November 2013 Board Meeting Summary

Board Meeting
Nov. 17, 2013
Fusion Factory, Denver

It was a quiet and slightly chilly Sunday when our dedicated Board and Ignition members attended the November meeting. Eight (8) of nine (9) board members and 14 Ignition members were present.  As has been the pattern since Koda’s presidency, the meeting ended a bit EARLY!



Caroline “Caroshine” Kert reminded everyone of the November 22nd Ignition mixer and solicited any subject ideas for the future mixers. If any of you have ideas for good mixer topics, please contact Caroline at secretary AT


President, Scott “Koda,” proposed a motion to create the Red Shirts category of volunteers that was previously discussed at the October Board Meeting. As promised, the BOD further defined what it means to be a Red Shirt:

Red Shirts are Apogaea volunteers who have all of the same rights and benefits as Ignition members with two exceptions. First, a Red Shirt is not a member of the corporation and therefore does not require ratification by the board to be officially recognized in their position. Second, because Red Shirts are not members of the org, they are not including in the process of electing new board members. Additionally, unless a request is made by their lead to the board, Red Shirts are not asked to attend Retrospectives and Planning Retreats.

The next step is to implement this change with a prearranged procedure in each of the departments. Eric Moutz and Jen “Jigsaw” Whitesell both recommended that Leads submit a written plan to the Board that outlines their department’s Ignition and Red Shirts “staff.”

We’ll be sure to keep you all posted as this develops!

Vice-President, Sean “Sherpa” Sidelko was proud to announce the 2014 Ticket Design Winner! This year it was a collaborative design between two artists. Congrats to Julie Stenger and Yana Nightingale!

Secretary, Caroline “Caroshine” asked that Board ratify the October Board Meeting Minutes, which was approved.

Treasurer, Steve Merager presented the bank statements and happily announced that Apo earned back the deposit of $2,000 from the land owner.

Steve added that the budget process is coming along smoothly so far. Nina Cress, the Budget Lead, is setting up a Budget Training for Leads to ensure accuracy and help source any questions or concerns. The Finance Committee will meet on December 4th and the Board will review the budget on December 12th.

Recently, the Finance Committee sent a survey to get feedback for how to improve the reimbursement process.  As you you may recall, the Finance Committee was created toward the end of 2012 to assist the Treasurer and create accountability.  Since then, the Committee has made several organizational improvements.   Thanks to the Finance Committee for doing such a fantabulous job!


Caption Ron, Transportation Lead

  • He’d like to have an event on the lot to paint the new Bekins truck we have for storage and transport. The BOD supported the idea.

Caroshine, Ignition Fluffer

  • We had a great October Ignition mixer, at which they talked about creating department identities.

Gretchen Wodniak, Communications Lead

  • The Communications team is working hard on the reorganization of the website.  The goal is to make it more user-friendly and easier to find pertinent information.

Nolan Puryear, Parking Lead

  • Parking Department has two new XXXO positions

Kellie Nedrow, Board Member & Chris “Doc” Nedrow, DPW

  • They are working on redefining the ‘staffing’ structure of DPW.

“Jigsaw Jen”, Board Member

  • There will now be a team of photographers and videographers who will document pre-event and Apogaea in June. These volunteers will be Red Shirts and will be led by the Photography and Media lead.
  • The newly added Kittybase Lead has been filled!  She asked that everyone help him by thinking about what internal docs there are, and what helpful documentation needs to be added for their departments. She hopes that the much-desired description of every Ignition position will be added during his tenure.
  • Jen is also working on a new and improved Org chart to help everyone better understand the structure our organization…it can be confusing!

“Uncle Dave” Welly, Ranger Lead

  • He now has a Co-event Lead, Vertigo, with the assistance of Kim Istry.
  • They have enough coverage for the added day. He was excited to announce that Rangers are coming in from other states to help in 2014.
  • He requested that the Rangers have a special section in the Outpost Newsletter

Bastion Ridley, Medical Lead

  • Bastion has expanded the command structure of BAMF to accommodate growing needs.  He’s created new XXXO positions – requesting 12 total. They will have 12 hour shifts and will have command authority equal to Bastion’s while Bastion is not on duty.
  • He is still trying to fill the Fire Lead position

Julie Stenger, Center Camp Lead

  • She is excited to have Guywire as the new Performance Lead

Sean “Sherpa”, Board Member

  • Conclave is already meeting!
  • He’s looking to fill the Ticket Lead and Census Lead.


Check out the previous month’s ratifications:
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BAMF Supervisor – Diana Chadwick
BAMF XXX0 – Cynthia Van Lingen
Cat Herder Lead – Deb Pika
DPW MOD – Sascha Protzko
DPW MOD – Nathan Soren
DPW Road Dog – Brad Hugg
Finance Committee, Community Member – Tim Collins
Fire Safety / Assistant Shin – Melissa Camara
KITTYbase Lead – Jon Fischer
Photography Lead – Chris ‘Hero’ Williams
Ranger Khakis

  • Kimistry
  • Michol Ba (Khaki and XO)
  • Duney Dan

WWWW Lead – Kelley ‘Egypt’ Hoffman

BAMF XXXO (12 positions) – these are basically the same as supervisors from last year, with full autonomy to act on the ground. (no increase in numbers).
DPW Site Ops – position open
DMV Lead –  Tammy Norton ratified
Logistics Chief (LC) – Pat Libra ratified
Training & Knowledge Officer (TKO) – position open


“Jigsaw Jen” presented the checklist that she and Gretchen Wodniak made to help Leads through the process of when their department ignition members resign.  This checklist can also be used when Ignition members do not renew at the end of their term.

See the new Apogaea Ignition Lead Resignation Checklist


Sunday, December 15th
Magic Mansion, Boulder