Apogaea 2010

Dubbed as “Hailogaea” because of the heavy rains all weekend, it was amazing how many people stuck through the whole weekend and made Apo amazing!

In 2010:

  • Theme: Artropolis
  • Effigy:  Communigy
  • Insane Weather – Hail, snow, and rain the entire weekend – “Hailogaea”
  • Population: 1,014
  • Ticket Price: $60-$70
  • There were 12 grant applications in the first round and 18 in the second round, with requests totaling $23,250.
  • There were 28 granted recipients.
  • A total of $13,535 was granted.

The 2010 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN Guide is here!

List of Art, Camps & Things

Note: all camps, art pieces, performance, and workshops with an asterisk * were recipients of grant funding for Apogaea 2010.

Congratulations participants!


Center Camp

Sign up for performance time and space in the dome or on the main stage. Art created from recycled and reused materials is encouraged. Info booth, EMT/fire services and other Apogaea infrastructure components may be collocated for resource sharing. The village will also have camping resources (tent sites, fire circle and common kitchen) for Village and Ignition volunteers.

Charlie’s Pizza Parlour of Joy and Deliciousness

Pizza Party at the Oven on the Hill! Pizza will be served on Thursday night

Circus High *

Come and get your degree at Circus High! Do you fancy yourself as a talented clown puncher? Perhaps a ring masters degree is more up your alley. At Circus High we are prepared to make all of your circus fantasies come true. Whether it’s workshops, games, rides or top notch dance parties that you crave. You can be sure the Circus High will provide you with that “circus high” you’ve been waiting for. For more information contact Robin or Earth at [email protected]

Contact Improv Camp

Contact Improv Camp – Body magic through Contact Improvisation including the basics, mentor/mentee labs, flash mob CI, jams with live music, blindfold jams, and deepening laboratories such as Sexuality and CI, Massage and CI, and Building Community Through CI lab/discussion groups.

Cuddle Cavern

Cuddle cavern is a playful and cuddly oasis at Apogaea. Daily Workshops

Drop City+ Metal-Alchemy Camp

Drop City is a place that happenings emerge that are inspirational and provoke artistic expression. Anyone is welcome to Drop in and do art, fire, bands, djs and live PA ect….. Come Tune In. Drop out with us. DJ space and Stage available

Fur Dome

A comfortable chill out space for anyone to enjoy…covered in faux fur.

Gimps R Us

GIMPS R US “This Land ws made for you and ME” Old Tom Denver, CO

Grand FUN!k Depot

Ensconced high on the hill and tucked against the trees, the Grand FUNK Depot is you layaway between destinations. Headed to the Urals? Katmandu? If you are arriving from Timbuktu and you require a brief respite and drink before heading to your next destination, we are here to serve. We offer full Depot services. Join us on Friday at 3 PM for our ‘PBR & High Tea Party.’ Choo choo, chuga chuga, choo choo.

Hula Hideaway *

The Hula Hideaway will bring the tropics to the mountains of Colorado. A little Hawaiian, a little Polynesian, with a swirll of Tiki. Please see a 3D animation rendering of the camp here. Home of the Splendiferous Palm Oasis Art Instillation

Kamp Kronic

Kamp Kronic… the “greenest” stage at Apo! Join us for blazed beats, baked goods, cosmic art and high times! All DJs welcome! contact: [email protected]


Kidopolis is the official kids camp of apo 2010! Children doing crazy things all the time

Call 720-797-8612 for info on camping with us, community meals, volunteering for kid-duty, etc.

Mr. Science’s Camp

Mr. Sciences Camp… lasers, telescopes, a helicopter school, and chess.

Pack Rat Nation

The Pack Rat Nation invites you to stop on by our camp and take a load off with granny on her porch. Drink some lemonaid and share in the local gossip. Keep an eye out for our mobile tea-house too! We will be serving up steamy goodness mornin’ til dusk. Home of the Front Porch and Pop-up Tea House Art Instillations

Pillow Punch Pugilism

Come try the Ambrosia known as Playa Punch and step in the ring with your fluffy weapon of doom. Pillow Punch Pugilism is an interactive Pillow Fighting ring where all participants are invited to drink heavily of our special brew of homemade punch then do battle with pillows in an all out melee.

Sausage Fest @ the Lazy Ass Lounge

Bacon was so last year. This year we’re cookin’ sausage – LOTS of sausage! Come lounge with us and enjoy good sausage, tasty bloodies, and stimulating conversation around the fire. Since we like lazy ass activities, we*re probably willing to start up a game of Texas Hold *em or Hand & Foot.

Space Camp

Space camp kicks off its first year at Apogaea. We will be bringing big sound, lights, and art for your enjoyment. Stop by for some delicious refreshments and to get your face melted by our huge DJ lineup.

Styli Helias Umbra

Styli Helias Umbra Art and Expression in the Shadow of the Sun. Come leave your mark and see what others have made for you to view. Create and collaborate on artwork large and small. Leave it with us or take it with you. View the art gallery for inspiration or relaxation. Dont miss “Reject” our drawing robot and always be ready for projected video of funny, wierd, stupid and downright cool video.

The Wild Roofie Gang

In the spirit of Disney family entertainment, The Wild Roofie Gang hosts a variety of diverse & wholesome experiences throughout the weekend of Apogaea. Before his passing, the great comic genius Don Knotts was captured by the TWRG and initiated into our tribal rituals. He had an even wilder look in his eyes by the time we were done with him. We look forward to doing the same to the citizens of Apogaea. Home of the Faeu Boulanger Art Instillation

Trippy Tiki Tent

A Small Theme Camp with Bar and Events – All Weekend

Volcano Lounge

Chill lounge in the trees

Whomp Delivery Service

Dub-step, Electro House, and Breaks coming to a location near you. www.whomptruck.com

Wonderland Vortex *

Come question your perceptions of reality with Wonderland Vortex. Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole to enter the Vortex. While you’re here, sing songs with the flowers in the garden, visit the caterpillar, play black light flamingo croquet, join a mad tea party, climb on mushrooms, or dance on the chessboard while grooving to the beats. Don’t be sad after you leave, because you can always re-enter wonderland through the looking glass. Home of the Caterpillar Garden and Down the Rabbit Hole Art Instillations

XPAT Alien

The big blue spaceship will land on Thursday, providing the platform for our interplanetary party people relations all weekend long. Pole dancing, drinks, DJs, and an all-around Alien Circus Freakshow staring You. https://www.xpatalien.com/


Ars Pristinus *

While preparing the area for Apogaea 2010, DPW workers came across a strange metal form buried in the dirt. Thinking it was old farm or mining equipment, they started to dig it up. Quickly it became apparent the object was not something as mundane as farm equipment, but was possibly the most exciting thing any of them had ever seen. Questions and theories began to fly. It was a weapon. No, a communications antenna. No, an altar. No, a power source. It had been buried for hundreds of years. Thousands. Millions? Nate Harris [email protected] http://phoenixasylum.org/artists/nate

Apo Post *

The Apo-Post! The All-In-One Writing, Mailing and Delivering Postal Service! Write letters to Apogaeans you know or have seen! Let other Burners know you are thinking of them and thanking them for being a part of Apogaea! Be as specific or general as you want to the person (s) you are writing to! Address the letters with a name or detailed description, and then mail it! Want to participate more? You too can deliver the mail to other Apogaeans! Walk around delivering the mail! Engage with people in passing; walk into groups and actively find the letter recipients!

Astral Calendar Dome *

Astral Calendar Dome: Visualize the current state of global alignment first hand: Compare our chart with the night sky as you can compare all around. How does glowing heavenly body positioning and eerie mystic prophecy coincide? What does 2012 really mean? As we reach the end of this age how can remain united? 2012 video and discussion workshop. Neon marker coloring inside in UV reactive lights

Bubbles! *

Bubbles! by Paulo Wellman Bubbles is an eye catching series of dyed blue lantern spheres. Erupting from the ground from which we dance on, Bubbles will wrap around the dance floor and slowly drift away upward into the sky.

Caterpillar Garden *

Come climb and/or relax on top of our giant black light toadstool garden.

Colorado Conclave *

Amazing Fire Show on Saturday Night, this will lead up to burning the Effigy!

Communigy *

COMMUNIGY = community + effigy. Communigy will concretely give rise to radical participation, artistic self-expression, interactivity, and community building. More than just a metaphor, Communigy engages each participant in artistic self-expression and participation in a community project. How will the contribution of each individual – which stands alone as its own work of art – fit together into a larger expressive whole?

The Desperado *

The Desperado, the swankiest, niftiest joint in town. Full saloon patio and doors to make your grand entrance. A place to talk to our doormen and girls to get you all warmed up for what awaits you inside.

Dome Sauna *

Restore yourself in our relaxing Dome Sauna Project, which is designed to promote healing using the raw power of steam! – and remember, “Don’t forget to bring a towel!” – Towelie

Down the Rabbit Hole *

Come and challenge your senses and travel down the rabbit hole into our wonderland. Lianne Kozen [email protected] The camp also has a facebook page Apogaea Wonderland Vortex


Take a Subaru Legacy, add paint, paintbrushes, and the community. See what happens.

Faeu Boulanger *

The Faeu Boulanger resembles a flickering lamp that seductively beckons unwary nighttime travelers from afar. This shimmering elemental lures lost souls into a state of restful relaxation, induces spells of hypnagogic visions, and traverses the bounds of dream consciousness. Gazing upon the Rolling Fire spirit with eyes closed reveals what is truly within. The experience may be quite intense for some. But to escape from it, one need only to open one’s eyes. CAUTION: Potential risk for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Contact: Milkman Amok – [email protected]

Front Porch Project *

The front porch project wants you to come on up and help yourself to a cool glass of lemonade while we catch up on some neighborhood gossip from the comfort of our rockers. See what the whipper-snappers are wearing and pinch the baby’s cheeks. Just another afternoon on the porch. Stop by and say hi or stay forever. When we say don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, we’re serious. The Front Porch Project

Galactivation Station *

The Multi-Dimensional Galactivation Station is full blown super sensory experience of light, sound, touch and play. It’s 10′ equilateral square pyramid surrounded by the fabric of space time, a stretch mesh netting which when combined with a laser using a linear diffraction filter creates iridescent 3 dimensional topographic map patterns which morph and shapeshift into different geometric topographies as the fabric is pushed, pulled, twisted, and fondled. Sensors embedded in the netting pick up any motion or play in the nets and activate extraterrestrial synthesized sounds which wiggle and throb organic alien sounds in full proportion to the motion of the nets. The sound in turn activates full color LED lighting completely lining the entire installation creating a fully immersive torrent of color and light pulsing all around you when you are inside this piece all of which pulse and throb in complete resonance with the sounds produced. Each face of the installation produces a different synthesized sound allowing for a full amorphous musical collaboration between all the people playing on the different faces of the installation. You don’t just play with this installation, you play with everyone else playing with this installation.

Geo 10 *

I*m creating a dynamic dome which has been inspired the by music, people, & nature. It can interact with people, track the sun, & also be controlled by music. Geo10 will open and close allowing light, air, & music to encapsulate the space inside and out. [email protected]

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a gifting space. You can leave things, or take things. or both. Popular items are handmade creations, books, clothing, costume accessories, toys, glowies …well, you get the idea. Random gifting and reusing. 🙂

Gong of Serene Awakening *

The Gong of Serene Awakening will be used to bring auditory joy to one and all. Widely expected to generate more Aural sex than any other project at Apogaea, the sweet tones of serenity can be used to bring bliss and awakening to those in such need. Ring your little heart out, and become one with the tone.

Hoop It Forward 3 *

3rd Annual Hoop it Forward Hoop Decoration Workshop! For all ages, young to not so young, Hoop It Forward will provide the hula hoops, you provide your presence and creativity to decorate a hula hoop, for you to take home and spread the love of hooping from your place of calling! Hooping party to follow the workshop, learn to use your new hoop in a safe and fun manner (instruction on tricks, fun attitudes and groovable beats will be supplied).

Leron 2K

Leron 2K the party robot may dance with you, or just grope you. You’ll never see it coming, because he’ll never dance when you’re looking. http://www.facebook.com/Leron2K

Liquidity *

Liquidity* Ahhhhhh! Liquid refreshment! If only there was a way to have non-boring water! Check it out, there is! Thanks to the Domestic Scientists, Pony and Ms.Terious, you can enjoy hot and cold beverages that will bring the joy back to drinking. Drink up! Enjoy.

Organic Sound Dome *

Attention all musicians! Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on this three day jam session! Bring your instruments and plug-in or sit in while we record three days of jam. Please register with us (earlier the better) to see what sessions might fit best for your musical contribution) The Organix Sound Dome will be 2 domes connected filled with a range of instruments consisting of anything from percussion(15-25 drums, shakers and many other various percussion instruments), live drums, a singing microphone, and 3 plug in amps(1 for bass and 2 for guitars) We will host different drum circles throughout the weekend, but a special one(extra large) on Saturday night at 10pm! Lovolve/Lion Vibes family [email protected]

Pop-up Tea House *

Join us at the Pop-Up Teahouse for freshly brewed tea, with both day and evening hours. Share a cuppa in crystal complete with all trimmings. Sit at our beautiful tables and enjoy a refresher between dancing your ass off. Volunteers and tea buffs always welcome.

Root of our Dissatisfaction *

“Root of our Dissatisfaction” Julia DeMarines This piece compares Westernized culture vs. Eastern. The 1st tree with outstretched arms as branches, whose roots wrap around a transparent sphere filled with Western materialistic icons, represents the dissatisfaction of Americans. In contrast to the content second tree whose roots are wrapped around a sphere of water. This piece will encourage onlookers to write their own wants and desires to be added to the Western sphere. The confessions will be added to the sphere of the Western tree and to the final burn to bolster simplicity as a means of freedom and true happiness. “The root cause of our dissatisfaction is that our dormant loving propensity has not been fulfilled despite our great advancement in the materialistic way of life. – His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja

The Spank Bike

The Self-Service Flogger and Public Stockade – Have you been a naughty boy/girl? You be the judge and jury and administer the appropriate amount of punishment to fit your crime..

Splendiferous Palm Oasis *

12Foot Tall Palm Trees amidst the Hula Hideaway theme camp.

Super Bowl *

SUNDAY MORNING FOOTBALL – APOGAEA SUPER BOWL SUNDAY Not doing yoga this morning? Then ready to watch and participate in the First Annual Apogaea Super Bowl! Team captains choose teams from Apogaeans wishing to participate in this legendary event. Gatorade, flags, and high-fives will be provided to the athletes. Tailgaters cheer on their home teams while enjoying veggie and hot dogs. Players will pound it out on the lower meadow just after sunrise and just before you pack up your crap. This isn’t the NFL, this is the APOGAEA FOOTBALL LEAGUE, bitches.

Terraphone *

Out in the woods, your cell phone won’t get four bars. Google maps won’t be much help if you get lost. And no one on Twitter cares about the neat rock you just found. Fortunately, you can still use the Terraphone to make a collect call home to say hello to your mother. Be sure to tell her all about the birds and the bees, the scenic views, the mountains, and the trees. James Reagent & Brandon Fields [email protected] [email protected]

Water Screen *

Of all the four elements water is the most fun bringing vibrancy, release, and joy to any creation. The water screen offers a projection surface for an image, film, video or laser with extraordinary definition and quality. Contact [email protected] or http://myspace.com/gizmomo1


Aerial Dance performances *

Aerial Fabric is an expression of free movement unhampered by gravity. We will give exhibitions throughout the day, as well as beginning lessons to those interested in learning. Those with the appropriate skill set will be welcome to utilize the rig to express themselves for the community.

Hula Hideaway Events

THURSDAY NITE 9:00-midnight: Grand Aloha Luau, chillin’ beats and hot drinks!
FRIDAY NITE 6:30-ish to 9:00 pm: Happy hour and Potluck featuring the acoustic stylings of Xilla! Come celebrate Johnny One’s last days of bachelorhood.
SATURDAY NOON-to 2:00 pm: HOOP IT FORWARD! DJ Earth throws down the beats while the hot bodies of Hoop it Forward inspire you with their amazing spinning. 100 Hula Hoops will be gifted to te community.
SATURDAY NITE: After-Dance. Keep that glow alive with beats you can dance to, or enjoy our grass-floored Hula Dome chill space.

Mobilitary Lemonishousness & Psychiatric Help *

The Mobilitary Lemonishousness and Psychiatric Help 5 Cents will be providing an array of fabulousness and all manner of tartness for your refreshment. Powered by LeMan and LeMonica dressed to the nines in lemon regalia serving the thirsty (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) by pouring delicious hand squeezed lemonade (non-alcoholic) and serving up funny in a delightful cornucopia of wit, silly, and lemon tartness. Where entertainment abounds and lemonade will shoot forth from your nose. We will be on the move throughout your weekend giving you sweetness against the backdrop of lemon yellow decor with a twist of funny. contact LeMonica at [email protected] for more information

Owl Moon

(Owl Moon) will be
performing on Friday from 5-6p at the Apogaea Wonderland Vortex tea party and then randomly on Saturday, as we feel it. Our style? Surrealist cabaret lounge sounds right. 😉

At The Trippy Tiki Tent

Lewd Limbo
“Complete sick and depraved acts and get your bimbo to limbo–how low will YOU go?”
Topless Tiki Tramp Stamp
“Battle your opponent on the bouncing arena and see who can stamp a tramp first.”