April 2014 Board Meeting

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Magic Mansion
2267 Holyoke Dr.
Boulder, CO 80305

All monthly board meetings are open to the public. There will be 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for public comments, but if you think you might need more than 5 minutes to address your issue, please contact [email protected] to request a place on the agenda.


1:00  Introductions

What’s your name and relationship with Apo?

1:10  Public Comments

  • Note: We will reserve time at the end of the meeting for donated ticket conversation.

1:30 Officer Reports


  • Timeline

  • VolDB Update

  • Retreat Update

Vice President

  • GLC Reimbursement Reminder


  • Approve March minutes


2:00 Effigy and Temple Night – Koda

  • Poll Results and Vote

2:15 Liaison <3 Reports

  • What is happening in your departments in under 3 minutes?

    1. What have you done since the last time you gave an update.

    2. What are you doing next?

    3. What blockers are preventing you from getting things done?

3:00 Land Visit

  • Any additional land visit reports?

3:15 Ratifications

The Bulk List Brian

Sarah Nava–Degreeter Lead Andrea Lewis–BAMF XXXO Lisa Darr–BAMF XXXO Adam Clark (“Dash”)–BAMF XXXO Linda Cox–BAMF XXXO and Radios Kristen Labrador–BAMF XXXO Robyn Broyden–Ranger Khaki

Michael Angela Andersen-Honnecke –Center Camp Daily Lead position. Sean as Ice XXO? Rose Swansong as Signs?

Steve Tim Collins–Assistant Treasurer (currently Community member of Finance committee)

3:30 Set Next Board Meeting

3:35 BAMF Comp Ticket