Who What When Where (WWWW)

2020 WWWW in progress!

The WWWW is your guide to Apogaea! Every registered theme camp, art installation, mutant vehicle, and more are laid out in an easy to read format so you can plan your participation. We also offer a map of the land so you can get around easily and find what you're looking for. All infrastructure and departments are listed as well.

Art Installations

Center Camp



Mutant Vehicles

Theme Camps

2019 Art Installations

 TitleDescriptionArtistGrant RoundWebsite
A Wall of Artist Trading CardsRemember Artist Trading Cards? You make a 2.5 x 3.5 inch card of your original art, and trade it.EtStudiohttps://etstudio.dunked.com/artist-trading-cards
AIR BANDAIR BAND is a full service, turnkey rock star experience! Complete with music, "instruments", band managers, roadies and groupies!The Creatives at A CAMPSeed Money Grant Round
Angler Fish of Lost SoulsAngler fish demon cart with lights and phone charging stationWaffle Cone Club & MeowjieBig Money Grant RoundWebsite
ColordanceColordance is an interactive, collaborative installation piece that encourages participants to play with form and motion. It uses many colored lights pointed at a screen to create fascinating shadows of many colors.Camp Science Camp
The CroneA nightmarish bound wooden crone. Based on a myth of golems once tasked to protect farmland and homesteads.Seed Money Grant Round
Draco's NestDraco, the dragon slain by Minerva in the Titan War, has fallen from the heavens and been buried over countless decades. Draco’s nest is the only remaining relic of this majestic celestial being.GammaspaceBig Money Grant RoundWebsite
Fire Sculpture GardenMusselph Ltd.Big Money Grant RoundWebsite
Funky Fungi ForestA forest of giant magic Amanita Muscaria mushrooms entice wanderer's to get lost with in. These huggable Giants well set a Alice in Wonderland energy to their Journey.Aaron GriffinSeed Money Grant Round
Giant Tin Can PhoneTalk, tap, bark and shout to people somewhere else using physics!Napkin MathSeed Money Grant Round
Inside the Rusalka's PondStep into an underwater lounge featuring aerial artists, interactive soundscapes, and soothing places to sit and experience the world.Rainbow Militia and the Unbuilt LibraryBig Money Grant RoundWebsite
Leafwing Flying MachineWe built a thing. It is basically a merry go round teeter totter device 2 humans belly up to then generate both speed and lift through coordinated successive leg propulsion.Green Light District
Lickwid FoxxFire ball LPG poorer and LPG burn barrel[email protected] & Red Foxx
MesmerizeRelax and watch the mesmerizing roll of flames.Jana McKinny & Tania Marie
The Phoenix and The ButterflyThis piece explore metamorphosis through 8' by 12' sculptures of a flaming copper Phoenix and a LED lit Butterfly.Swig Miller and ArtopiaBig Money Grant RoundWebsite
Pollinators Propaganda GardenAttn: nocturnal & diurnal pollinators our whimsical garden's towering steel pistils & stamens await you, as does our rideable unicorn.Sean Dohertyhttp://DohertyArt.com
Procrastabation HammockProcrastabation Hammock - for when you don't wanna do anything... 'cept dat one thang.xilla
Rat RaceDo you feel trapped? Like you're running in circles going nowhere? Do you need to charge your phone? If you answered yes to any of these questions you'll feel right at home in RAT RACE, Apogaea's giant hamster wheel.w.a.t.Big Money Grant Roundhttps://wet.fish/hamster-wheel
Ripple BedsCome try the sound experience that puts you inside the speaker. We hope to help the community connect with music in a completely new way through the sense of touch.Paul JohnsonBig Money Grant Round
Ripple's TubeInteractive fire art piece that visualizes a standing wave using flame and allowing people to interact with it.Radical RipplesSeed Money Grant Round
Shake 'N FlameShake and bounce for more fire and lights!Evan BeloniSeed Money Grant Round
The Slippery Pickle/ Ripe Melony'sAn interactive theme camp serving all things pickles and melonsAndy Grunskis, Kirsten Asher, Bryan AsherSeed Money Grant Round
The SnazboxCome gaze at the boxes of pixels meant to tickle your optic nerves. Bask in the glow of the Snazbox and see if you have what it takes to figure out how to make the light move. Blinky blinky, winky winky!The Arty Boys (AnDrew Brislin and Arnaud Dumont)Seed Money Grant RoundWebsite
TEMPLE OF DEATHThe TEMPLE OF DEATH is be a meditative space for participants to ponder mortality, entropy, and their time on and relation to the earth. The Temple is decorated with bones and antlers and is aesthetically representative of the sun-bleached high desert locale that has been a home to Apogaea these last few years.Mitch Giraffe, Jacob Snakeub, and Jake RouxBig Money Grant Round
Temple of ToonsCome to The Temple of Toons, at night, for a multi-toon flashback and overdose from the 60-90s. Bring your boombox or borrow one of the provided FM headsets to tune in.Games, Geeks, and Guitars CampSeed Money Grant RoundWebsite
that rainbow wall thingIts a wall with rainbows. whoa!!!1!w.a.t.Seed Money Grant Round
The TesseractAn LED wall cube is balanced on one corner so that it spins freely. The 4th dimension in this case is time; expressed as both physical motion of the object and motion of the animations that dance across all its surfaces.Aaron WilsonBig Money Grant RoundWebsite
Tower of Redundancy TowerClimb up our 25 foot tall crows nest, looks scary but fear not - redundancy upon redundancy makes it perfectly safe. Great for stargazing or sunburning (now with optional shade!).Andy Blair
Tower of Redundancy TowerClimb up our 25 foot tall crows nest, looks scary but fear not - redundancy upon redundancy makes it perfectly safe. Great for stargazing or sunburning (now with optional shade!).Andy Blair
Transdimensional Portal GeneratorPrimitive inter-dimensional transportation device. Approx. age: 100,000 - 200,000 years.Galactic Heritage Trust
TreeNet Willy'sCustom Rope Platforms for Elevated Living: kick back and relax in the world's most unique hammocks.William ReynoldsWebsite
Trump ASSaultStruggling with our Commander in chief? Find yourself seething every time you see an image of him or hear a sound bite? Take out your aggressions and express your deepest frustrations at the Trump ASSault!Commodore Ron, Stevolution, Princess Stephanie, and Kiji Kiji
Wizard WarmerThe Wizard Warmer is a steel fabricated art structure in the shape of a Wizard Hat that has fire flames coming out of the sun, moon, stars of the hat.John Almon, WizardsWebsite

2019 Center Camp Events

DateTimeEvent TitleDescriptionEvent TypeArtist/Host
6/7 Fri11:00 AM - 12:00 PMBioHack Sugar Cravings and Screen addictionLearn how to free yourself from sugar cravings and screen addiction from someone who overcame 15 years of sugar cravings/addiction and 25 years of screen addiction.LectureDoc BioHack
6/7 Fri2:00 - 3:30 PMIntroduction to The Secret - Creating and Manifesting Your Best Life And Allowing Your Success with Vision Boards WorkshopThis workshop is an introduction to The Law of Attraction, Creating and Manifesting Your Best Life, Allowing Your Success and Vision Boards. Participants will have an opportunity to create their own vision board!Lecture, WorkshopAnahatah Namaste
6/7 Fri12:30 - 1:30 PMWhose Burner Line Is It Anyway Improv ShowAudience members are invited to participate in a Burner-themed set of improv games, like Props and "Scenes from a Hat". Over 120 Burner-themed prompts have already been written for Scenes from a hat.Interactive Improv Burner-themed Show"Drew-ish Carey"
6/8 Sat1:00 - 2:00 PMBiochemistry of Psychedelics and Harm ReductionSure everyone knows what they do, but how do they work? Learn about the biochemistry of psychedelics, how they work in your body, and how one might prevent the damage they could cause.LectureDr. awkwarD
6/8 Sat2:00 - 3:30 PMBioHack your BioHackingLearn the "10 Pillars" of BioHacking. Get the Framework to understand optimal creativity, high performance, and sustained mental clarity.LectureDoc BioHack
6/8 Sat3:30 - 5:30 PMSensual Chakra Play for Intimate PartnersSensual Chakra Play For Intimate Partners, Come explore 7 levels of intimacy with your partner through contact yoga, sensual massage, & communication.WorkshopRamone

2019 Departments

 Department NameSummaryContact
AcculturationCome visit this steel framed 10' x 20' canopy (Car Port) to find out about year round Burning Man opportunities and what it means to be a "Burner."[email protected]
Apogaea Ice StoreOpen to the public daily. Prices and times coming soon. "We will never run out!"
BAMF (Emergency Services)The Bureau of Apogaea Medical and Fire is lead by volunteers from our community to manage our emergency response personnel and ensure that when you cannot be radically self reliant as a community, we can assist you to ensure you can enjoy this event for years to come.[email protected]
Center CampSo whatever I write here will be included on the WWWW?[email protected]
Department of Mutant VehiclesWe license mutant vehicles[email protected]
DPWDPW Annex at Center Camp. DPW volunteers will meet here or at DPW Ghetto, check your schedule for details.[email protected]
DPW Fuel DepotDPW fueling station for Apogaea's departments. Theme camps can contact DPW in advance of the event to contract fuel services.[email protected]
DPW GhettoCamping area for DPW volunteers.[email protected]
Greeter Love ZoneGreeting Zone where we assist folks transition into Apogaea 🙂[email protected]
Info BoothMeeting all of your information (and disinformation) needs![email protected]
RangersRangers are community members and participants who help Apogaeans who are having a less than ideal time at the burn. We help participants resolve conflicts, connect the community with resources, provide safety perimeters, and help those having an overwhelming experience. We are not law enforcement, we are participants here to help. If you, a camp mate, or a fellow participant is in distress or needs help, find someone wearing a radio and have them call for a Ranger. If you witness or hear a nonconsensual assault, find someone wearing a radio and have them call for a Ranger. Rangers will also be roaming the city in pairs, dressed in Khaki. Rangers will always be stationed at HQ, next to medical. We're a friendly crew, so feel free to drop by HQ to learn more about what we do or to share some love.[email protected]
Volunteer Coordination[email protected]

2019 Events

DateTimeEvent TitleDescriptionEvent TypeLocation
6/6 Thu - 6/8 SatAll DayThe Octopussy’s Tentacle TreasuresTry out universal trade! Find your bountiful booty or donate terrific treasure!Take-it-Leave-itThe Octopussy
6/6 Thu - 6/8 Sat11:00 AM - 1:00 PMBurgers and BunsCome see some buns and eat some meat ath cheese Flash Burger. Top you meat with cheese and bacon. Our green chillie cream cheese is the best!foodFlash Burger
6/6 Thu - 6/8 Sat11:00 AM - 6:00 PMBoard & Card GamesCome by GGG Camp for some gaming, we'll have over a dozen different games can that can be played.Board & Card GamesGames, Geeks, and Guitars Camp
6/6 Thu - 6/8 Sat12:00 - 4:00 PMCamp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion big big discount, rebate, clearance, red tag, doorbuster, savings, 100% off saleLeave your various forms of currency at home along with your car and house keys. The exciting news is that we have different deals each day at Apogaea, featuring the Thursday ‰ÛÏGET ONE FREE, TAKE ONE FREE‰Û sale! Friday we offer a SNATCH and GRAB- FIVE FINGER FRIDAY doorbuster deal, sale! Saturday is our biggest, most exciting sales event, where everything is 100% off! THATS RIGHT! 100% OFF! We have had record shoplifting at past Apogaea events, but we hope to surpass our goals this year! EVERYTHING-MUST-GO- SUPER-DUPER-AWESOME-SALE!! Don‰Ûªt miss our store hours, we plan on staying open late on Thursday and we will be open for shoplifting Friday and Saturday from 12-4pm!! We put out new merchandise consistently, so if you do not find something you like, come back later. We are gifing over 2000 lbs of costumes and clothing this year and we hope to see you every day to find new items!100% off saleCamp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion
6/6 Thu - 6/8 Sat3:00 - 3:30 PMLeafwing's Flying Machine Flight TrainingFlight training is required for flying machine. Three trainings will occur throughout the event directly followed by flights.WorkshopGreen Light District
6/6 Thu - 6/8 Sat3:30 - 6:00 PMLeafwing's Flying Machine FlightsFlying Machine flights will occur directly following our daily flight trainings. You will need to complete a training in order to fly. DO NOT MISS THIS!FlightGreen Light District
6/6 Thu - 6/8 Sat4:00 PM - 4:00 AMDance PartyCome get weird with us in space to this amazing line up of community DJ's!PartyEvent Horizon
6/6 Thu - 6/8 Sat8:00 - 11:00 PMA BAR @ A CAMPWe're A CAMP. We have A BAR. See us @ Sundown.BeveragesA CAMP
6/6 Thu7:00 - 8:00 PMDr. Scotch's 7th Annual Whiskey TastingWe invite you to share and enjoy a diversity of fine whiskey, a most proper way to begin Apogaea.beverageGreen Light District
6/6 Thu7:00 - 8:00 PMGuided Ripple Bed ExperienceSubmerge yourself into our Ripple Beds and be swept away in our soothing vibrations through a guided tour from our sound sherpa.musicRadical Ripples
6/6 Thu7:00 - 9:00 PMOpening Tea CeremonyJoin us at Radical Ripples for our opening tea ceremony. Share stories, meet new friends, make ripples.beverageRadical Ripples
6/6 Thu7:00 - 9:00 PMUdderly Delicious Milk and Cookies BarUdder up to the bar and let your taste buds do a square dance polka with a variety of round and not so round cookies including gluten-free.Beverage, foodUdderly delicious milk and cookies bar
6/6 Thu8:30 - 10:30 PMPast and Future Game NightCome play the oldest and newest video games at retro console/virtual reality game nightWorkshopCamp Naughty Nerd Herd
6/6 Thu9:00 - 10:00 PMDark Noise/Ambient @ Temple of DeathA live, experimental sound set @ The Temple of DeathMusicTemple of Death
6/6 Thu9:00 - 11:59 PMPotions & Motions PartyWizards are hosting a late night of Potion Making and Booty Shaking!BeveragesWizards Camp
6/7 Fri2:00 - 4:00 AMLate Night TeaLost and cold at 2am? Come get warm from the inside in our tea lounge and enjoy all our cozy places to lay.beverageRadical Ripples
6/7 Fri9:00 - 10:00 AMBreathwork & Singing WorkshopOur lovely lady of song, Allie Tyler, will be hosting a class on breathwork and song.workshopRadical Ripples
6/7 Fri10:00 - 11:00 AMMorning Flow with Dr. BarbTime to wake up those weary bones and shake off the dust from last night with a guided movement practice. Dr. Barb has got your back, literally.workshopRadical Ripples
6/7 Fri11:00 AM - 12:00 PMHandpan Jammin with TaylorOur wonderful Taylor will be sharing his beautiful handpan sound during our tea lounge hours. Come sip on some nourishing liquids and get your ears quenched by these lovely sounds.musicRadical Ripples
6/7 Fri11:00 AM - 12:00 PMStory Time + BreakfastDr Seuss Stories, Family Brunch PotluckBrunchKidsville
6/7 Fri12:00 - 12:45 PMThe Great Nerd DebateSpin the topic wheel! Convince the masses with your rhetoric! Eat some cookies!performanceCamp Naughty Nerd Herd
6/7 Fri12:00 - 2:00 PMMake a Cactus Fairy Garden!Come create your very own cactus 'fairy' garden while mingling and swaying to sweet beats at the Shenanigator Social Club.workshopShenanigator Social Club
6/7 Fri12:00 PM - ?Red Chile Chocolate Donuts and Bloody Maria BarStop on by one of Apogea's new theme camps for a taste of New Mexico! The ECE will be serving hot, fresh, tantalizing donuts, drizzled in chocolate and sprinkled with New Mexican red chile during our first social.BeveragesEnchantment Camp of Enchantment (The ECE)
6/7 Fri1:00 - 5:00 PMOctopussy Pilot’s License TestCalling all intergalactic travelers! The space police is out in full force! Don’t get caught without proper identification.performanceMutant Vehicle Vortex
6/7 Fri4:00 - 6:00 PM2019 Apogaea Art TourJoin us for the 4th annual Apogaea art tour! Hear insider stories from CATS members and artists! Enjoy wine and cheese in the sun!Art Tour & WorkshopStarting at Center Camp
6/7 Fri4:00 - 7:00 PMWizard Wand WorkshopMake your own beautiful wizard wand or staff at this creative workshop and walk away with something magical!WorkshopWizards Camp
6/7 Fri6:00 - 9:00 PMWeird Science Happy Hour with a Side of Circus!Stroll the streets of Glamp Town and come away smarter, and full of cheese. We'll be serving a delightful selection of beverages and apps for happy hour, with a side of circus acts and strange science facts. For example did you know 3% of the ice in the Antarctic is actually penguin urine? Luckily our drinks are made with local ice. Lingerie and lab coat attire encouraged, clown noses optional.foodGlamp Camp
6/7 Fri6:00 - 7:30 PMWiggle & Giggle with a BUTI-Laughter YogiThe "Wiggle" portion of this workshop has been inspired by the Buti Yoga school of thought, while the "Giggle" portion of the workshop has been inspired by the "Laughter Yoga" School of thought. BUTI Yoga is a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement.workshopKidzville
6/7 Fri6:30 - 8:30 PMMustachio Birthday BashioCome to the Mustachio Birthday Bashio for a sunset dance party. BYOMustache or find the birthday girl, she'll be the one giving out mustache rides.musicRadical Ripples
6/7 Fri8:00 - 10:00 PM2019 Apogaea Nighttime Art Tour (Handicapable!)Join us for the first Apogaea nighttime Art tour! See the lights and flames! This tour will have a few seats in a golf cart for those in the community with mobility issues.Art Tour & WorkshopStarting at Center Camp
6/7 Fri8:30 - 9:30 PMBabs GabsCheck out our talk show where we invite guests onto the stage to share their truth, fears, triumphs and failures. If you have a story or skill to share, please make your way to our Tiny Stage for Big Acts. We like to show off cool and pretty things and we'll drag you over if we have to. Talent scouts will be on the lookout.performanceRadical Ripples
6/7 Fri9:00 - 10:30 PMOut of This World Fuk PavilionCome get naked and nasty in outer spaceotherCamp Naughty Nerd Herd
6/7 Fri9:00 - 11:59 PMGlowryHoleA psychedelic experience, enter through the rear and visit the Drunk Bitch Bar & Cuddle PuddlePsychedelic space, cuddle puddle and barV.I.C.E Camp
6/7 Fri9:00 PM - 3:00 AMBlazar BashA "blazar" is a quasar (Black Hole) who's jets are pointed directly at Earth. Join us on the other side of the black hole where we will be serving an out of this world dance party and gifted adult beverages. MUST SHOW ID.PartyEvent Horizon
6/7 Fri, 6/8 Sat1:00 - 3:00 PMVietnamese Iced Coffee ExperienceVoted the best iced coffee on Playa. 21 years running!beverageV.I.C.E Camp
6/7 Fri, 6/8 Sat4:00 - 7:30 PMAIR BAND @ A CAMPAIR BAND is a full service, turnkey rock star experience!Community fueled performance!A CAMP
6/7 Fri, 6/8 Sat8:00 - 10:00 PMGGG Guitar RockSmith CompetitionUsing the RockSmith program and one of the supplied guitars or bass, compete for the highest score on over 200 rock songs in the Toon Cave.MusicGames, Geeks, and Guitars Camp
6/8 Sat12:12 - 1:00 AMRites of Passage @ The Temple of DeathThe Temple's theme this year is Death. We're holding a gathering to explore and understand it, through ritual performance, sonic commotion, and invite you to lay your dead concepts to rest.Live sound, performances, and ritual of contemplation/healingTemple of Death
6/8 Sat2:00 - 4:00 AMLate Night TeaLost and cold at 2am? Come warm up from the inside in our tea lounge with plenty of cozy places to lay.beverageRadical Ripples
6/8 Sat10:00 AM - 12:00 PMMorning TeaCome enjoy the drug that doesn't get enough love...beverageRadical Ripples
6/8 Sat11:00 AM - 12:00 PMBreathwork & Guided MeditationGround, reconnect, and replenish with energy shifting exercises to awaken your day!workshopRadical Ripples
6/8 Sat11:00 AM - 12:00 PMStory Time + BreakfastDr Seuss Stories, Family Brunch PotluckBrunchKidsville
6/8 Sat12:00 - 1:00 PMThe Sexy Rubdown HourWe bring the coconut oil, you make the happy ending.otherCamp Naughty Nerd Herd
6/8 Sat12:00 - 2:00 PMBINGO!That’s right – it’s time to find your lucky charms and play some BINGO! There are fabulous prizes and fun beats to enjoy.Activity / GameShenanigator Social Club
6/8 Sat12:00 - 3:00 PMWhiskey Vixens present Maple Bourbon Bacon BrunchBest Brunch in the West! Join the lovely Vixens for sticky sweet bacon treats, exotic pancakes, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic delights to start your day out right.foodGlamp Camp
6/8 Sat1:00 - 2:00 PMUkelele & SongGet a freestyle performance with singing, ukelele, and impromptu rapping.musicRadical Ripples
6/8 Sat1:00 - 2:00 PMGuided Ripple Bed ExperienceCome take a dive into our ripple beds and be swept away by our sound sherpa.musicRadical Ripples
6/8 Sat1:00 - 3:00 PMSnow Cones!Mountain men from Colorado's Snow Country will be serving flavored snow cones, both leaded (21+) and unleaded, with just the right amount of chill!BeveragesSnoMos Camp
6/8 Sat1:30 - 5:30 PMRed Dress Run!Who: Anyone 21 and up that likes drinking! What: Did you ever want to hit up every bar at a burn? Is red your color? How much has he been drinking? Join me on the Red Dress Run this Saturday! Who: Hobodynamics will be wearing the red robes of Intoxication. Where: the Transdimensional Portal Generator next to Camp 319 Sparkeasy. Remember to wear red!beverageTransdimensional Portal Generator
6/8 Sat2:00 - 3:00 PMFashion ShowBring your favorite outfit to come play dress up and have a fashion show before the art car paradeFashion showKidsville
6/8 Sat3:00 - 6:00 PMCosmic Lemonade StandCome get a tasty adult lemonade while chillen' out in the shade and listening to some sweet and tangy beats! MUST SHOW ID.PartyEvent Horizon
6/8 Sat4:00 - 5:00 PMArt Car Kids ParadeArt cars will line up at Kidsville at 3:30 forming a parade and allowing kids to hop on or follow with their parents as we drive around to each campParadeKidsville
6/8 Sat4:00 - 8:00 PMCRUNK-B-QBBQ, Hip-Hop, 40oz's, Dominoes, Blunts.. let's get CRUNK!!PartyWizards Camp
6/8 Sat5:00 - 6:00 PMWeird & Wiggly Dance PartyHigh energy DJ set allowing the kids to come and get wiggly before sundownDance partyKidsville
6/8 Sat5:00 PM - ?Prickly Pear Margaritas and Cactus CabaretJoin us Saturday afternoon at the ECE for refreshments and entertainment! Our Prickly Pear Margaritas will be served along side burlesque, stand up comedy, and a bit of vaudeville!BeveragesEnchantment Camp of Enchantment (The ECE)
6/8 Sat6:30 - 8:00 PMCircus Ninja Training Camp*Family friendly event* Participants are invited to join in a group practice to stretch, breathe, play, learn, skill share, and explore circus prop dance, martial flow arts, acrobatics, and to set intentions for an evening of movement with or without fire and/or LED prop dancing.workshopEffigy
6/8 Sat9:00 - 10:00 PMConclave Fire Performance, Effigy Ceremony, and BIG FIREThousands of years in the future the spirit of Draco is awakened by fire ritual. Man begins to worship the site performing a sacred ritual to show their love and reverence for Draco.PerformanceDraco's Nest
6/8 Sat7:00 - 9:00 PMThe 7th annual ApoAGoGo Slappy Hour Burlesque ShowThrills! Chills! Erotic and exotic escapades await....allow us to take you on a magical journey into the inner sanctum of burlesque and eclectic talent at the Apogaea 2017 art festival. Join Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion for an intimate pre burn presentation of the babes and beefcake of Apogaea, as we present to you a variety of burlesque and vaudevillian style entertainment like none other. Pull up your camp chair, get comfortable, sit back and relax. Fill your cup with some libations...Your host, David Westman will guide you into the mythical wonderment of Apogaea's talent and showcase how Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion "takes it off, so you can get it on!"performanceCamp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion
6/8 Sat10:00 PM - ?Woop Woop PartyBecause, why not!BeverageGreen Light District
6/9 Sun10:00 AM - 12:00 PMElectrolit Hangover Restorative GatheringNurture your hangover from an epic evening with electrolytes, stretching sessions, and perfect come down conversations.Serving electrolytes, buffers, stretching sessions, and lots of water!Radical ripples
6/9 Sun11:00 AM - 12:30 PMStory Time + BreakfastDr Seuss Stories, Family Brunch PotluckBrunchKidsville

2019 Mutant Vehicles

Banana Split disabled vehicleDisabled vehicle made up like an artcar resembles a desert raft or playa boat.Jethro grantham
Betty The Betta FishNo human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish. Add over 100ft of LEDs and a disco ball - could life get any better?RockStar
Dragomi Art CarThe Dragomi Art Car is a colorful origami dragon built on a 20' flatbed truck that features pixel-mapped lights, sequenced flame effects, and two large platforms which can transport up to 100 people.Dragomi Team
FoundationFoundation serves as a reminder that big things can come in small packages, and to radically rethink more ways as to how to utilize MVs. The intention is to be able to surprise everyone with its various functions.Bruiser Smith
King JellyThe King Jelly has saved a foundering little ship, and fused with it. Now they wander the highways and byways of the ether.King Jelly Team
The OctopussyWhat's that scuttling my way? Is it a bird, a plane, a radioactive sea creature? No, it's a giant Octopussy cruising through interstellar space time to come party with me! Let's jump in her plush disco underbelly and and see what dimension we end up in!The Tentacles for All team
Son of HalThe fastest lazyboy chair at Apo.Cap'n Ron

2019 Theme Camps

 Theme CampDescriptionWebsite
A CAMPFancy drinks, engaging atmosphere, Fuck Your Cup!
Be There Then: MindlessnessFeeling to woke and aware...come be mindless with us!
Blinky campDon’t be a dark wad come get your blinky ring at Blinky Camp
BrûléeBrûlée: Kink in AnalogWebsite
Camp Blue BallsHave you ever had an uncontrollable urge to shoot your wife in the head?
Camp Chaotic Love (CCL)Spreading Love when you need it most.
Camp Science CampYes, I would like to science please
Camp Wardrobe MalFUNktionFree experimental fashion station where participants get a fashion make over, stroll the runway to model their new look and keep the costumes.Website
CampaliciousStop by anytime for warm welcomes and good conversations! Tasty treats will be served around 5pm.
CharcoalArt support camp for the Rusalka's Pond. Mostly aerialists and Glitter Chickens
Dragomi Support CampAdditional camp for Dragomi crew (if needed)Website
Enchantment Camp (of Enchantment): The ECEStop by the ECE for tasty treats and to meet the downstairs neighbors who keep banging on the ceiling when you get too loud.
Event HorizonShit Gets Weird In SpaceWebsite
Flash BurgerShow us your buns, and we'll show you our meat!
Games, Geeks, and Guitars (GGG) CampGGG Camp is made up of geeks who love games and guitars, and some of their friends too
Glamp CampWe make camping look good. Come see how good from the tower.
Green Light District & Woop WoopFabulous forest family friendly frolicking featuring a fully formed fantastic flying fixture.
ℋ¥ℙ∃ℝϟℙÅℭℰPart saucer part sparkle pony trap, come lay in our UFOs and take a nap!
Jam ReactorLive music, open jams, with reactive lights and sounds
Kamp KamikazeStoryteller and BRC Historian who has only been fired twice by the BMORG! KK
Key Lime LoungeTangy pie & cocktails like they do down south
The Klammpound Presents: Frozen ForestDaytime Dark Chilled Dome & outdoor Bar
Meow-TownHouse and Techno Sound Camp
Mutant Vehicle VortexThe Octopussy, Dragomi, Piranha, and Betty the Betta are teaming up to create a mutant vehicle super group! Step into the Mutant Vehicle Vortex to marvel at the lights and stay for the combined 18,000W of booty shaking bass!Website
Naughty Nerd HerdNaked. Nerdy. Kinky. Welcoming.

ORPHAN / ENDORPHINDildo's, baseball bats, and Donald TrumpWebsite
OUH LA LA FRENCH QUARTEROuh la la French Quarter a gate to another world & culture, come explore our camp & dance to the sound of our Dj's.
Pickled, Hot, & BloodyIt’s not your mom’s Bloody Mary.
Pink FlamingosA queer camp where we sit around and complain about the heat.
Radical RipplesShow me your Ripples
ShenaniGator Social ClubA society for all those dedicated to art and mischief and to the art of mischief.
Shrug Emoji a.k.a. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Puppets and Dancing
The Slippery Pickle/ Ripe Melon-y’sGrab our melons and slide right in to the salty & sweetest bar on the block! Join us for pickle & melon drinks, treats, and games galore!
SnoMosSnoMos is a friendly group of LGBT+ locals and allies living in the Colorado Rockies who do pretty much everything outdoorsWebsite
The SparkeasyThe Last Bar Camp Before The Abyss!Website
A Strange LoopWe're all Godelians, except
Temporary Solutions“Fansty” herbal “cock tails” and short-sighted “counseling”.
Turtle ClubAre you turtley enough for the Turtle Club?
Udderly delicious milk and cookies barUdder up to the bar and let your taste buds do a square dance polka with a variety of round and not so round cookies including gluten-free. Wash down the cookie crumbles with a selection of moist milk and milk in disguise.
V.I.C.E. (Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience)19 years serving delicious Vietnamese Iced Coffee!
Vegan AFApo's vegan outpost.
WizardsWizards camp has a giant Wizard Hat tent with a 20-ft dance pole inside and a black-lit cuddle-puddle area. We host DJ's, themed parties, interactive workshops, random talent shows, and a bar serving potent potions.Website
Wyrm FoodThis dragon serves grilled cheese and hot dogs