Who What When Where (WWWW)

The Apogaea 2020 WWWW is in progress!

The WWWW (Who What When Where) is your guide to Apogaea! Every registered theme camp, art installation, mutant vehicle, and more are laid out in an easy to read format so you can plan your participation. We also offer a map of the land so you can get around easily and find what you’re looking for. All infrastructure and departments are listed as well.

2020 Art Installations

 TitleDescriptionArtistGrant RoundWebsite
Far OutImmersive and interactive sound and lights!Jeff & Diana Merkelmerkel.xyz/farout
Flaming Giraffe Life sized scrap metal giraffe with a passive and an active propane flame effect. Orangemitch Industries Big Money Grant Roundwww.orangemitch.com
Leafwing’s Flying MachineWe built an extraordinary device. It is basically a merry go round teeter totter that 2 humans belly up to then generate both speed and lift through coordinated successive leg propulsions.Green Light District

2020 Departments

 Department NameSummaryContact
AcculturationCome visit this steel framed 10' x 20' canopy (Car Port) to find out about year round Burning Man opportunities and what it means to be a "Burner."[email protected]
Apogaea Ice StoreOpen to the public daily. Prices and times coming soon. "We will never run out!"
BAMF (Emergency Services)The Bureau of Apogaea Medical and Fire is lead by volunteers from our community to manage our emergency response personnel and ensure that when you cannot be radically self reliant as a community, we can assist you to ensure you can enjoy this event for years to come.[email protected]
Center CampSo whatever I write here will be included on the WWWW?[email protected]
Department of Mutant VehiclesWe license mutant vehicles[email protected]
DPWDPW Annex at Center Camp. DPW volunteers will meet here or at DPW Ghetto, check your schedule for details.[email protected]
DPW Fuel DepotDPW fueling station for Apogaea's departments. Theme camps can contact DPW in advance of the event to contract fuel services.[email protected]
DPW GhettoCamping area for DPW volunteers.[email protected]
Greeter Love ZoneGreeting Zone where we assist folks transition into Apogaea 🙂[email protected]
Info BoothMeeting all of your information (and disinformation) needs![email protected]
RangersRangers are community members and participants who help Apogaeans who are having a less than ideal time at the burn. We help participants resolve conflicts, connect the community with resources, provide safety perimeters, and help those having an overwhelming experience. We are not law enforcement, we are participants here to help. If you, a camp mate, or a fellow participant is in distress or needs help, find someone wearing a radio and have them call for a Ranger. If you witness or hear a nonconsensual assault, find someone wearing a radio and have them call for a Ranger. Rangers will also be roaming the city in pairs, dressed in Khaki. Rangers will always be stationed at HQ, next to medical. We're a friendly crew, so feel free to drop by HQ to learn more about what we do or to share some love.[email protected]
Volunteer Coordination[email protected]

2020 Events

DateTimeEvent TitleDescriptionEvent TypeLocation
6/11 Thu, 6/12 Fri2:00 - 6:00 PMPuebloca Flavors Let your taste buds be transported to the mystical land of Pueblo. food and beverage serviceDeities of Deliciousness
6/13 Sat1:00 - 3:00 PMSnow Cones!Mountain men from Colorado’s Snow Country brought some of this year’s snowpack with them, and they’ll be serving flavored snow cones, both leaded (21+) and unleaded, with just the right amount of chill! Enjoy in our comfortable lounge with a selection of shiny, happy tunes!!beverageSnoMos Camp
6/14 Sun3:00 - 6:00 PMNaked Cheese PartyWe, the Double Ds invite you to our Naked Cheese Party! gf, df, vegan friends come get naked too! Fancy cheese, tasty wine, and a celebration of heavenly bodies! Food, beverage, nudityDeities of Deliciousness

2020 Theme Camps

 Theme Camp Description Website
BSP BASE CAMPA visual and audio experience unlike any other!https://www.facebook.com/BeatSniperzPro/
Camp Chaotic Love (CCL)Quarty and loving and gifting and lounging.
Camp Science CampCome for the science, stay for the experience.
Deities of DeliciousnessWe, the Deities of Deliciouness offer you a divine experience with every bite!
Ember TribeInspiring connection through music, dance and warmth.
FlashBurger and CyderPunkFlashBurger and CyderPunk are joining forces for greatness! FlashBurger is your naughty neighborhood diner serving burgers at lunch. CyderPunk is the mobile intoxication unit of the future, serving hot apple cider at night.
Glamp Camp: Trailer Trash EditionWe Fancy, 'til We Ain't
Green Light District & Woop WoopFabulous forest family friendly frolicking featuring a fully formed fantastic flying fixture
Happy Tap Friendly House and Techno Sound Camp
Hot Gin!
Minnesota Spin PaintSpin Art painting! It is a truly interactive and communal art creation experience where the “painter” interacts with the “spinner”, the facilitator, and the community gathered around to create your own art piece. The result? A 12x12 hardboard painting you take home.
Nerdy By NatureNerds in the dirt!
Orphan Endorphinhttp://orphanendorphin.com/index.html
OUH LA LA LANDCome and express yourself in Ouh la la land
Secret CampIt’s a secret.
Shibari Cafe'Order an espresso shot and hangout, Djs Play all day and night come feel the Bass or the subspace
SnoMosSnoMos is a friendly group of LGBT+ locals and friends living in the Colorado Rockies who do pretty much everything outdoorshttps://www.facebook.com/SnoMos/
The Love TribeRe-discovering Unconditional Self Lovehttps://www.facebook.com/thelovetribepage/
The Pink FlamingosLazy bro-mos now with 100% shade throwing goodness!
Titty CityFor the love of all (inclusive) things TITTIES!https://www.facebook.com/TCApogea/
WizardsMagic is really real and Wizards are really magic!http://www.wizardscamp.org/
Wyrm FoodLate Nite Food and Chillspace