Performance Art/Workshops

What is Performance Art?

Performance Art is instrumental music, spoken word, theater, dance, aerial work, fire spinning, or any other form of live performance. You may either hold your performance in your own camp, befriend a theme camp with a workable space, or sign up to use the space at Center Camp, which will have a covered dome with lighting and power.

What are Workshops?

If you have a passion you would like to share with others or great depth of knowledge in an interesting field, we’d like you to hold a workshop at Apogaea. You may either hold your workshop in your own camp, befriend a theme camp with a workable space, or sign up to use the space at Center Camp.

Do I need to register my Workshop or Performance?

Yes! If you’d like to hold an event at Center Camp, please register directly with Orphan Performances.


I have existing artwork I’d love to see at Center Camp. Can I bring it?

Heck yeah! There are walls at Center Camp and we’d love to display your existing artwork. Space is limited for art, so you will need to pre-register.


I’m performing elsewhere, but want to invite everyone. How do I do that?

If you choose to perform at your camp or somewhere else, you can also submit your performance description, time and day(s) to be published in the Who What When Where (WWWW) activity listing!

Leave No Trace

Apogaea is a Leave No Trace environment. If your workshop will generate Matter Out Of Place (MOOP), please take precautions to collect it before it hits the ground. Have a tarp that can contain small pieces, plenty of garbage bags for trash, rocks to hold things down so they don’t blow away, etc. You are responsible to ensure that when your workshop is over, the space is cleaner than when you arrived.

Performances can also receive funding. For more information, check out Creative Grants.

Fire Performers – Please note the following:

Within the borders of Apogaea, performers are allowed to express themselves through a plethora of mediums! Throughout the course of Apogaea’s development, maturation and expanding population, fire has become an ingrained aspect of Burner Culture.

In response, the fire performance aspect of Apogaea has grown to meet the demands of the public, performers and, most of all, safety.  A safety training is required of all who want to play with fire at Apogaea.

Safety guidelines
Contact [email protected] for more info