2020 BIG MONEY ROUND Now Open!

The 2020 BIG MONEY ROUND is open December 15 – Jan 31, with $25,000 available for art grants between $1,200 – $6,000! Click HERE To Apply For Art Grants! Click HERE For The Art Grant Q&A  •  Click HERE For The CATS Manifesto

Love Art? Join CATS In 2020!

With the first round of art grants opening in January our department is already at work preparing for next year’s event, and we’re looking for new members to join CATS (Creative Art Team Support).  If you’re art-curious and want to become a part of making art happen at Apogaea consider joining CATS! Click HERE to […]

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Denver DeCOmp 2019 DJ and Musical Performance Lineup

Hiya all!!!!! Hope to see you at Denver DeCOmp 2019: Apotheosis!!! OCTOBER 12, 2019 at the EXDO DENVER Here is the DJ and Musical Performers lineup. Check out and stay tuned to and the FB event page for more details on the event!!!!! The following DJs and musical performers have been confirmed including multiple […]

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2019 Seed Round Art Grant Winners

Apogaeans!  With Apo just around the corner we’re excited to announce the recipients of grants from the Seed Round. We received 16 applications for consideration and CATS has funded 10 of those. In total CATS is distributing $5,685.00   this round to help make the art you see below happen. Shake ‘N Flame – $599 Artists: Heavy Metal Art Engineering, LLC Shake […]

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Cash 4 Gas Grant Round OPEN!

Artists who need transportation or propane funding: please apply for money in the Cash for GAS round. This round funds transportation at standard mileage reimbursement rates; and provides PROPANE DELIVERY on-site at Apogaea for all your burning artist needs. Grants are up to $600 (if you need more, contact [email protected] to discuss options). Transportation grants are calculated by the axle: […]

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2019 Effigy, Temple, and Big Money art grant winners!!!!

Apogaeans!  We are excited to announce this year’s Effigy, Temple and Big Money art grant round recipients.   We received 16 applications for consideration and CATS has funded 10 of those. In total CATS is distributing $30,710 this round to help make the art you see below happen.   Draco’s Nest – $9,000 (Effigy) Artists: Gammaspace […]

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Seed Grant Round Now Open!

Artists! The Apogaea “Seed” creative grant round opened today, and we’ll be accepting applications until it closes on Feb 19th at 11:59 pm.  The Seed round is for projects requesting grants up to $599.   A total of $8,000 is available to be awarded during this round. Seed round funding is earmarked namely for raw materials […]

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