Apogaea 2006

In 2006:

  • Effigy:  Phoenix “Rebirth” – not burned due to fire ban
  • Danger Ranger (from BM), founding Burning Man Ranger visits
  • Population: 400
  • Ticket Price: $40-50
  • Grants ranged from $40 – $500.
  • There were a total of 15 applications of which 14 were granted funds.
  • A total of $4000 was granted.

Note: all camps, art pieces, performance, and workshops with an asterisk * were recipients of grant funding for Apogaea 2006. Congratulations participants!

Art, Camps & Things

The Bass Cave*

The Bass Cave – the habitat of the endangered alien bass fish from Neptune. By synchronizing vibrations of their bodies, they create powerful waves of energy that enter and cleanse your higher awareness while making your rump shake uncontrollably to the beat.


No hype, just great music, booze, and anything else we pull outta left-field. Cold Beer Friday, Open Bar Always! 4-Turntable madness and all kinds of music served hot by our DJs all night. Any conga/percussion players interested in jamming with our DJs, please email us, or stop by.

The Casbah

The Casbah returns to Apogaea and we invite you to take pleasure in a relaxing visit to our loungetastic sensorium. The Casbah is the heart of an ancient North African city where you can sit, relax, drink spiced tea, talk with friends and smoke sweetly infused tobaccos from shishas. Late night we’ll rock this Casbah with exotic sounds, startling sights, curvy hips and other delights! Come early, come late, come loose, or come straight to the Casbah. We welcome you to our oasis!

Pink Pussie Palace*

The Pink Pussie Palace is bigger and better for Apogaea 2006! Hosted by Meow Meow, Pussie S’More, Purscilla, Snugglepuss and Boy Pussie. Come and lounge in our Plush Pink Palace complete with our favorite grooovin Pussie tunes, Illuminate in Pink under the Palace Lanterns, or relax with a cool drink at the Pink Pussie Pub. Bring a picture of your favorite Pussie to add to our Pussiecat Collage. (we loved loved loved your pictures last year). Join us for our Grand Opening on Friday from 9 till Midnight . . . the Pink Pussie Pub will be open and tunes that make you go Purr by our Pussilicious DJs Psylens and Milkman. Play in our liter boxes or swim in our big bowl of cream…cuddle and have pillow fights all night long. The Pink Pussie Palace never closes… The Pink Pussie Palace is an adult oriented camp.

Freak Farm (Kidz Kamp)

Families of friends collaborate to create a safe, comfortable, fun, and FREAKY environment for the community of all ages. Together we foster a spirit of community, creativity, and caring through pot-luck meals, arts and crafts, face-painting, bubbles, story telling, music, dance, games, etc. In this camp, we all help to support each other in raising ourselves and our children consciously towards a new paradigm. Parents will be responsible for their own children at all times.

The Living Sound Shelter

Homegrown live electronic music.


Divination Station*

This is a dusk-till-dawn only voting station with a 4.5′ x 6′ screen and a podium, about 8 feet away from the screen, gives the ability to vote Hope, Fear, or Action. Each vote triggers a graphic visual display according to the category chosen, ending on a Tarot card for a one card divination. The vote will also be tallied and the totals given before the burn on Saturday night. The Major Arcana of the Tarot has 22 cards, including Zero – the Fool. These are divided up between the three sections. To vote, the participant presses the button of their choice on the podium voting interface. After a random multimedia presentation chosen for its relevance to the selection, an image of the card is displayed along with a description of its traditional interpretation and an explanation of why it was chosen for this instance at Happy Ass Ranch. Along with this, a street intersection will also be displayed, giving participants a choice for instant manifestation and further participation within Apogaea as a whole. We want people to use this as a tool for what to do next on their spiritual journey throughout the fest.

Facing Our Fears*

Our project, “Facing Our Fears”, is a large-scale, interactive sculpture; a small mountain covered with sculpted faces and life-masks of actual burners to be used as hand and foot holds for climbing. We’d like to create a section aproximately 8′ tall by 12′ wide – about a third of the final octogonal shape with sloping walls of faces to climb toward a small stage area – about four feet deep from the front. We will also set up a station for participants to have their faces cast for the final sculpture. This sculpture is meant to be enjoyed during the day by all participants. We will be hosting “Get Plastered” parties at Apo to “harvest” faces for the final project, which has been selected as an Art Grant Recipient for Burning Man 2006 – Hope and Fear.

Lotuses Aflame*

3-4′ wide lotuses cut out of thick sheet metal, complex multiple layers of graceful petals curving inward and upward to reduce sharp surfaces present or exposed and create amazing interleaving patterns. Anchored 6′ above the ground on rebar pedestals (and staked), the middle of these flowers will light aflame using LPG. The unfolding lotus embodies the endless Ocean of Creation. The resplendent and fiery sun god Ra rises from the blue lotus, the abyss of the chaos.

Metatron’s Cube*

The structure will be wood with nails up and down the lengths and black light reactive string will be weaved from nail to nail. The purpose of this is to play with the viewer’s mind. It stimulates regions of the brain that are not used everyday and remind us of our innate structure and evolution. There is geometry in everything; we just don’t keep this in mind all the time. This structure can be enjoyed both during the day and night-but will be especially brilliant to view at night with the black lights and dark night sky to bring out the lines.

The Palace Lanterns*

The Palace Lanterns will create a grand pink entrance into the Pink Pussie Palace and illuminate our camp at night. The entrance is created by two 8 foot pvc columns, each with a pink Styrofoam P attached to the top. There is approximately 20 feet of empty space between the entrance columns. Each entrance column will have a strand of 5 nylon pussie cat lanterns that lead back to the Pink Pussie Palace. Two more columns are placed next to the dome providing an anchor for the strand of lanterns. The length from entrance columns to the palace will be about 40 feet.

Permission Exhibition*

Permission Exhibition is an intense experiential installation. This installation was first unveiled at the Freezing Man event in Carbondale, CO. In the center of the structure there will be an exhibition room, set to look like a lush gallery. At the entrance there will be an contemplation room in which one of our volunteers will explain the installation and allow participants to write their fears and expectations in a guest-book. Participants will be asked to either offer themselves for display, to view and interact with those on display, or both. Upon entering the center room, display participants will be able to choose how they are displayed and the limitations of how the other participants may interact with them these boundaries will be written on an statement that will be displayed along side them in their space. At any time, display participants can stop their display. They will be blindfolded and their hands will be bound to the walls in framed spots that are painted and decorated to create illusions of the elements. Display participants feet will remain unbound in order to allow for freedom of movement for comfort and to allow them to maintain some sense of control over their experience. Non-display participants will be allowed to look at and interact with the display participants. Our volunteers will be guardians to ensure boundaries are respected. Adults Only.

The Petrol Lasso Boogaloo*

The Petrol Lasso Boogaloo is the next step in Boogaloo technology. Like its predecessor, the Electric Lasso Boogaloo, the PLB is a cyclic rope flinger, hurling a length of blacklight reactive climber’s rope in a continuous loop perpendicular to the horizon. Where the ELB was able to attain a meager 15 foot height, the Petrol Lasso Boogaloo should be able to reach the dizzying height of 40 feet or possibly more through the use of an engine roughly 18 times more powerful than before and a drive mechanism vastly improved over the original. The PLB works best when participants interact with it. When left to its own devices, it returns to its default state of a gently waving arch of rope in the sky. When participants perturb the rope, it comes to life, forming graceful loops and swirls in the sky. While it is quite impressive during the daytime, the blacklight nature of the rope makes it spectacular at night, where it transforms into an undulating, fluorescent alien being.

The Phoenix (The Effigy)*

This piece is intended to burn, so it will be composed primarily of wood, with a steel spine and base. It will be 12 feet tall, 3 feet wide in one plane, and about 8 feet wide in the other plane. We will not need power, unless a tertiary artist wishes to light the effigy before burning it. This piece is meant to be the centerpiece of the whole shebang- the effigy to be burned at the climax (yes, YES, YEEES!). I will have a crew of four people helping me build, maneuver, and clean-up after the burn.

Playa Circle II*

Using the theories of alchemy, quantum physics and sacred geometry we have been developing machines that function as galactic transmitters. These machines function as a kind of worm hole generators that, when used with the proper intent and focus can possibly propel the user through space and time. Through the use of ideas in transverse paraphysics it is possible to bend the unified field and alter space without going anywhere yet shifting the whole of reality. Playa Circle II is intended as a group meditation or contemplation space used for amplifying and focusing human subtle energy for the purpose of interdementional and etheric travel. Participants who enter this intentionally energized circle will be encouraged to sit inside the central control pod and through their own subtle energy and intent may be able to activate the central Mer-Ka-Ba. I consider this piece to be an exploration in future technology where thought becomes instant reality and human focused intent is the creative force behind it. Following the information I received in making Playa Circle in 05 at Burning Man we intend to use the opportunity as an exploration in the future of interdementional travel.

The Worm Hole*

The Worm Hole is a fancy name for a 100 foot zip line which will be set up using brand new, safety tested climbing equiptment and two sturdy trees approximately 100 feet apart and with a difference in elevation of 20 to 30 feet. I plan on building a 4’x8′ sign with lights for the entrance at the bottom edge of the tree line and I will use several hoops of battery powered EL wire up and down the zip line to create a worm hole effect at night.


The Snuggleupabus*

The Snuggleupabus is a VW camper bus converted into a giant wooly mammoth. The Snuggleupabus will be covered with a removable costume which can be puppeteered by participants. The Snuggleupabus is an interactive mutant vehicle complete with a post office (the Apo P.O.). If you can find the Snuggleupabus, it will be happy to deliver your mail within the Happy Ass Ranch. The Snuggleupabus will be available for all participants to enjoy, it will be mobile and run day and night. The Snuggleupabus would like to take the Children of Apogaea on scenic tours of the event on Friday and Saturday afternoons at 3:00 PM sharp. The Snuggleupabus would be happy to provide transportation for the handicapped or otherwise challenged.

The PseudoPod, Type WTF-42

The Amoeba is a genus of protozoa that moves by means of temporary projections called pseudopods. Each has a single nucleus, and a simple contractile vacuole which maintains its osmotic pressure, usually divided into a layer of clear ectoplasm surrounding more granular endoplasm. The PseudoPod, Type WTF-42 is a sub-species of Reticulopodia (or Reticulose pseudopod), consisting of UV reactive cytoplasmic strands that branch and merge to form a photoluminescent net. The entire entity is powered by 90hp, 180 Nm torque, two-speed transfer case, and locking differentials. It is electrically charged by 3kw of electricity, and discharges “Strange Noises”.
“The first amoeba that ever was on this earth is still here because an amoeba reproduces by dividing from itself and then the piece that leaves divides from itself, and so on, always carrying something of the original beast with it.”
~Tom Robbins ‘Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.’


The 2nd annual Miss Apogaea Beauty Pageant!!

Playa wear, talent, and character competitions. All are welcome to participate. Check your local listings for Time and Location. Bring your own Carrots/Sparklers. Safeguards – Sit far enough back! NC-17. At least. Tact… Priceless!