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The WWWW (Who What When Where) is your guide to Apogaea! Every registered theme camp, art installation, mutant vehicle, and more are laid out in an easy to read format so you can plan your participation. We also offer a map of the land so you can get around easily and find what you’re looking for. All infrastructure and departments are listed as well.

2024 Art Installations

TitleDescriptionArtistGrant RoundWebsite
Pink PortalThe pink portal is back the same as last year with more patterns and a slightly different look.Don MillerNo
Slime Corp CubicleSlime Dogs are going Corporate! Our slimy cubicle is perfect for getting your work done on our working top of the line windows 95 slimeputer. Remember, SLIME IS FOR CLOSERSMitch Giraffe and Slime DogsNo
Leafwing Flying MachineWe built a tremendous thing that converts sweat into joy. It looks a like a merry go round had sex with a teeter totter. It functions like a primitive flight simulator in which two humans belly up to then generate speed and lift through coordinated successive leg propulsions.Green Light DistrictCash 4 Gas Round
uncle charlies red hot rodeo - cock vs assUncle Charlie's Red Hot Rodeo” is a Face-off between two LP gas flame effects teeter totter and bbq grills that sit 5 “wide x 12 ft tall x 16 ft long and shoots fire 10 - 15 ft from their heads upward to the sky. Participants will be guided to ride uncle willies wild wild ASS and Rock the Red Hot Cock.Chalrie Blackcat Smith - Sparseland studiosBig Money Grant Round
Life's Balancing ActConsisting of a series of balance beams of varying difficulty, participants challenge themselves to successfully navigate the beams and associated obstacles on the water world of Kamino, which is filled with dangerous aquatic creatures. Their goal is to make it to the Lifeguard Buoy, where they ring a bell to celebrate!!Paul R. BareisNo
Evan's Fire ArtA selection of interactive fire sculptureEvan BeloniBig Money Grant Round
Art of Sean T French - Art aFlameActivated fire and metal sculpture. Art of Sean T French - Art aFlame will bring the fire and metal sculptures of Sean T French including new pieces for 2024. Art of Sean T French - Art aFlame features collaboration with glass artist Mikey Butzine, light and interactive artist Charlie Vierhout and the Art aFlame fire artists & performers including Jim Nowlin & Ash Liegh.Sean T French - Art aFlameBig Money Grant
Temple of ToonsAt night come by for a multi-toon flashback and overdose of cartoons from the 60-90s. Come inside and relax with the animals and make your own shadow puppet show too. During the day you can come hide in the shade with the animalsIzzyNo
NepenthesNepenthes will be a 11’ tall stainless-steel pitcher plant sculpture. She will have four hydroformed pitcher cups. Hydroforming is a metal fabricating process that utilizes highly pressurized fluid to form metal. The stems are stainless steel tubes rolled and welded into an organic shape. The structure will be connected to a 48” x 48” base plate. Each pitcher cup will be filled with a bubble solution. The low-pressure propane lines will run to the manifolds then to each cup, which will create bubbles. At the top of each cup will be a low-pressure pilot light. Once the bubbles fill up the cup the pilot lights will ignite the bubbles. The propane filled bubbles are a fun and safe way to interact with the sculpture.KT Rex & David BrannBig Money Grant Round
ColordanceColordance is six 10ft poles, arranged in an arc. Atop the poles are 4x4 grids of colored lights, aimed at the apex of the arc. The lights cycle through patterns which create kaleidoscopic colored shadows. A control interface lets participants choose the vibe.Adam Demuri and the Space PotatoesNo
Hangry Hangry HippoHangry Hangry Hippo will be an interactive sculpture that blows steam out of its ears and lights up red because he’s just hit his last nerve! A big red button camouflaged in the hippo’s tongue can be pressed (but more like you are feeding it your hand) and the hangry hippo will blow fog out of its ears and light up. We all get a little hangry sometimes, and this hippo is no exception.Julie & Zane ClaesBig Money Grant Round
SundialThis would be a large sundial, approximately 25 feet in diameter. The gnomon (pointer) will be made from a 12-foot long 2"x12", tapered and painted white. The hour lines will be black paracord, and the hours will be marked with Roman numerals painted on tiles.Roger HarrisNo
The Shark's KissThe Sharksmith SocietySeed Money Grant Round
Toad-Ally TotemsImagine you are in the safari looking for the magical JuJu Manji, when off in the distance you see these weird, bright colored heads hoisted up on sticks. Have you found the famous headhunters village you were warned to stay away from? No, it's Toad-Ally Totems, the entrance to JuJu Manji.JuJu Manji tribeSeed Money Grant Round
Venus FireTrapThe plant will be a fabricated steel sculpture standing 10’ in height with three traps that breathe fire. Each trap will be approximately 3’ in length. The plant will have leaves ranging from 2’- 4’ in length. The plant sits on a steel base that is 4’ x 4’. Each stem/trap will be bolted into the base plate separately, this way we have the ability to remove and store them individually in order to create ease in transportation and installation of this project. In total the sculpture weighs approximately 500.7 lbs. Each trap will have a poofer flame effect.KT Rex & David BrannNo
Creature Adoption StationThe Creature Adoption Station wants to help you adopt a unique plush entity! Come and see us to adopt a one-of-a-kind plushie and take a commemorative polaroid. No adoption fees!Chezmerelda Thunderdome (MrsWeirdFriends)Seed Money Grant
Rammin’ Your RamenCreative and aesthetically pleasing art cart, that simulates old school street food cart vendors, serving ramen.Steph SchraederSeed Money Grant Round
ZagolithZagolith is a magical monolithic sculpture series inspired by my exploration into the combination of mild and stainless steels. The dissimilarity of these materials that bond metallurgically can represent the unity of our community comprised of diverse individuals. The original Zagolith sculptures appeared at Burning Man '22 and now live at Arvada Center. This new design is inspired by the concept of the original but is an entirely new geometry.Evan BeloniSeed Money Grant Round
The BestagonsHexagons are just the bestagons; they’re elegant, mathematically beautiful shapes found reoccurring in both the deepest recesses of geometrical theory and in the natural world. The Bestagons is a pulsing vibrant spiderweb lattice of LED organic hexagons, that start large near the top and become smaller till they reach eye level, where there will be embedded LED infinity mirrors (also in the shape of hexagons). It will be addressable, noice responsive, and approximately 10 feet wide to 5 feet tall, powered by outlet/generator, and be loose enough to be draped over tree branches (or hung up on a wall or canopy).BhavanaSeed Money Grant Round
Mad Juju HareCome on over to Camp Jujumanji and stroll down Toad Alley leading to the lit Mad Juju Hare!CJ HendricksonSeed Money Grant Round
Honey PotPile into a cargo net and gently roast under an open flame with all your friends.Steve PowersSeed Money Grant Roundna
Tiny Labyrinths: A Pocket-Sized World Mulling Man’s Search for MeaningTiny Labyrinths is a series of three miniature dioramas housed in a bookcase and situated in a magical library. This exhibit explores the human experience, our search for meaning, and the labyrinth-like journey each of us takes finding our most authentic selves within the larger world.Allison ToddSeed Money Grant Round
No Small Talk TentA cozy purple succulent-themed tent designed for heart-to-heart conversations between 2-3 people. No small talk -- shoes off pleaseGander&friendsNo
Taste of Whirl of ArtExperience a preview of our communal art project Whirl of Art destined for Burning Man 2025 – one of the 5 kinetic sculptures powered by a merry-go-round, with local artists' work showcased in galleries hidden inside the sculpture base.ARTful Minds CollectiveSeed Money Grant Round
Dali Llamanade StationTwo mirrored mosaic llama gaurdians provide a place to rest whild a variety of fruited lemonade is served from a melting rainbow and cloud shaped bar.The Seriously Citrus Hydration SquadSeed Money Grant Round
Well?We’re playing with the concept of “whale, well, and wail” and using those symbols in our design. The temple can be a serious place, but it can also be a place to express joy, fond memories, and a place where we have often found ourselves telling our favorite stories of loved ones passed, often with smiles and laughter.PSDOTDESIGN - Jeff & Diana Merkel, JJ Condray and support teamBig Money Grant Round
LNPiR 0.5k MarathongJoin Late Nite Price is Rite at “sunrise” (that’s tequila sunrise), “10:30 am”(ish) on Saturday, for the first 0.5k “Marathong.” “Runners” will “race” while “completing” tasks imagined by the emotionally stunted LNPiR “writing staff.” All “participants” can “relax” at the finish line with “refreshments.”
Dead Horse Productions, LLC, a holey owned subsidary of the Gitter Chicken Roost (All rights reserved)Seed Money Grant Round
Hug shackOne stop shopping for all of your hugging needs!Arms!No

2024 Center Camp Events

DayStart TimeEvent TitleShort descriptionType of eventHow would the artist/host/performer like to be credited?
Friday, Saturday1:00 PMBoof or DareWill you spin the wheel of boof or dare? Dun dun dun.Games!
Thursday2:00 PMUnfuck your burnRelease unwanted,outdated,and/or no longer needed, energetic attachments and get your energy back. It's your burn, now enjoy it.Guided meditationFood?
Saturday3:00 PMRaver Recovery Pilates/ chi gung flowBeen up nights dancing away? I sure have, a nice flow to stretch, lengthen, circulate the chi and strengthen the core.Pilates/ chi gung classNot sure what this ? Is asking
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SundayFlow/Fire/Ariel PreformerI am a fire and flow artist preformer as well as an aerialist. My style varies to the sound as I evolve to the world around me. I'm all about peace love and good vibes 💗performanceDigitalDolly
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SundayFlow and Fire PreformerI am a fire and flow artist. Flow arts is a passion of mine, It makes me happy to share it with others and I would love to share it with all of you!performanceJustAJester

2024 Departments

Department NameSummaryContact
DPW BackdoorDPW CampingQwack
DPW AnnexQwack
Apogaea Potable and Emergency waterQwack
Center Camp GeneratorQwack
Apogaea IceQwack
Apogaea DumpsterQwack
Truck Turn Around AreaTruck Turn Around Area - Keep ClearQwack
BAMF - MedicalDuckie
GreetersHello! Greeters celebrate and welcome attendees upon arrival to Apogaea. We help people get oriented and share important event information. Swing by the greeter station to sign up for available volunteer shifts and chat with all the fun folks.Andream

2024 Events

DayStart TimeTitleDescriptionTypeLocation

2024 Mutant Vehicles

NameDescription Artist/Camp
QUASARSFollow the star to your out of this world destination!SUPERNOVA
The Fuckin' Arrr! - car15ft Pirate Ship to shuttle participants by Captain Red FlagXilla

2024 Theme Camps

Theme Camp Description Website
The Fruit stand
Camp Woofer TribeInspired by the camp leads admiration for wolves and meows I present the meowfls of camp woofer tribe,. Come and enjoy our music and giant cuddle puddle plus get some cuddles from your favorite meowlfs. Consensual, platonic, snuggling can be healing and holistically beneficial for the soul. At certain times our meowlfs Will be gifting, platonic, cuddle time. Enjoy a sonic Soundbath meditation thursday, Friday and Saturday at Sunset. Don't forget to stop by our bar for some mewtastic Cocktails as well as mocktails for all our sober friends. We are the meow wolfs aka meowlfs from the woofer Tribe.
CampaliciousStop by anytime for warm welcomes and good conversations! Tasty treats will be served around 2pm.
Boof Troop
SnoMosWe're Colorado mountain men bringing this year’s snowpack with us, and we’ll be gifting flavored snow cones, both leaded (21+) and unleaded; and after 10 pm, our comfortable lounge has a 18+ restricted area for LGBTQ+ videos and sexual experimentation
Sexistential CrisisAre you a sexy human being with their shit not at all together? Join our community where we have absolutely nothing figured out except that everyone is super hot.
Scarbutts CafeWe are the worlds #1 destination for spankings and coffee! Come on by and wake your ass up with our finest bar-asstas! If the Open sign is on, the Coffeepot is on.
glampCAMPyards 'n snark + everyone's fav climby tower (of redundancy tower)
Glitter HorsesThis is our 2nd Rodeo
The GAF Station PresentsCome give a fuck
SomaSanctuarySomatic Workshops, Contact Dance Floor, Sound
Bush DoofusesThe Bush Doofuses for good music, good drinks, and good conversation!
I got your Jo right here CampHot coffee and sarcasm can be found here each morning
Cheesus CrustLate night Cheesus to feed your soul!
Just KiddenShady kids play area and snacks
A1 "Rammin Rodeo" Cock vs Ass support Campwe are an art support camp for Rammin your Rammen and uncle charlies red hort rodeo COCK VS ASS - plan on rediculousness and fun to be had by all ! ride the ride slurp the noodles!!
Big Disc EnergyMeowdy folks! Come slang a disc at our basket!
SUPERNOVACome get out of this world with SUPERNOVA! From dancing to bedazzeling, get all your space aged needs taken care of here!
Green Light District & Woop WoopFabulous forest family friendly frolicking featuring a fully formed fantastic flying fixture.
V.I.C.E. (Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience)Enjoy the Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience with awesome iced coffee, tarot readings, dance parties, margarita social and lit up elevated chill pad. The big bus upper deck will be open during most events.
Scarbutts CafeWe are the worlds #1 destination for spankings and coffee! Come on by and wake your ass up with our finest bar-asstas! If the Open sign is on, the Coffeepot is on.
Little AmericaThe land of the free and the home of the rave
Slime DogsSlime Dogs are going Corporate! Get to work in our slimy cubicle, and slime our corporate ladder to the middle! ALWAYS BE SLIMING
Disco LemonadeDo you like Disco? Do you like Lemonade? Life gave us lemons so we took them to Funkytown.
Fire Ranger OutpostFire Perfomers and Rangers bring the heat. Meet us on the burn field at night, or on shift around the city
Acrobatica GalacticaSpace-themed anti-gravity acro and movement camp! Calling all acronauts-come move your body and partner up for space travel. We have a shaded and padded circus tent, daily acro/movement classes, afternoon acro jams where StarButtsTM will be slinging iced coffee, and slacklines.
Space PotatoesWe are the Space Potatoes and we come in peace! We are primarily the art support camp for our art: Color Dance! Feel free to stop by to chat and check out our ergableds.
KidsvilleToddler focused but we welcome kids of all ages
Siberian Electric CompanySiberian themed vodka bar
Mortifying OrdealCome experience the mortifying ordeal of being known! We offer coffee service, a soft place to lay down, and interactive activities to develop deeper knowledge of yourself and others.
SPIN’d LandiaInteractive Art, Chill lounge, Mid Level Sound Camp
Happy TapConnection, expression, and play through activities and late night dance parties.
OuthouseHouse music, poop jokes, immaculate* aesthetic. (*immaculate being subjective)
Funk ShuiWe come equipped with stereophonic funk producin’ disco inducin’ twin magnetic rock receptors.
Cuttlefish CantinaEmbark on a deep-sea adventure at the Cuttlefish Cantina, Apogaea's most enchanting oceanic oasis. Amidst the arid plains, our camp emerges as a shimmering mirage of the sea. Dive into a world where mermaids dance, pirates roam, and the salty breeze whispers secrets of the deep. Sip on cocktails that echo the colors of the coral reef, feast on seafood delights that tantalize the taste buds, and let the rhythmic waves of live music transport you to distant shores. Join us as we bring the wonders of the ocean to the heart of the desert. Welcome aboard the Cuttlefish Cantina, where the sea meets the sand in a symphony of adventure and imagination.
A CAMPFancy drinks. Engaging atmosphere. Fuck Your Cup!
Illuminating AnanasCome stop by our pineapple themed bar and try one of our tropical drinks, or play some silly games with us!
Quest GuildQuest Guild brings the adventure of RPG's to life with stylized quests centered around exploring the theme camps and creating memorable interactions with others..
Adventure Spin’d LandiaA super duper mix of space aliens and cyber robots, flash mobbing about.
Titty CityEverybody’s got em’, we think they’re great... Come celebrate with games, music & other titty-tivities.
JuJu ManjiThe hidden secrets of JuJu Manji can only be discovered through exploration. This high vibe tribe worships fire, art and sound but is also known for games and shenanigans. Perhaps you will will find the Mad JuJu Hare. Perhaps you will find the flames of the heart. Perhaps you will find nothing. Or maybe you will get eaten. It’s all up to you…
RAD CuntryRozay All Day + Bat Country
Definitely AssholesFriendliest Assholes you will ever meet
Udderly Delicious Milk and Cookies BarServing up assorted milk and cookies
Resistance and the Flow BatsResistance and the Flow Bats [RatFB] is a collective focused on community support, harm reduction, flow/movement arts, goth, alt, and eccentricities. We believe in consent an accountability as the zenith principles, and aim to take up space intentionally. Swing by if you want to flow, converse, interact, or relax.
The Adventurer’s GuildFamily camp for parents with kids 10+.
Pad Thai QuesadealersServing up pad thai quesadillas, phat beats, and LOVE! Here to get those bootys shaking, bellies nourished, and hearts filled! Fostering sonic and culinary diversity at Apogaea since 2024. Providing diverse music selections on high-fidelity sound systems, and interesting culinary fusions at the same
First National Church of PotatoCome hang out for a totally tubular time! Sip starchy vodka, get baked (potatoes) and maybe make a new spuddy.
Spin’d LandiaInteractive paint by numbers, chill safe safe, mid level sound camp
Stay at Home Ravers [SAHR]Stop by and see us, we're usually home.
Some Kind of Hunting Lodge for Rich WeirdosIt's wild out there! Enjoy the sophistication of other weirdos such as yourself. Blaze the trails with a hunt and bring back your trophy. Have a pleasant chat and enjoy a cool treat while discussing your latest quarry. After exploring, rest in the Den and get cozy. Pith helmets not required but highly recommended. Right-o.
The Neon WormholeJoin us at the galaxy's premier cuddle lounge for a window seat to the universe expanding.
Camp FrictionCamp Friction is rope-centered, sex-positive, non-normative, safe & welcoming environment for learning, exploration, practice, play, and performance in the shibari and rope bondage arts
YDKHTRDo you really know how to rage? We are a group of boring ones WDKHTR! Come share your craziest, silliest, weirdest rage stories with us over a tasty cocktail and inspire us to rage! Bring your reusable cup!
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang - Safari EditionOur ragtag crew of the coolest cats in the jungle can't wait to hang out with you! Look out for coffee/tea in the morning, arts and crafts, an absolutely ridiculous game (complete with terrible prizes), and all the sass and snark you can handle!