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The WWWW (Who What When Where) is your guide to Apogaea! Every registered theme camp, art installation, mutant vehicle, and more are laid out in an easy to read format so you can plan your participation. We also offer a map of the land so you can get around easily and find what you’re looking for. All infrastructure and departments are listed as well.

2022 Art Installations

TitleDescriptionArtistGrant RoundWebsite
Adventure Spin’d LandiaCarnival style Photo opportunity Standees,
Paint by number badges,
Interactive Audio and Art experience
William J. Albarezhttps://instagram.com/Adventurespindlandia
Archways of the Ancients (2022 Temple)A hexagonal vortex of ancient future design technology. Find yourself lost in the patterns and geometries of this epic monolith!Steven Newman and Brian PinkhamSeed Money Grant Roundhttp://www.instagram.com/stevennewmanart
ArriettyAn explosion of color. A giant garden of colossal Colorado-inspired wildflowers. Be wowed by amazing aerial dancers, amusing and exciting events, and other strange and entertaining oddities.Seed Money Grant Roundhttp://art.wakegraphic.com/arrietty
BuilderThe art is 3 solenoid controlled "poofers" or "booshes" running off of a propane supply that is regulated up to 100psig and a 12v switch system. The installation is simple but allows people to interact directly with fire art and always brings tons of joy.Frank Jankowsky, Aaron Wilson
Cancer UnmaskedA sacred space dedicated to cancer victims, survivors, caregivers and loved ones. A place to heal, reflect upon this difficult subject and to tell your story.Ron HolanSeed Money Grant Roundhttp://cancerunmasked.net
ColordanceArrays of colored lights, positioned on top of 10ft poles, shine on the ground to create colorful shadows.Space Potatoeshttps://github.com/ademuri/colordance-circle
DaimonAerica RavenSeed Money Grant Roundhttps://www.aerica-raven.com/
Evan's Fire GardenThis fire sculpture garden will include at least two new granted sculptures along with some old stuff and some non-fire sculptures.Evan BeloniSeed Money Grant Roundhttps://www.instagram.com/evanbeloni/
Fire Sculpture Garden (2022 Effigy)Musselph, LTDBig Money Grant Roundhttps://www.musselph.com/
Flaming Unicorn HeartPropane fire art shaped like a human heart. 5 feet tall, 3feet wide. Shane Evans
Flora and Fire + The Double PooferFlora and Fire are a pair of flora inspired propane heaters: the first is a weld lotus flower made from a repurposed tower heater; the second is a welded wire flaming bonsai tree. The double poofer is an interactive pair of poofers controlled with latticework control pedestal backlit with LEDs casting geometric patterns onto the ground to draw in patrons.Casey Moorehttp://casecraftsworkshop.com/fire
Geommortal PortalA polyhedra transformative sound stageApocalypso Now
Heated GearsPropane art, gearsMardi Gras
Hug ShackDiscount hug outlet.
HydraConflagulators, StratoBlaster and friendsWarming flames and an 8 channel interactive micro accumulator arrayThe Conflagration Station &Tao of Metalhttps://www.americanelectronicrecords.com/conflagration
KaleidoTripKaleidoTrip is a jumbo kaleidoscope! It just might be the largest kaleidoscope you've ever seen. By day, the outside will be coated with acrylic drip paint. By night, the inside will be lit by LED. A hand cranked mechanism draws on the power of the body and the mind. Building on this year's theme of Portals, we invite all participants to view through the looking glass and imagine the shifting possibilities as we reconnect with our community.Kimberly and Scott ButinBig Money Grant Round
Leafwing Flying MachineWe built a tremendous thing that converts sweat into joy. It looks a bit like the product of a merry go round that had sex with a teeter totter. It functions like a primitive flight simulator in which two humans belly up to then generate speed and lift through coordinated successive leg propulsions.Green Light DistrictSeed Money Grant Roundhttps://www.facebook.com/LeafwingFlyingMachine
MegaloTorusMegaloTorus leverages light - mapped over its translucent, diffusive membrane - to explore the dynamic flow of energy, as well as the infinite nature of the torus.Jillian & Sierra Estrella @ Resistance and the Flow Batshttps://jillian.dev/projects/megalotorus/
One Million Points of LightOne Million Points of Light is a motorized fiber optic project that features user control and poetic motion.Mike LustigBig Money Grant Round
PasitheaForm meets function meets fire: Named for the goddess of relaxation, meditation, hallucinations and all other altered states of consciousness, Pasithea will warm your body while delighting your soul as the flickering flame reflects off bright copper.Design/Build by Nate Harris, brought by Ronica Rothhttps://pyr-arts.com/
Perspective - A portalThis intimate portal invites the viewer to participate in an introspective view through a magical interactive diorama.Jessica Eary and David Hesshttp://www.jessicaeary.com
PINK PORTALA 512 RGB LED pixel, 8 hoop portal that can be walked through, with LEDs running to the music. Don Miller, Pink FlamingosSeed Money Grant Roundhttps://youtu.be/8DWvvGXRvEU
Rest In Peace / Lay it to RestShort prompts intended to inspire thought, decompression, emotional release, and catharsis. Come to the Resistance and the Flow Bats gRAVE yard and write on our headstones.A Changeling and Resistance and the Flow Bats
Scared Geometry and The TesseractA 6 ft zonohedron dome featuring 5,600 3d mapped LEDs alongside a spinning cube of LED panels.Apollo ColoradoBig Money Grant Roundhttp://www.apollocolorado.com
Singing wheelsCome play my wheels with a rubber mallet! Enjoy the abrasively mellifluous ring.Chip Carder - @ "CampTBD"
Sk8 Kamp Mini RampCustom-designed miniature half-pipe (25'x16') w/fire-coping on one sideSK8 KAMPBig Money Grant Round
Slimey climbyMetal melting cube to climb onMeBig Money Grant Roundhttp://Vvolfy.com
Soleil et LuneCollaborate with the Sun and the Moon and let's make some "art." Cyanotypes are non toxic photographic images using UV lighting.
Join me every day at 1pm to create new pictures using found materials and our bodies. all ages encouraged to participate. Yep, even the toddler.

At night interact with the canvas and the black light to create new imagery. Locations TBA.
Ms. TeriousSeed Money Grant Round
SpeleoMolehillFun wooden climby thing with some pretty colors. Fourth in a series… fun sized this time! Ian BeaconSeed Money Grant Round
Stuck in a Loop ZoetropesA nighttime attraction featuring three stroboscopic 3d zoetropes.Andy BlairSeed Money Grant Roundhttps://www.facebook.com/Stuck-in-a-Loop-Zoetropes-101515759223868
Temple of ToonsThe Temple of Toons is filled with a soft space to hang out with dozens of stuffed animals big and small. At night, old cartoons projected on seven of the eight sides of the temple (a white 10x20 carport). Projectors will be on at dark until sunrise. During the day it will be a chill space to hang out and play games. Some tables and chairs will be set up during the day with games provided.

Izzy and Misfit Toyshttps://facebook.com/ToonsTemple
TexASS AlamoDo you remember the Alamo? TexASS Alamo an original hand painted and LED lit art piece replicating the look of the Alamo with a TexASS twist: some of the "rocks" are of special shapes challenging visitors to pay close attention. We brought it to the Engulf (LA) in 2021 and the LoveBurn (FL) in 2022. And it was a huge hit! We are now bringing the TexASS Alamo to Colorado for enjoyment of the Apogaea burners!Your Shyness (with help of Houston Burners and TexASS Invaders)Seed Money Grant Round
The CauldronThe Cauldron is a propane fire art piece in which attendees can be mesmerized by the spinning flame effect protruding out of water. The Cauldron becomes a place for new friends to gather and stay warm while being spellbound by the fire.Benigno Lopez
The SynchrotronFire art that synchronizes beats with patterns of MIDI solenoid controlled flame. 12 flame outlets that make small, short bursts of fire in beat with music. No accumulator or large flame is employed. 6’ tall & 6 in circumference. ’Created by Wrecker for Camp Apocalypso
The Tower of Redundancy TowerA 26 foot high climbable tower with a crow's nest.Glamp Camp
Wizard WarmerThe Wizard Warmer is a propane fire art piece shaped like a Wizard Hat that oozes flames out of the sun, moon, & stars. Mingling around the Wizard Warmer is a great way to make new friends while staying warm!Wizardshttp://www.wizardscamp.org

2022 Center Camp Events

DateTimeEvent TitleDescriptionEvent TypeArtist/Host
Friday11:00 AMApogaea Historian WorkshopThis will be another in the series of interactive Historian workshops led by the founders of Apogaea which date back as far as 2004-2005. Join us as we reminese about early Apo stories and legends. Please bring your questions, we'll do our damnedest to make up BS answers. lecture, workshopSchmid-E - Apogaea Historian and it's founders
Friday3:00 PMAuthentic Relating FundamentalsAre you wanting deeper connections in your life? Come play with us!
This workshop will introduce some fundamental tools and concepts of Authentic Relating and allow you to use them right away while connecting with your fellow Burners.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday12:00:00 AMBertha the Gifting HippoCome stick your hand in our hippo's butt! Pull out a gift! Leave a gift in the butt, only if you feel so inclined.Gifts!
Friday1:00 PMButterfly Disco Lounge presents Paint your own BLACK LIGHT BUTTERFLYAttendees will be painting their own small wooden butterfly with black light/uv reactive paint. There will be some that can be worn as a pendant or totem and others on stands that people can display during Apogaea and then take home to remember Apo Portals 2022 forever.workshopHosted by the Butterfly Disco Lounge
Thursday, Friday, Saturday4:00:00 PMConclave Fire Safety MeetingAre you a fire spinner? Are you interested in participating in conclave? Or maybe just want to spin fire while at Apo? If you answered yes to any of these then you need to come out to at least one meeting. Only folks that come to a meeting will be allowed to spin fire at Apo. Meetings will cover fire safety basics and should only take 30-40 minutes. You will need to be on time, anyone not there for the entire meeting will not be eligible.Fire safety meeting for anyone who wants to spin fire or participate in conclaveFire Conclave
Friday7:30 PMCotton CandySo many flavors, so little time!foodSheer
Thursday2:00:00 PMDPW Appreciation DayFried Penguin will be served to DPW (Vegan and Meat Eating options), also included Titty Appreciation Hour for those who work so hard and open for all those ready to show off the goods to DPW. Music and Dancing and noise always included with decks available for those wanna jam with the best. Shake your moves on our LED dance polemusic, performance, food, beverageDPW Knights of Apogaea
Friday10:00 AMFind Ease Yoga ClassA short mindful flow to help cultivate a deeper connection to your body and soul. Finding ease within the different postures through breath and fluid movement.Yoga
Saturday11:00 AMFire and Life Safety at Large FestivalsOur BAMF Lead will present information on Fire and Life Safety at Large Festivals. This will review the best practices from a number of large festivals including tips and tricks and lessons learned. We will cover everything from traffic control to stage pyrotechnics. lectureKenDoll, BAMF Lead
Saturday, Sunday4:00:00 PMGemini Birthday ExtravaganzaCome celebrate Gemini Style with our most celebrated Apo night of music and dancing in pure Gemini formmusic, performanceAny Neff, DJ Bionica, KNYN, Schmid-E, Danger Cube, Dubwood and many more to rock your face off
Friday, Saturday12:00 PMHow to Make a Nifty Little Coptic Stitch JournalIn this workshop, participants will learn how to make a small 4.75”x 6” hand-stitched journal using the kettle stitch; aka the “Coptic stitch.” Come learn about the craft of bookbinding and nerd out about the properties of decorative paper.workshopAllison, Metamorphic Bookbinder
Saturday10:30 PMLATE NITE PRICE IS RITEIt's LATE NITE PRICE IS RITEGame ShowDead Horse Productions, a holey-owned subsidiary of the Glitter Chickens Roost, LLC
Friday3:00 PMMs.Cellaneous Apogaea PageantPlease join us as we bring back an old tradition, the Ms. Apogaea Pageant! All genders are welcome to perform. Dress up, practice your favorite talent, and provide a short blurb about yourself for the MC. Our judges and audience eagerly await your performance!performanceBrought to you by the Center Camp Team
Saturday2:00:00 PMNinja ParadeCome see the illusive Apogaea ninjas prance down the roads for your entertainment. Ninjas already selectedNinja ParadeSee you There!
Thursday, Friday7:00:00 PMOpen Decks Availability at Narwhals Breach Camp for Those who wanna play on the Funktions!All are welcome. Bring your tunes and fill our holes to show your skills and send the groovemusicMessenger of Secrets kicking it off followed by the flow of the musical talents in Apogaea
Friday9:00:00 AMState of GraceWe could all use a little more grace in our lives. Come experince grace as you share your story with an active listener and receive a gift in return. Just look for the woman in white in center camp. She is waiting to listen to you. Friday morning in Center Camp for sure, or anytime/ anywhere else you see her.ServiceGrace
Friday, Saturday9:00:00 PMThe Hosts Whom are Most FantasticA special block of the most Fantastic DJ's from our community bringing you the bass live and on the dance floormusic, performanceCollin Commander, Milkman Amok, KNYN, and Cristal Aurelia block set

2022 Departments

Department NameSummaryContact
AcculturationCome visit this steel framed 10' x 20' canopy (Car Port) to find out about year round Burning Man opportunities and what it means to be a "Burner."[email protected]
Apogaea Ice StoreOpen to the public daily. Prices and times coming soon. "We will never run out!"
BAMF (Emergency Services)The Bureau of Apogaea Medical and Fire is lead by volunteers from our community to manage our emergency response personnel and ensure that when you cannot be radically self reliant as a community, we can assist you to ensure you can enjoy this event for years to come.[email protected]
Center CampSo whatever I write here will be included on the WWWW?[email protected]
Department of Mutant VehiclesWe license mutant vehicles[email protected]
DICEDiversity/ Inclusion/ Consent/ Equity[email protected]
DPW (Department of Public Works)DPW Annex at Center Camp. DPW volunteers will meet here or at DPW Ghetto, check your schedule for details.[email protected]
DPW Fuel Depot (Department of Public Works)DPW fueling station for Apogaea's departments. Theme camps can contact DPW in advance of the event to contract fuel services.[email protected]
DPW Ghetto (Department of Public Works)Camping area for DPW volunteers.[email protected]
Greeter Love ZoneGreeting Zone where we assist folks transition into Apogaea 🙂[email protected]
HistorianHistorian department was created by and for the founders of Apogaea to share stories both online and in person at the event. We will be doing and in person lecture and Q&A session at center camp on Friday. Check the WWWW for details![email protected]
Info BoothMeeting all of your information (and disinformation) needs![email protected]
RangersRangers are community members and participants who help Apogaeans who are having a less than ideal time at the burn. We help participants resolve conflicts, connect the community with resources, provide safety perimeters, and help those having an overwhelming experience. We are not law enforcement, we are participants here to help. If you, a camp mate, or a fellow participant is in distress or needs help, find someone wearing a radio and have them call for a Ranger. If you witness or hear a nonconsensual assault, find someone wearing a radio and have them call for a Ranger. Rangers will also be roaming the city in pairs, dressed in Khaki. Rangers will always be stationed at HQ, next to medical. We're a friendly crew, so feel free to drop by HQ to learn more about what we do or to share some love.[email protected]
Volunteer Coordination[email protected]

2022 Events

DayStart TimeTitleDescriptionTypeLocation
Friday, Saturday12:00 PMAbelton 101Join Jason Roth for an hour Ableton lesson. All levels welcomeworkshopFriends of the floor camp
Friday2:30 PMActive AllyshipWe believe that allyship is a verb. But what does it mean to engage in being an ally? How do you stand with people who may have different identities and experiences than you? How do you amplify their voices rather than speaking for them? How do you help disrupt systems of oppression? Come learn, discuss, and engage with anti-marginalization.workshopResistance and the Flow Bats/MegaloTorus
Thursday, Friday, Saturday1:00 PMAfternoon Open Aerial Play @ ArriettyCome play on the the aerial hoop and learn some new skills. All skill levels and ages are welcome.workshopArrietty @ The Secret World
Saturday12:00 PMAn open discussion about lifestyle terminologyAn open discussion about the terms that are used in the sexual positive lifestyle is swingers polyamory and such takes place in our air-conditioned LoungeOpen discussionWeirdo
Friday7:00 PMApocalypso NOW!The apocalypso has come! Turns out it's not all zombies and masks... there is a lot of GLITTER (biodegradable) and MUSIC and LOVE! Long live the love revolution!musicApocalypsonow camp
Friday4:45 PMArt Tour!Welcome to your fifth annual (covid notwithstanding) Official Apogaea Art Tour! This year will have an early and a late tour, Friday 5p and 9p! Hosted by Mitch Giraffe and CATS. Refreshments provided. performanceCenter Camp
Friday8:45 PMArt Tour! (dark)Welcome to your fifth annual (covid notwithstanding) Official Apogaea Art Tour! This year will have an early and a late tour, Friday 5p and 9p! Hosted by Claire Lay and CATS. Refreshments provided. performanceCenter Camp
Thursday7:00 PMB-L-O-C-K P-A-R-T-YGet your jam pants and hats on as we kick start it all with a dance party Thursday night! DJ duo Hot Box Paradise (DJ J-Love & DJ Ra-Bin) will be spinning old skool funk, soul, hip-hop, new wave 80's, 90's house, all vinyl set to get bootay's a shaking! We will be serving fresh jams and only the freshest mixed drinks paired with all of YOUR freshest looks and dance moves on the freshest floor this side of the Apogaea ravine!music & beverageOG Way Camp
Friday11:30 PMBats in the HellfryNot your standard electronic, not quite metal. Haunting music that to rattle your bones and just might wake the dead. featuring Goth Industrial, Aggrotech, EBSM, and HellektromusicResistance and the Flow Bats gRAVE yard
Thursday1:00 PMBDSM safety open discussionAt 12 noon Thursday we will have an open discussion on BDSM safety. It will take place in our air-conditioned loungeOpen discussion505 weridos
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday12:00 AMBertha, the Gifting HippoCome stick your hand in our hippo's butt! Pull out a gift! Leave a gift in the butt, only if you feel so inclined. Gifts!!!!Camp Chaotic Love
Thursday6:00 PMBLACKJACKCome play black jack hosted by a professional black jack dealer. Bet what you can. Your necklace? Your socks? Your first born?GameCamp Mardi Gras
Thursday5:00 PMBoob-Cookie Decorating & Cocktail HourDecorate your own boob-cookie w/ sweet DJ beats inTitty-Tiki BarbeverageTitty City
Friday, Saturday3:30 PMBubble bossingTIME FOR BUBBLESWe will have live show with interactive bubble blowing and giant bubble show!In front of stage
Friday, Saturday3:30 PMBubble bossingTIME FOR BUBBLESWe will have live show with interactive bubble blowing and giant bubble show!In front of stage
Thursday, Friday, Saturday9:00 PMBubble lasersLaser and bubble showLaser and bubble showFront of stage
Thursday, Friday, Saturday9:00 PMBubble lasersLaser and bubble showLaser and bubble showFront of stage
Friday12:00 PMButi YogaButi Yoga is a soulful blend of Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga and plyometric strength and deep core conditioning. Alongside fun and energetic bursts of primal movement, Buti yoga releases stuck energy, revitalizes the body, and reveals the unshakable power and hidden confidence. BUTI in an Indian marathi word which translates in English to “a cure of secret hidden deep within”Yoga☆*:.¨. MegaloTorus .*·。゚.*·。゚҉̛☆
Friday4:15 PMCab Libs (Silly Wine Tasting) Have you ever wondered about the intricacies of terroir and the delicate bouquet of your favorite wine? Well, you should probably go somewhere else! At Cab Libs, we are doing the best sort of wine tasting – the silly kind! After all, wine tasting is subjective so we might as well go full Mad Libs and get our tasting notes from you – the audience! This (adjective) Cabernet from the (Apogaea Camp Name) region has a(n) ­(adjective you’d use to describe your last lover) bouquet with hints of (noun that makes you giggle) and ­(your favorite pastry). Come ready to drink and be silly with your almost-professional oenophile, Kit. All are welcome to stop by and submit their answers but you must be 21+ to consume! beverageThe Secret World
Friday8:15 PMCheeze CultMoo! Join our plant-based cheeze cowgregation! Jump over the moon! Have a cow and a plant-based quesadilla and/or grilled cheeze! Cow-themed music!Music, Vegan Food, and Bovine Trivia!Resistance and the Flow Bats/ MegaloTorus
Thursday, Friday, Saturday12:00 PMCold Pickle ServiceGifting cold pickles, pickle shots, swag, and pickle warmers! What's a pickle warmer? All you need to do is ask!foodPretty Pickle Camp
Friday12:00 PMConsent open discussionAn open discussion about consent and all things relatedOpen discussionWeirdos
Saturday2:00 PMContacting the DarkBlindfold Contact ImprovisationworkshopSomaSanctuary: G6 Road to Hell
Thursday, Friday, Saturday11:00 AMCreative CoolingStop by to decorate a fan, hang out in the misting lounge or bring a cup for some cool refreshments Going Back to Camp Camp
Thursday, Friday, Saturday11:00 AMCreative CoolingStop by to decorate a fan, make a pin, hang out in the misting lounge or bring a cup for some cool refreshments workshopGoing Back to Camp Camp
Thursday, Friday, Saturday9:00 PMCthulhu Waits DreamingCozy yurt lounge with globally represented low(ish)-key atmospheric metal and post-metal sound.chill & musicGrand Mayhem
Thursday, Friday12:00 AMDanger cube at grand mayhemDenvers acid house duo 1 of two preformacesmusicGrand mayhem
Sunday2:00 AMDanger cube at narwhals2nd performance from Denver's acid house duomusicNarwahls
Friday6:00 PMDecks On!6:00 PM - Dan Laino
8:00 PM - Jaca
9:00 PM - Snake Tits
10:00 PM - Lovic Mano
11:00 PM - Silkworm
musicMagical Music (606)
Saturday4:00 PMDecks On!4:00 PM - Josh Ritter
5:00 PM - Baby H
6:00 PM - Frogfish
7:00 PM - Squid
8:00 PM - Harris Miller
9:00 PM - Jaca vs. Lovic Mano
musicMagical Music (606)
Saturday2:00 PMDidgeridoo Rhythmic TutorialCome join Joe the Didg master on a quest towards rhythm masteryworkshopHappy Tap Camp
Friday1:00 PMDIY Apogaea Portals Shrinky Dink Schwag!Camp of Questionable Character invites you to make your own custom Shrinky Dink Art SWAG (until supplies run out)! Once you are done decorating your art, we will bake the dinks and have them ready for you on Saturday. DIY Schwag614 - Camp of Questionable Character
Thursday7:00 PMDr. Scotch's 10th Annual Whiskey TastingCome celebrate this enduring tradition with Dr. Scotch and DJ Rolf at Green Light District, and let's once again kick off opening night in style! Bring a bottle to share and your snazzy tasting cup, and we'll make sure that you have some left for later.beverageGreen Light District
Sunday9:00 AMExtra Food Rehoming - aka a Food DriveDidn't get through all those tasty treats you thought you would eat? Gift your extra, unopened food to a local charity at the end of the event. foodDeities of Deliciousness
Saturday12:00 PMFlamingo BINGODon you finest bingo kimono and loung-up with some melow vibes and one of a kind prizes!gameApocalypsO NOW
Flash BurgerWe're by far the best 1950's diner in the valley.foodLikely center camp
Saturday1:00 PMFriends of the Floor dance partyJoin friends of the floor for house music and day party vibes!musicFriends of the floor camp
Friday4:00 PMFungus Among UsCome discuss the benefits of microdosing Psilocybin mushrooms to help treat depression, PTSD, and as a catalyst to stop hard drug addiction. DiscussionCamp Chaotic Love
Friday, Saturday, Sunday10:00 AMGiggles and SnugglesA mash up of laughter yoga and cuddle contact improvisationworkshopSomaSanctuary: G6 Road to Hell
Friday6:00 PMglampCAMP TRASHball happy hourglampCAMP would like to cordially invite you to our **TRASHBALL** come dressed accordingly in your trashiest + most opulent garb.. we hope to inspire upcycled + haphazardly engineered (but MOOPfree) black tie/black bag formal dumpster wear. raccoons are also welcome. expect trashFAB nosh + trashPOP tunes + effervescent beverages. bring everyone. catch sunset from the tower of redundancy tower.it's a BAWWWWLL dah-lingglampCAMP
Friday12:00 AMGrilled CheeseGrilled Cheese at midnightfoodCamp Wyrm Food
Friday7:00 PMHalloween in JuneCome jam out to some spooky, creepy, fun, halloween-y music. All ages.musicResistance and the Flow Bats gRAVE yard
Friday5:00 PMHappy hour KaraokeJoin the friends of the floor for a super happy hour Karaoke. Sing your favorite song on the big system!musicFriends of the floor camp
Friday12:00 PMHeart Opening Kundalini YogaKundalini Yoga class, followed by a letter to the breastsworkshopTitty City
Friday, Saturday12:00 PMHUGS - Ignition Members Appreciation GiftingIf you are on the Ignition Team: department lead, mission control, officer, ground control, Spark... Thank you!! Apogaea is so grateful for all your hard work. To share that feeling of appreciation, please come by the Volunteer Booth to pick up your fabulous gift and a hug. If you miss the windows contact Kiki at [email protected]Giving of giftsVolunteer Booth
Friday3:00 PMIntergalactic Animal PartyGravitate towards our animal sanctuary to get in touch with your wild side and drink jungle juice at our first annual intergalactic animal party. Space themed animal costumes encouraged.beverageIntergalactic Animal Party
Friday4:00 PMIntro to Flow artsWhat are flow arts? Common props? Their origins? Cultural significance? How did traditional Māori ceremony dance, Samoan knife work, the French circus, chemiluminescense, and fire manipulation collide? Come learn, discuss, and play with us! Bring props if you have them, use some of ours if you don’t. (Open Skillshare/Spin Jam to follow)workshopResistance and the Flow Bats/MegaloTorus
Thursday5:00 PMLe Bon Temps Gumbo at Camp Mardi GrasThe classic Camp Le Bon Temps Gumbo that you know and love being served at Camp Mardi Gras. Get you some gumbo!!!foodCamp Mardi Gras
Thursday, Friday, Saturday2:30 PMLeafwing Flying Machine FlightsWe will hold daily safety briefings/trainings and then opportunities to experience the thing we built that converts sweat into joy. You will receive a bracelet once your training has been completed. Come back and visit us for additional flights.Flight Trainings & FlightsGreen Light District
Saturday1:00 PMLiszt and LingerieThe Trick Worm Hole goes down-tempo - but high-brow - as we lounge to classical music in our finest lingerie. Bring your most unabashedly audacious undergarments and come ready...musicTrick Worm Hole
Friday2:00 PMLockpicking Class with TJ!Come learn how to lockpick with TJ! Learning is fast and easy, first come first serve!workshopArrietty
Saturday11:00 AMLove Dragon MeditationsFeeling altered? Ego impaired and starting to falter? Come meditate with Walter! This is a group meditation led by Walter Crabvid. Please prepare for a meditation on concentration and awareness that will help settle the impulsive mind and get you re-aligned with your spiritual path.MeditationCamp Chaotic Love
Friday1:00 PMMardi Gras LunchHurricanes and Muffalettas!! Come get a taste of New Orleans. They'll be available until they're gone.foodCamp Mardi Gras
Saturday10:30 AMMegaloYogaSalute the sun: start your Saturday morning off with a grounding Vinyasa practice in nature. Mat recommended. All experience levels and bodies encouraged to join.Yoga☆*:.¨. MegaloTorus .*·。゚.*·。゚҉̛☆
Saturday12:00 AMMidnight sausage festAt the stroke of midnight, sausage, buns and condements will be served to fuel you night time adventures.foodCamp Wyrm Food
Thursday1:00 PMMilk and Cookies HoedownApogaeaians...belly up to the bar for some fresh, hot, out-of-the-oven cookies! And, for your dunking pleasure to moisten your cookies, we'll have some top shelf, cow massaged nipple juice, infused with the likes of Belgium chocolate, cherries jubilee, salted caramel. We got you lactose intolerant folk covered, we'll have some plant-based extracted flavors such as lavender almond, coconut, oatmeal maple. To tickle your udders; music, horseshoes, corn hole, and a giant Jenga game are just some of the hoedown activities that we will be providing for your delight and entertainment.foodUdderly Delicious Milk & Cookie Bar camp
Saturday3:00 PMMoooooOOP Parade & SingalongApogaea-wide bovine-themed parade focused on picking up moop, followed by cow disco! performanceAll of Apogaea (starts @ Titty City)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday8:00 AMMorning CoffeeCoffee to start the day!!! Come by the 13th Atoll for morning coffee.beveragethe 13th Atoll
Friday11:00 AMMorning MeditationYou will be lead through a meditation that creates space to open yourself to the creativity hosted this weekend.MeditationHappy Tap
Thursday, Friday, Saturday10:00 AMMorning Open Aerial Play @ ArriettyCome play on the the aerial hoop and learn some new skills. All skill levels and ages are welcome.workshopArriety @ The Secret World
Friday, Saturday12:00 PMMSG Bloody MarysDon't believe bad science! MSG is awesome, especially in Bloody Marys. Mimosas available without MSG. beverageSkrambles**!*
Saturday5:30 PMNaked Cheese PartyThe Deities have prepared the most delicious spread for you to enjoy, naked. Come try local cheeses and all the accoutrements, nude. Vegan options as well. Wine too, bring a cup! foodDeities of Deliciousness
Thursday, Friday, Saturday5:00 PMOpen Skillshare/Spin JamAnyone, beginner to expert is encouraged to come. Bring your props or use some of ours. Practice props, led props, and unfueled kevlar props are all great (we will not be spinning fire). Whether you prefer fans, hoops, poi, rope dart, staffs… all props are welcome. (feel free to use our outdoor space for movement and flow arts whenever we aren’t leading a workshop in it- end time is not a hard end time)Flow arts skillshare and jamResistance and the Flow Bats gRAVE yard
Saturday3:00 PMPaella & Sangria BarThank you Apogaea! Try our chicken and veggie Paella while you enjoy a refreshing cup of fruity Sangria! - Spanish Style! Bring your own cup and a plate/fork! We always have music in this camp, because we love it, so if you come around and want to bring your USB stick, feel free to jump on the decks! We always have music in this camp, because we love it, so if you come around and want to bring your USB stick, feel free to jump on the decks!foodMagical Music (606)
Saturday6:00 PMPaint The WallExpress your ideas or feelings on a 4x8 ft canvas! Bring your paints and your ideas Let's make something beautiful that makes our camp even more marvelous!workshopMagical Music (606)
Saturday5:00 PMPaint Your BodyTell us what you want us to paint, or you can paint us too! We encourage you to bring your own body paints. It will be exciting to see what we can teach each other about body painting!workshopMagical Music (606)
Friday2:00 PMPampering PantheonRelax in our Goddess Station & be pampered w/ wine, grapes & palm frondsrelaxation stationTitty City
Saturday2:00 PMPasties & Body PaintCome adorn your breasts w/ custom pasties & body paintworkshopTitty City
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday12:00 AMPhysics FilibusterCome solve a physics problem! Win a fabulous prize!Physics ProblemCamp Chaotic Love
Saturday6:00 PMPleasure WheelSpin the wheel and see what pleasures (or pain) awaits you. All are invited to play. Come explore your desires on your own or with a partner. Have some fun and perhaps even learn something new about yourself. We practice safe consent and respect all boundaries.workshopCamp P.L.A.H.
Saturday4:00 PMPoi 101What are poi? What’s a plane? Where do you bring the movement from? How do you transition? What’s a flower? Why aren’t you teaching us weaves in this workshop? If you already know basics, how can you progress from here? Come learn some moves that will give you skills to explore on your own. Bring poi if you have them: practice poi provided. (Open Skillshare/Spin Jam to follow)workshopResistance and the Flow Bats
Friday12:21 AMRamin' your Ramen- Hot Ramen After HoursRamin Ramen down your pie hole for late night sustenance. Stop buy for late night Hot Ramen Noodles. Bring a bowl and utensils!food602.1 Zone 6 - Adventures in Spinlandia
Friday8:00 PMRisk Your Soul RouletteWhat would you risk for a spin of the roulette wheel?GamblingCamp Mardi Gras
Friday9:00 AMRoo-in Your Morning YogaA feel good dancey vinyasa Friday.Yoga☆*:.¨. MegaloTorus .*·。゚.*·。゚҉̛☆
Friday1:11 AMSaber Flow WorkshopPadawans will create their own foam training saber and will build spirit mind body energy awareness by learning fight choreography/simple combat drills. Qi qong meditation warm up and circle up for some group discussion.workshopCenter Camp
Friday3:33 PMSaber Flow WorkshopPadawans will create their own foam training saber and will build spirit mind body energy awareness by learning fight choreography/simple combat drills. Qi qong meditation warm up and circle up for some group discussion.workshopLakewood
Friday10:10 AMSaber Flow WorkshopPadawans will create their own foam training saber and will build spirit mind body energy awareness by learning fight choreography/simple combat drills. Qi qong meditation warm up and circle up for some group discussion.workshopWizards Camp
Friday7:00 PMSafari in the Bass JungleCome dressed in animal onesies, faux fur, or any wild costume! Jungle Juice will be provided, and several of our camp's DJs will be melting your faces off in the Bass Jungle!musicBush Doof: Bass Jungle Camp
Saturday8:00 PMSchmid-E & John White Antelope Sunset Prayer Dance and Effigy ProcessionJoin us before the Effigy and Burn Performance at Skate Camp for a sunset dance and prayer ceremony, then we will all walk together to the effigyperformanceSkate Camp
Saturday2:00 AMSchmid-E @ Fire Sculpture Garden Afterhours Friday NightFridayLate night set to warm your tukus!musicFire Sculpture Garden/Effigy
Friday11:00 PMSchmid-E @ Grand MayhemRocking the full on bangers Friday night with our friends at Grand MayhemmusicGrand Mayhem
Friday11:00 PMSchmid-E Rocking Grand Mayhem - 311 on the MapWill definitely be my most full on banging set of the event. Join the Grand Mayhem bunch for a cocktail and come bounce with me!musicGrand Mayhem - 311 on the Map, look for the large white tent and amazing deco
Friday2:00 PMShibari PicnicWant to tie someone up? Want to get tied? Just want to watch while eating your lunch? Come hang out with other shibari fans during this casual playtime picnicPlaytime activityCamp P.L.A.H.
Friday2:00 PMSkrambles**!* Boutique!!*!Feeling a little underdressed? Swing by and find your clothing destiny! Highly curated with personal stylists. Flash sale; one hour only.Skrambles**!*
Thursday, Friday, Saturday10:00 PMSnoMos After Dark (Thu, Fri & Sat 10 pm+)After 10 pm, our large, enclosed, comfortable public lounge becomes a 18+ restricted area for LGBTQ+ sexually-explicit videos and sexual experimentationviewing sexually-explicit videos and sexual experimentationCamp SnoMos
Saturday12:00 PMSnoMos Snow Cones (Sat Noon-2 pm)A camp of Colorado mountain men brought this year’s snowpack with us, so we’ll be gifting snow cones, both leaded (21+) and unleaded, from our large, enclosed public lounge, accompanied by uplifting dance tunes! From Sat Noon-2 pm, or until we run out of snow!!foodCamp SnoMos
Thursday, Friday, Saturday1:00 PMSoleil et Lune daily "photo"Co-create a Cyanotype each day at 1pm. We need bodies to fill the 5 foot by 7 foot "mural". We are the negatives, the sun does the exposure and for 20-30 minutes we stand, sit, lie, and move around on top of a pretreated fabric to create a one of a kind "photo" of attendees.workshopCenter Camp by the ICE.
Friday7:00 PMStay at Home Raver's House PartyOur parents are away for the weekend! Party at our house! Come for beer and jungle juice. Show off your beer pong and flip cup skills! Tell all your friends. There will be snacks.beverageStay at Home Ravers
Saturday5:15 AMSunrise Acoustic JamSunrise acoustic jam! Let's welcome the fresh new day with some sweet tunes. Bring your instruments! Bring your voices! All instruments welcome!musicCamp Chaotic Love
Friday7:00 PMSunset YogaMargarita, aka The Fairey Warrior, and our Safety Leader, will bring us a beautiful, relaxing, energizing yoga session for you to stretch before the sun sets over our lovely camp. Come enjoy and warm up on a positive mindset for what is about to come!workshopMagical Music (606)
Friday5:00 PMTake Some Spicy Noods!We'll be serving up some spicy noods! Come for Dan Dan noodles with pork or a vegan mushroom. Make sure to bring a bowl!foodStay at Home Ravers
Saturday12:00 PMTeatatitiumIt's morning and the birds are chirping. You've just woken up or maybe you haven't gone to bed yet. Either way, you're in need of a pick me up and we've got you covered with some HEAVY METAL and tea. musictR*:-,MegaloTorus*.”-*Rt.*
Friday6:00 PMThe 6/9 (+1) Birthday PartyCalling all cosmonauts! It is our camp lead's birthday, and the galaxy's premier cuddle lounge will be sharing sick beats as we blast off to unexplored worlds through the Trick Worm Hole.musicTrick Worm Hole
Saturday1:00 PMThe Energy of the EnneagramAre you wondering why your partner left you? They aren’t coming back ;), but learn more about yourself to make sure it doesn’t happen again! Come learn about your core desire, fear, and the nine Enneagram types!workshopOpen Camping Area off Road to Hell (Look for ☺️ And 🇺🇦 flags)
Friday5:00 PMThe Indian Slack LineNishant Patel, aka the Indian Guy, will be bringing you the adrenaline of jumping into slack lines of several types and difficulties. You won't need any preparation whether you are the most experienced slackliner or trying it for the first time, just join us and feel the vibe of balancing yourself on a flat hanging rope!workshopMagical Music (606)
Saturday3:00 PMTrace Your Tittie-BarLe Bon Temps Titty Bar. Trace your non-gender specific titty onto the surface of our bar top, get some Mardi Gras Beads! WARNING: You may see boobs. beverageCamp Mardi Gras
Friday9:00 AMTruffle Grits with Bacon BreakfastYou heard me. Truffle. Grits. With. Bacon.foodCamp Mardi Gras
Saturday4:00 PMUdderly RiDiscolous Cow Disco!Post-MoooooOOP Parade bovine-themed discomusicTitty City
Saturday1:00 PMVinyasa YogaCome move your body after a couple days of playing! Let's get re-energized to face the rest of the festivities!yogaHappy Tap
Thursday5:00 PMWelcome to the Neighborhood Green Chil @ ArriettyWe're cooking up a giant pot of pork green chili in our art piece, Arrietty. Topping provided! Come, play in the art, eat some chili, and meet your neighbors! Cooking starts around 4 and service around 5.foodArrietty @ The Secret World
Friday6:00 PMWeridos gift to apogaeaA lifetime of giving in the world of house music has allowed us to present a once-in-a-lifetime gift to anyone in attendance at apo this year tmusicWeridos
Saturday2:00 PMWet YogaMargarita, aka The Fairy Warrior, and our Safety Leader, will bring us an energetic Yoga session to get your eyes and heart open! Do you think it'll be hot? Bring your swimming suit as it may be some clouds!workshopMagical Music (606)
Thursday9:00 PMWizards of OddAre you a Wizard? You probably most certainly are.. but in your own weird, unique way! Come out and hang with your fellow, friendly odd Wizards at our Opening Night Throwdown Party and show off your magical spirit!musicWizards Camp
Friday3:30 PMWizards Orgonite WorkshopMake your own original, beautiful piece of Orgonite at Wizards Camp this year! See http://www.wizardscamp.org for detailsworkshopWizards Camp
Saturday3:30 PMWizards Wand WorkshopAbracadabra! Make a wand or staff at Wizards Wand Workshop and add a new magical apparatus to your Wizard gear collection!workshopWizards Camp
Saturday2:30 PMYes to Know: A Consent WorkshopWhat’s consent? Where is it other than the bedroom? How do we encourage it? Engage with it? What are some related terms? What’s with all of the tea in this workshop? Come and find out!workshopResistance and the Flow Bats/Megalotorus
Thursday11:00 AMYoga with SoleilJoin Soleil for an all levels power yoga flow. Bring your mat towel and water bottle 🙂workshopFriends of the floor camp

2022 Mutant Vehicles

NameDescription Artist/Camp
CallioplayaCallioplaya is Calliope Circus Wagon with an operational air-driven calliope.Camp Hot Meat Baby
Dynamo“Dynamo” is a small–but powerful–multi-passenger go-kart built from the ground up by the artistic engineering duo of Electric Vehicle Charging Station.Steve Ward & Aerica Raven
Grizz Trimule MKIIILets go for an old school burner spin on the most comfy couch on the easter slope. RockStar
Snail BarWe have converted a 50cc scooter into a giant steel snail, with a slimy paint job and a bar in the shell. We will crawl around and serve slimy green cocktails to the people.Mitch Giraffe, David Brann, and Fenton Streisand
Son of Hal45mph Lazyboy Lounge ChairCap'n Ron
Tugboat Mickey and the S.S. Fuck Yer BurnEat Shark Coochie (charcuterie) and embark on this p diddy style land yacht comprised of landshark attacks on a tugboat towing a peddle boat. CCL

2022 Theme Camps

Theme Camp Description Website
Acrobatica GalacticaFly and Base at the Circus of Outer Space
ApoCalypso NOW!ApoCalypso reimagines the apocalypse as a new era where Love has vanquished Fear and all are invited to be their most creative selves!
Bass StationLaunch off to Bass Station
BSP BaseCampA signal to the skies, our pyramid lights the Dancefloor as our massive sound system resonates the valley! Join the us for a sound experience like no other! BSP BaseCamp!
Bush Doof: Bass JungleWe gonna party like animals in our Bass Jungle. Come shake your tails with us!
Butterfly Disco LoungeThe most colorful, coolest, sparkyliest, shiniest, glowiest, tripiest lounge you've ever seen!
Camp Chaotic Love "CCL"Providing Burner Chaos to Participants.
Camp Count the Stars (CCTS)Oh you think you can do it? pshhh
Camp dick picsTake home a vacation pic of your genitals
Camp Name TBDTBD .... what does it mean?
Camp of Questionable CharacterHang out spot with Kraken fruit bites on offer.
Camp PangeaIn a time of such great division Camp Pangea seeks to provide a place where people may unifiy, speak freely, and express themselves without the fear of judgment while being surrounded by a constantly shifting sensory experience.
Camp SugarThe sweetest little regional camp.
CampaliciousStop by anytime for warm welcomes and good conversations! Tasty treats will be served around 2pm on Friday and Saturday.
Deities of DeliciousnessJoin the Deities on journey of deliciousness, that will delight every sense.
DPW (not affiliated with the Apogaea Department of Public Works)Think you know? You don’t.
Electric Vehicle Charging StationFinally–somewhere for all your 144v electric vehicle charging needs.
Flash BurgerThe best 1950's diner at Apo.
Friends of the FloorJoin Friends of the floor for House Music, Karaoke, Yoga and more! https://www.facebook.com/friendsofthefloor.music
G.A.F. StationGive an F get an F
glampCAMPhome to the tower of redundancy tower: voted best sunrise/sunset view at apo since 2017
Going Back to Camp CampWe’re all Going Back to Camp Camp
Grand Mayhem“Mayhem… a state of rowdy disorder, elevated through sound, lights, and a community committed to creation of experience.”
Grape SlutsWe like wine, ambiance, cheeseboards and we only play full albums - Grape Sluts
Green Light District & Woop WoopFabulous forest family friendly frolicking featuring a fully formed fantastic flying fixture.
Happy TapYour one-stop shop for exploration, play, and late night dance parties!
Hot Meat Baby!Get your Hot Meat right here!
Hot Meat Baby!Get you Hot Meat right here!
Intergalactic Animal PartyWhere animals get spacey.
Kidsvillefamily-friendly camping option
Magical MusicElectronic music DJ booth for House, Trance, Techno and everything in between.https://soundcloud.com/lovicmano/sample-set-forest-rave-210928
Mardi GrasLet’s party like it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans!
MaximilianOut of place
NarwhalsNarwhal sound camp
Orphan / EndorphinWe BUILD better burnershttps://orphanendorphin.com/index.html
Ouhlala French quarterThis year, our famous French camp "Ouh La La" got lost in the Jungle while on an expedition searching for the one and only Wild Unicorn. We'll offer you the chance to find your Apogaea lover during our French kiss competition. Then, join us for a daily frenzied dance on the rhythm of the jungle tribes. If you need more energy for vibing with us, and simply because we are French after all, we'll happily fill you with some stinky french cheese and delightful wine. Finally, a surprise for those finding the Wild Unicorn on our camp.
P.L.A.HPeace, Love, and Hugs (and sooo much more 😉
Pink FlamingosLoudmouth BroMos'
Pretty Pickle CampCold Pickles, Warm "Pickles"https://prettypicklecamp.p1r8.net/
Radical RipplesCasting Ripples of Sound, Sensation & Laughter
Resistance and the Flow BatsAn active allyship, flow arts/skillshare, and counterculture music and support camp focused on radical inclusion and immersive art
Siberian Electric CompanyOnly Nuclear powered camp in all of Colorado
SK8 KAMPEvery city needs a skate park. We're the skate park for Apogaea!https://www.facebook.com/sk8kamp
Skrambles**!*Born from confusion and tempered by mild incompetence. No eggs.
Slime Dogs!Hot dog! Slime dog!
SnoMosColorado mountain men brought this year’s snowpack with them, and they’ll be gifting flavored snow cones, both leaded (21+) and unleaded; and after 10 pm, our comfortable lounge has a 18+ restricted area for LGBT+ videos and sexual experimentation
Space PotatoesA place to escape the overwhelm, get comfortable, and not take things too seriously—except for potatoes, potatoes are serious business.
Stay at Home Ravers [SAHR]Stop by and see us, we're usually home.
Temporary SolutionsFantsy cocktails or mocktails with live herbs and glowy shiny decor
TexASSTexASS Invaders
The 13th AtollA coffee camp - serving up coffee each Morning from 8 to 10!
The Fruit StandNatural goodness for your belly
The My EDM SectorLet's... go!!https://myedm.info
The OG WayBringing the original gangster vibes your way!
The Secret WorldExplore Arrietty, our flower-filled art space.http://art.wakegraphic.com/arrietty
The Vibration BubbleThe place for your ear holes!
Titty CityEverybody’s got em’, we think they’re great... Come celebrate with games, music & other titty-tivities.http://facebook.com/TCApogaea
Trick WormholeJoin us at the galaxy's premier cuddle lounge for a window seat to the universe expanding.
Udderly DeliciousUdderly Delicious Milk & Cookie Bar
V.I.C.E. - Vietnamese Iced Coffee ExperienceDo you love a caffeine buzz with an awesome eclectic experience?
Weirdos N 1 normal personSound camp, and sexual lifestyle postive
WizardsMagic is really real, we are real Wizards.http://www.wizardscamp.org
Wyrm FoodLate night food, Maybe Dragons