The Temple & The Effigy

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In the tradition of Burning Man, the culmination of Apogaea is centered around a temple & effigy burn. The effigy can be anything you can imagine built out of burnable materials. In recent years, we’ve burned a Phoenix, a Squid, a Volcano, a free-form structure made up of smaller pieces decorated by the community, and an incredibly beautiful butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. The Temple is a space dedicated to reflection and release, as a counterpoint to the high energy present through most of the event. For more info on how to submit temple and effigy designs, please visit the Temple & Effigy Proposals page!

What Is The Temple?

The Temple is a unique art piece at Apogaea. The Temple is meant to create a reverent space where participants can meditate, honor what has been lost or gained, go inward, slow down, let go, or whatever other experience can be made of it.  Each temple has its own unique space to be encountered.

What is the Effigy?

The effigy is a celebration of community. We help build it, gather around it, watch performances involving it, burn it, and dance to its warmth. There are no real parameters to the project except that it be of significant size and burnable (subject to burn ban restrictions).

The 2020 Temple

Info Coming Soon!

The 2020 Effigy

Info Coming Soon!

Previous Apogaea Temples

  • 2019 - Temple of Death
  • 2018 - Foris Arca: Outside The Box
  • 2017 - Hotaru no Hikari: The Firefly Temple
  • 2016 - Temple of Resonance
  • 2015 - no temple due to event cancellation
  • 2014 - The Temple of Infinite Life
  • 2013 - Temple of Transubstantiation
  • 2012 - Luminaria
  • 2011 - Temple of the Moon

Previous Apogaea Effigies

  • 2019 - Draco's Nest
  • 2018 - Big Charles
  • 2017 - Heart of Gold
  • 2016 - Syzygy: The Library Angel
  • 2015 - no effigy due to event cancellation
  • 2014 - T.O.T.E.M. - The Throne of the Emergent Multitude
  • 2013 - Blossom
  • 2012 - Blossom (not burned because of fire ban)
  • 2011 - Butterfly/Chrysalis "Transformation"
  • 2010 - Communigy
  • 2009 - VolCano
  • 2008 - Squid "The Next"
  • 2007 - Phoenix