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Apogaea 2024: Surreal Safari


  • 6/3/24 @ 5:00 PM MT:  Last Day for Ticket Transfers and Exchanges

The Surreal Safari has crossed the horizon...
See you in 2025!


Volunteer Roles At Apogaea

Apogaea is made entirely out of volunteer dedication and love. We are hundreds of volunteers, working and playing together year-round and during the event to produce Apogaea’s infrastructure. Event Volunteers make up the main force, aided by Sparks and Ignition steering groups. As volunteers we enjoy an opportunity to participate, make friends, play, learn and practice a variety of skills!

Introduce participants to our culture and values

Communicate the happenings by producing: survival guide, WWWW, graphics, video, photography and more!

Provide guidance and support to department leads

Provide safety services to participants

Ensure that volunteer operation is going smoothly, fill in any needed role

Serve coffee at center camp

Ensure participant safety by directing art car traffic

Set up, maintain and tear down physical infrastructure: Create roads, structures & signage before the event. Maintain vehicles, generators, fire barrels, communications, and other equipment during the event, and sell ice.  After the event we tear down buildings and store everything in our semi trailers.  Leave No Trace volunteers help our participants restore the land to how we found it.

Maintain perimeter and fire safety at fire performances

Check in the arriving participants

Welcome and guide participants upon arrival

Answer various participant questions

Light the lamps at night and recharge batteries during the day

Direct parking to maximize flat space for humans and tents

Coordinate the placement of main things at the event

Ensure safety of participants by constructive means

Educating the Apogaea community about Leave No Trace (TNT) and MOOP and encourage everyone to keep Apo Green

Coordinate the volunteer force operations

Coordinate activities for youth during the event

Open Ignition & Sparks Roles

Join Ignition and Sparks steering groups! These roles are responsible for smooth event operation and year-round projects. To apply for an open role, fill out the form below!

Open Ignition Roles

Experienced with earth moving equipment such as bulldozers and skidsteers. Safe operation of machine to remove equipment from Apogaea trailers and stage in center camp. This position also supports Art Installations by lifting and safely moving heavy objects from open trailers to stand up on uneven ground. Can be some light trenching for propane lines using only a fork.

SAFETY FIRST, SECOND, AND THIRD! Fingers, limbs and clothing of artists must be watched at all times, so the ability to safely and SLOWLY manipulate machine arms and extensions is an absolute must. Will be working around inexperienced and often unaware participants so spatial awareness is key. Must be sober for shifts. Crew members are fed on Work Weekend and Exodus. If possible, plan on camping onsite the weekend before Apo or for Exodus.

This person needs the expertise to manage the Apogaea IT department, which includes a team of systems admins, web developers, Wiki Lead, Volunteer Database, IT Leads, and IT Admins. Your primary job is to ensure that Apogaea organizations members have the resources and the tools to complete their task and to set future direction for tools and procedures.

  • G-Suite and Google Apps platform knowledge. Our operation depends on this platform every day.
  • Experience managing domain names, hosting accounts, control panels, and other misc systems. We need re-organizational help on this front as well.
  • Ability to work with and manage volunteers. As department lead, you’ll be organizing a team, not just flying solo.
  • Responsiveness to emails and general availability. This is a leadership role and is part of our internal communication channel known as “Ground Control”.
  • Willingness to own new projects, build teams, collect resources, and generally ensure snazzy execution.
  • Reliability and integrity. An entire community is trusting you with the keys to our communications infrastructure.
  • Can you lead your team to keep our systems online, useful, secure, and modern? If so, please email us with the following:
  • A general description of your IT knowledge and experience both professionally and for hobby.
  • Any relevant documents (resume?), links (portfolio), etc. you would like considered.
  • Brilliant answers to these 7 questions:
    • What technology and platforms do you tend to prefer?
    • What new technologies are you excited to use? (does not have to be relevant to Apo in any way)
    • Why do you want to volunteer for this role? (this is the really important one hidden in the middle)
    • What kind of relevant team leading experiences have you had?
    • What knowledge or experience would you like to gain from this role?
    • How have you participated with Apogaea or Burns in the past?
    • How many hours on average per week, about, do you think you can volunteer?
      (hint: anywhere from 2 to 5 is a sane… but be as honest as possible)

Apogaea needs an IT helper to carry out account & group administration tasks, mainly:

  • Create, manage, and remove accounts
  • Add\Remove members of Groups
  • Help users access their account, reset their password, etc
  • Help keep the Apo User list updated
  • Help IT Lead with account roll-off processed as needed


Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Reliability and integrity. An entire community is trusting you with the keys to our communications infrastructure
  • Responsiveness to emails and general availability. This is a backup role to the IT lead
  • The ability to take on tasks and own them to completion
  • Account and group management. This will be your primary responsibility
  • Google Apps (Sheet & Docs mainly) knowledge
  • Experience managing domain names, hosting accounts, control panels, and other misc systems


Are you up for helping Apo IT? If so, please email us with the following:

  • A general description of your IT experience, both professionally and for hobby.
  • Any relevant documents (resume), links (portfolio), etc.

The primary objective of the DPW Land Crew Lead is to make it easy for participants to find safe, comfortable pieces of ground to create camp, art, infrastructure, and experiences. The DPW Land crew works with Theme camps, Departments, and Apogaean’s to clear and improve land used by our city. Now with no digging or trenching, still a bit of cacti mitigation and other interesting things.  Any required tools and vehicles are provided.  Open to all. DPW works both days of Work Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, so take a shift on each day. You may arrive noon on Friday to set up and stay on land between Work Weekend and Apogaea. Meals are provided for DPW during Work Weekend and Strike.

The survival guide is participants’ main source of ‘troll’-free information for the event. It’s a compilation of every event policy and rule, a checklist of items to bring (and not to bring), a guide to event hours, safety, directions, and more. The SG Lead is responsible for working with other department leads, graphic designers and volunteers to create this invaluable resource and make it beautiful.

  • Provide critical event information in a concise and readable format.
  • Encourage community participation by providing a participant designed downloadable commemorative edition document suitable for printing.
  • Create a launch pad for more detailed information about what happens at Apogaea and how to prepare for the event.
  • Make the guide available for public comment and review as early as possible before the event.
  • Gather information from all relevant Ignition members for inclusion in the guide.
  • Keep the guide free of irrelevant information.
  • Document the role of Survival Guide lead.
  • Provide a post-event report discussing what went well, didn’t go well, and any suggestions for future Survival Guide leads.

The Volunteer Lead will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing Volunteer Recruitment by working with department leads to recruit and retain volunteers for all needed shifts.

  • Keeping track of the volunteer roster and signup process, which will require interfacing with IT should issues arise as the vol process moves towards completion.

  • Determining if a Daily Volunteer Lead is needed for each day of Apogaea and filling those roles with capable, accountable teammates.

  • Working with the Cat Herder to ensure daily volunteer walk-ins are utilized in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

  • Working with the Volunteer Tracking Coordinator and Swag Coordinator to track volunteer fulfillment using either the existing system, or developing a new system that ensures accurate on-site tracking and also ensures all successfully completed volunteer shifts are rewarded appropriately and in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that Info Booth is supplied with current daily Volunteer Information for all departments.

  • Being available throughout the months leading up to Apogaea for development of these systems, working as needed with each department to standardize and streamline Volunteer Coordination strategies.

  • Being available during Apogaea to ensure these strategies are put in to action so that volunteer roles are filled and effective throughout the festival. Knowledgeable and experienced in handling a leadership role, and comfortable in delegation of authority to your Volunteer Coordination team as necessary to keep you all sane and NOT working the entire festival.

Open Spark Roles

If you care about Apogaea and can work as part of a team, this role might be for you. We need a volunteer that can work with our Exodus Manager and their team to help us pack up Apo and put it away for another year. You will be leading a small crew of willing helpers to do whatever work needs to be done. Taking down department tents, fencing, and assisting camps and Apogaeans to GTFO are all on the list. If you want to work with DPW and can’t make Work Weekend before the event this could be the role for you. Stay late with us and make Apo clean again. Meals during Exodus and benefits are included.

Gate XO is responsible for assisting the Gate Lead in all important gate matters including:

  • Emailing Volunteers for coordination
  • Setup/Teardown of Gate Equipment
  • Opening/Closing the gate daily during the event
  • Helping mediate situations involving event leadership, attendees, security and law enforcement
  • Helping to ensure smooth and safe entry for the attendees of our event


This role is perfect for someone who is:

  • Energetic, patient, has solid communication skills, is self-motivated, and good with people


*Previous gate experience highly recommended*

This position assists the lead care of acquiring, distributing, tracking, formatting, troubleshooting, and returning all radios used at the event.

Open Ignition & Spark Positions

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