Theme Camp Info & Requirements

You must register your theme camp to be placed!

What is a Theme Camp?

Theme Camps are an essential part of the Apogaea experience. Theme Camps dedicate a public space for interaction, decorate the space, and gift unique involvement to participants. Themes may include music or theatrical performance, crafts or workshops, costuming, dance, meditation, food or beverage. Apogaea is a blank canvas and there is no limit to the creative possibilities!


Keep in mind that Apogaea is a decommodified event and gift economy which means that there is NO VENDING allowed.

All local/state/federal regulations apply at Apogaea. If your camp is serving alcohol you must be sure everyone you serve is 21 or over.

Radical Self Reliance

Theme camps are expected to practice responsible safety precautions & radical self reliance:

  • Remind campmates to stay out of the onsite retention ponds.
  • Practice “Piss Clear” and ensure all camp members are drinking water and remaining hydrated.
  • Tightly secure all tents, canopies, and structures from the wind.
  • Cover and flag all rebar stakes, guide wires, and other tripping hazards.
  • Locate baffled generators and vehicle exhaust in well ventilated areas away from tents and social areas.
  • Register all fire art & performance and adhere to the fire safety guidelines including the safe storage of fuel.
  • Pack a well supplied first aid kit to address minor ailments such as small cuts and blisters. More serious injuries should be taken to BAMF (Bureau of Apogaea Medical & Fire services) for medical assistance.

Leave No Trace

Apogaea is a Leave No Trace event. Theme Camps will be expected to pick up any Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) and practice Leave No Trace:

  • Discourage campmates from bringing MOOPY items such as glitter, confetti, or feather boas.
  • Secure your camp and belongings from blowing away in the wind.
  • Keep the porto-potties clean and dispose of wet wipes separately, not in the porto-potties!
  • Encourage reusable water bottles and flatware as an alternative to disposable one time use products.
  • Pick up & dispose of ‘Matter Out Of Place’ throughout the event.
  • Place drip pans underneath vehicles to catch any oil or fluids that may be leaking.
  • Preform a MOOP sweep of your campsite before leaving.
  • Pack out everything that you packed in.

Ticket Allocation Program

A limited number of directed tickets are set aside to ensure camps have tickets for their critical team members. Directed tickets are intended for your key members and essential people who were unable to procure a ticket in the main sale and without whom your camp would be unable to function. Directed tickets can be requested on the theme camp registration form.

Amplified Sound & Sound Camps

Theme Camps planning to operate loud sound systems, machinery or gadgets need to include their sound information on their Theme Camp registration. City Planning and the Sound Lead will work to place your camp and help direct your sound in an ideal direction.

Sound Camps will be expected to work with their neighbors and the onsite Sound Lead to direct sound and determine appropriate decibel levels. In the event of an emergency or circumstances involving offsite neighbors, the Rangers or Sound Lead may ask sound camps to turn down the volume or redirect their sound. Unregistered sound camps might also be asked to limit their sound.

Apogaea Generator Requirements

  • Generators must be in good working order and free of obstructions.
  • Liquid fuel storage containers must be designed for the purpose and must NOT be stored directly on the ground (use an additional tub or secondary containment). Store fuel at least 20′ away from the generator and from any tents or structures,
  • Clear all flammable materials away from the generator area: grass, pillows, furry coats, etc.
  • Generators must be the ‘quiet’ type, or have sound baffling to reduce noise (<60db)
  • Any sound baffles must be made of non-combustible materials, and must have sufficient ventilation for intake and the exhaust.
  • Do not fully enclose generators. If any part of the baffle is too hot to touch, it isn’t safe!
  • All camps with generators must have an ABC fire extinguisher within clear view of the generator, but not next to it or next to the fuel.
  • Apo fire volunteers will be walking around the event checking on generator operation, and may request additional precautions depending on the situation.

Don’t forget to register your Theme Camp!

Theme Camp registration gets your camp a dedicated spot on the property, on the official map, and in the Who What Where When. Registration also allows you to request Directed Tickets and Early Entry if needed. It also puts Apogaea’s volunteer departments in touch with your Camp Leads.