Apogaea 2008

In 2008:

  • Theme: Smells Like Community Spirit
  • Effigy: Squid “The Next”
  • Population: 666
  • Ticket Price: $40-50
  • There were 34 grant applications totaling $24,000.
  • There were 24 granted recipients.
  • A total of $9,500 was granted.

View the Official 2008 Apogaea Placement Map (PDF)

Art, Camps & Things


A whimsical array of forest creatures peeks out from the trees.

Blacklight Play Area*

Keep warm and play with your friends at night in the eye-popping, magical, glowing effervescence in the Blacklight Play Area. Bring your own blacklight-reactive toys, or play with our hoops, poi, or flags! Paint yourself a picture, or paint yourself in the spot-lit painting area! Bring your best blacklight-reactive costumage for our nocturnal fashion show! Of course, if you have blacklights, toys, paints, canvasses, or tapestries to share, we’ll welcome the help!

Community Exchange Tent

Give Something, Take Something In the spirit of sharing in the community–as well as the spirit of not throwing away unneeded items and not buying new needed items–this tent will be set up for folks to come by and leave such *usable* items (nothing broken or ruined, please) and also to take items. All “given” items that are left in the tent at the end of Apogaea 2008 will be donated to charity.

Fractal Fire*

Come enjoy Fractal Fire with the Brass Ball Bitches. The mystery of the bubbling dirt will entrance you during all dark hours.


A 360-degree view of chosen constellations fully suspended above your head, mapped out near the actual constellation in the night sky. Please come to see our view of the Gateway; we will have a telescope for your viewing pleasure.

Glow Dome*

Mirror Mirror*

Mirrors are a colorful, sparkling delight when first noticed from across the glade. But when approached, some find them hard to face. Others find them empowering. What do you see when you look in the mirror? Does it measure up to what society says you should see? Are those around us seeing themselves accurately in the mirror, or is it distorted? Share what you see, whether the good, the bad, or the ugly. We’ll burn the bad with the effigy.

Mother Earth Screams*

A statue inspiring people to reflect on what is happening to the earth and, as a result, the changes to the viewers themselves. It is meant to be viewed up close and from a distance.


Stumble upon a majestic, whimsical, oversize throne rising from the forest floor. The piece’s purpose is to evoke laughter while encouraging participants to interact with the piece and contemplate the meaning of power in our world. Play with choices of power, giving yourself the title you’ve always wanted by choosing interchangeable signs to hand behind your crowned head while sitting in a seat above the heads of mere mortals. Do you want to be God? Obama? Shiva? How would you rule? Great photo opportunities to remember your reign.

Pump Yer Juice

Thirsty? Visit Pump Yer Juice — the 24-hour, all-ages Juice Bar. BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup). Straight up or mix ‘er up, pick one of five flavors and Pump Yer Juice! Meet up for impromptu conversations, quenched thirst, and gratitude in this fabulously decorated, shaded community space. Don’t ferget yer cup!

Rebirth of the Gantry*

It will be the Bionic Fire Cauldron. We can build it BETTER and STRONGER…and will! With the creator Charlie Smith, the Colorado Fire Arts Collective will forge a new Gantry to warm your spirits and your ass! Premiering at Apogaea 2008.

The Warming Globe*

A large steel globe, filled with fire. Use it to warm up, meet up, or just admire it from afar.


Butt Change!!!

Are you proud of your toned ass, physical prowess, and spot-on accuracy in the heat of competition? Are you willing to test your mettle in the ultimate physical and mental challenge? Welcome to Butt Change!!! Not for the faint of heart or tender of ego, Butt Change!!! challenges you to step up to the plate and in to the world of the carnival game, immersing yourself in the pure Art of the Glute (as in Clenchus Maximus). Play alone or challenge your friend (or enemy) to a Butt Change!!! Duel. Win an adorable stuffed animal for your girl/boyfriend. Show the world your hard-earned and coveted Butt Change!!! ass brand. Subject yourself to ruthless taunting by the Butt Change!!! Sweetcheeks as you waddle down the playing field desperately clenching a roll of quarters between your Mighty Buns of Steel. Play clothed or naked. The more coins you drop in the cup at the end of the Walk of the Fearless Clench, the greater your claim to fame and the title of “Exalted and Most Beauteous Ass of Bountiful Clench, Esq.”

The GREEN Screen

Ever wondered why we’re not all driving electric cars? Want to know some very simple things *you* can do to slow global warming? Come educate and entertain yourself day and night at the GREEN SCREEN – workshop space by day on composting, green tech, DIY re-fashioning, and others; and by night a renewable-energy run screening room featuring movies and other visual media to stimulate and educate our community on a myriad of environmental issues. Come discuss the topics, arm yourself with knowledge, and get ready to make a difference for our planet!

Interstellar Communication Center*

Have you ever wanted to contact aliens? Have you ever thought aliens were watching you dance? Do you like to listen to good vibes? Come dance at our Interstellar Communication Center. We will be attempting to contact aliens through emitters vibrating at 130 times or more per minute, enchanting lighting, and way-out-there sounds.


An interactive geodesic audio/video multimedia stage, including multiple domes, sound, performances, and multiple projector arrays.

Mischief Camp

Electric shocks and Chill beats. Mischief camp and the Emporium of electro shock toys awaits. Stop on by and test your reaction time. Settle a dispute and arm wrestle your friend with shocking consequences. See if you can beat the Lie detector and play electro shock laser tag twice a day. We’ll have a super chill shade structure and fun for one and all. come on by for a shocking good time.

Ninjas Around the World


The Pancakes Productions Collective Casbah!

We will be providing a creative fusion chill space incorporating Live/Electronic music performances from our multi-sensory performance art collective including hula hoop and fire dancing,video projection art, DJs, and Tribal percussion w/live band. Also,open mic talent shows, guerilla jam sessions/drum circles, Thai massage, Meditation,Yoga,Permaculture info, and yes FREE PANCAKES!!! Plus much much more!

Psychedelic Salon

Join us as we listen to and discuss podcasts from the Psychedelic Salon. Topics range from; the cults of Burning Man to psychedelics and the shadow to synergistic combinations in the future. Recorded talks by Terence Mckenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, and many more. We are also going to do a group talk/ discussion @ 3:00 on Saturday that will be recorded and hopefully turned into a podcast for the Psychedelic Salon.

Purrfectly Pink Pussie Palace

It’s the 4th year for The Purrfectly Pink Pussie Palace and once again we welcome you to come play with the Pussies at The PPP. Slide into our relaxing Pink Dome that never closes. Enjoy a drink at our Pink Pussie Parlor, strut your stuff on the catwalk and shake it or hoop it on our dance floor. We would love for you to bring pictures of your favorite furry felines for our Pussiecat shrine. Join us for Hot Toddy Thursday, our Friday Night Grand Opening, Pink Pussie Pok’er, Hoopapalooza, and more! It is always a pleasure to have you.

Sky & Chester’s pirate treehouse wedding

It is a treehouse for pirates of the wedding kind. Freindly for all and all community involvement is incouraged.


Chilled laid back beats to banging progressive house, minimal, leftfield, breaks and more!!!!

XpAt Aliens

XpAt Aliens are in full support of Intergalactic Excellence since… forever ago. We are basically the Alien Embassy Bar for visiting Aliens that are just vacationing or considering staying on our beautiful planet, Earth for a while. We’ll gather to exchange stories, share our languages, our colors, our love for this lovely planet, talk shit about irresponsible Earthlings and to drink. We pride ourselves in serving libations almost like home.


The Apogaea Cup*

The Apogaea Cup open invitational whiffle golf tournament held at the Happy Ass Ranch. The premier underground whiffle golf course and tournament, just for Colorado in 2008. You don’t need experience or skill to play and win at whiffle golf–just a desire to have fun with friends and strangers.

Colorado Fire Tribe Conclave Burn 2008*

Back again for another year, the ever-evolving Colorado Fire Tribe’s Fire Conclave will amaze you with fantastic fire feats and new choreography! Get your burn on before the effigy burn! Depending on burn allowability, open fire jam time will be available after the performance and before the effigy burn.

Contact Juggling Workshop

Are you obsessed with David Bowie? Have you every wondered about the magic of crystal manipulation? Or just want to see something float! Then come join us at the Great Circle at 2:30 on Saturday. We will be contemplating the philosophy of Contact Juggling, and learning the art. Please bring a blanket (to protect my balls from the ground) and an eagerness to learn….Balls provided!!!

Green Screen Workshops

Friday @ 1pm
Passive Solar Home Design Lecture: what you need to know to save over 80% of you house’s heating and cooling bills. Presented by ~Rev. TTT, professional ecological architect

Friday @ 2pm and Saturday @ 3pm
Drop-in reconstruction daytime all weekend. In the spirit of being GREEN and reducing and reusing, the Green Screen Project will be hosting T-Shirt RECONSTRUCTION! Did you know that if all textile production were to stop today, there would still be enough fiber and fabric to clothe the world for the next 20 YEARS!? Be the cutting edge of green AND fashion, and learn about re-using and re-fashioning and explore the DIY punk aesthetic. Bring your tired, old, boring t’Shirts of any color or print, stocking/leggings, and give them new life by turning them into funky, cool, and earth-friendly garments. The Green Screen will provide a space for the Franken-stining of your shirts, directions for some easy, quick, and cool projects (some are no-sew!), and provide basic supplies. Extra scissors, hand needles and thread, and safety pins appreciated!. Be creative and bring funky buttons, pins, cord/rope/thread/twine, etc to experiment with, and add your own flavor to your creations!!

Friday @ Time TBA:
Home and Container Gardening
Come and learn how anyone can grow the yummy and healthy veggies of their dreams- even those in apartments and condos!! How-to’s, tips and tricks by those who have been doing it in Denver’s urban environment. Connect with others and learn, and network to form a new urban veggie co-op!

Saturday @ 10am
Topic: Food Safety and Security in a Global Corporate Environment
Round-table discussion led by a professional biologist and food-grower. Note- This discussion is the perfect followup to the movies shown Friday night on the topic of Food.

Daily – Time TBA:
Composting and Recycling – Demos and How-To’s:

  • how to recycle (with details on Boulder County and and overview on Denver’s recycling programs)
  • the materials accepted
  • proper collection and handling of materials
  • how to particpate in recycling even if your community doesn’t offer curbside pickup
  • how to become a savvy shopper in reducing your overall environmental impact.

Hula Hoop Decoration Workshop*

Come decorate your own hula hoop! We provide the hoops, tape, and instruction–you provide the creative energy and swiveling hips! Please dance at Apo with the hops, then take the hoops home with you, spreading the hula gospel. All ages and ability levels (from “I’ve never/can’t hula hoop” to competitive hoopers) are welcome.

Kid’s Color*

Tie-dye workshop for children (and big kids, too!). Come tie-dye some old shirts or fresh new threads at Apo! It’s a great way to remember the fantastic weekend.

Sisters, ignite the feminine – play with mud!

Join us to honor the Earth Mother at the first annual Primordial Mud Sisterhood workshop. The workshop will facilitate a connection between women, the earth, and their own higher power, through sacred mud ritual, goddess-body mud art and uninhibited mud play. We will gather to tune our energies with the vibration of the Mother Goddess then merge bodies, earth, water and dance. The sacred Mud will be used as a medium in a prayer flag printing ceremony. The flags will be hung throughout the event grounds as a reminder to all freaks of our sacred connection to this planet. Sisters who are prepared for the complete experience will undress and dress themselves in the soup of blessed soil.
Come prepared! Bring showers and extra water. We are seeking water bearer volunteers for the goddess bathing after party.

The Smokin’ Bones BBQ’n Blues Community Picnic*

Smokin’ Bones BBQ ‘n Blues is back for a third year and we’re ready to fill your mouth with meat! Come on down to our camp for the Smokin’ Bones Community Picnic and Hillbilly Hoedown Saturday, from noon to 2:00 for some home-cooked BBQ

Sound of the Chakras – A Light Body Activation

Come explore the depth of your spirit. Activate your light body using sound, breath, and colors. A journey into the highest dimensions guided by with aural enhancements generated by Root. Saturday at 5pm, located within in the Temporal Membrane. Please ask around for the location of the TM.

Stilt Workshop*

Ever wanted to walk on stilts? It’s time to learn! This is an all-ages workshop to learn how to walk on stilts, and how to build your own.


amoebafunk: LIVE!

Come get protozoic as amoebafunk flagellates your membrane. Playing live right after the BURN saturday night, inside the Casbah Tent next to the Pink Pussie Palace. Please, this is a Bring Your Own Ribosomes event.

Cybele: The Pretty Dreams Tour*

Sultry, smoky lounge act takes a journey through the fantasies and dreams of an intergalactic space diva. Pretty Dreams is a visually enticing contemporary musical theater piece that weaves dream ballet sequences, vaudeville and burlesque, and modern theatrical styles into a retrospective of the American Woman and her American Dream. It is sexy, vulnerable, elegant, and lovely.

root: LIVE!

A very special live performance of downtempo psychedelia. Beginning Friday evening at 9:30pm at the Interstellar Communication Center located in the lower meadow. Be sure to bring your babblefish galactic translator and a healthy supply of extra seratonin!


Jeepi Tiki

(Official Tactical Ranger Vehicle) Come sail the S.S. Jeepi Tiki on its second voyage through the playful waters of Apogaea! This year we will be featuring the lovely and talented Jeepi Tiki Dancers. So come aboard and enjoy a Pina Colada or two, and the melodic sounds of Polynesia. That is…if you have the coconuts for it!

Pony Pillow Wagon*

The Pony Pillow Wagon is a Jeep pulling an open-bed trailer covered to resemble a covered wagon. The inside of the trailer will have pillows for seating and to keep warm and comfortable while listening to the sounds of the wild West and roaming the Apogaea grounds.

Steampunk Bipedal Ration Mobilator*

Participants are encouraged to drive this art piece to different locations within the event. The visual appearance, built-in lighting, and sound effects will give the impression of another time in another place, and offer a glimpse of what the world might be like if history had followed a slightly different path. This is retro-future moveable art.