Art Installations

What is an Art Installation?

Art installations are … well, any tangible thing you want to create with any medium imaginable.  As you plan your project, please consider the following:  The event population is over 1,600 men, women and children. Are you prepared to meet the masses as they venture out to see your work? Do you have safeguards in place for user “error”? Is your project protected from theft or damage? Are there any health hazards or danger to the environment?  Can your art be properly lit at night so no one damages it or injures themselves on it?  How will the weather and terrain affect your art? There may be wind, rain, hail and lighting strikes as well as uneven ground, overhanging trees, rocks and loose soil.

Do I need to pre-register my Art Installation?

Yes!  If your art installation is larger than 8’x8’x8’ or includes any fire elements, you need to register.

Due to the possibility of a fire ban in Colorado, we recommend propane fire rather than open flame.  Art that includes fire elements will also require on-site approval before being lit.  All fire must be extinguished at the request of any Ranger or Safety Personnel.

How will my art be powered? Will Apogaea provide a generator?

All Apogaea artists, granted or otherwise, are expected to figure out how to power their art on their own.  Radical Self Reliance is the order of the day!


If you think you will be making controversial statements with your piece, please register and include this information with your proposal. Controversy alone is not grounds to deny placement, but we want the opportunity to consider the effects of such work as well as find the optimum location to display and share your creativity.

To learn about getting funding for your project, check out Art Grants.