When Will the Effigy & Temple Burn?

Photo by: Cora
Photo by: Cora

Presupposing no burn ban, when will the Effigy and Temple burn, you might wonder?

The Board of Directors went to Ignition for their input, and the results are out!

Poll Results:
18 votes for Effigy on Friday & Temple on Saturday
7 votes for Temple on Friday & Effigy on Saturday (plus 2 without email)
13 for Either
1 for Effigy on Sat & Temple on Sunday (which wasn’t an option)

They threw out three votes.  One was ME (I got caught!) and the other two didn’t have emails. The board followed the recommendations and voted unanimously.

  • EFFIGY on FRIDAY night
  • TEMPLE on SATURDAY night

See you in about a month!!!

Yours truly burning,
Flaming Art