spark Positions

Thank you for your interest in Apogaea! Please fill out the form below and one of our volunteers will be in touch as soon as possible.