Last Chances for Your Ticket to Apo


Only a little over a month before Apogaea!  Yeehaa!  If you don’t have a ticket yet, don’t worry your lovely head just yet.  You can use some radical self-reliance and read on below to learn what you can do to make sure you have a ticket to Apogaea 2014: Emergence!

1.) Purchase a ticket in Last Chance Sale:  May 10th at 6:00pm

So there’s one more ticket sale left.  Make sure you’re on the TicketFly website at 6:00pm and keep refreshing the page if you have any issues.

»Read more about tickets and purchase online

2.) Earn a reserved ticket by May 1st – HURRY!

There are a few types of reserved tickets, but Apogaea reserves tickets to ensure the event is staffed properly. These must be secured by 11:59pm on MAY 1st!

»Learn more about reserved tickets

3.) Last Resort: Apogaea Facebook Group

There is an online document in that group for community members who are looking for a ticket or who have a ticket to sell. 

»Go to the Apogaea Facebook group

♥ ♥ ♥

Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT PAY OVER FULL PRICE FOR A TICKET. If you pay more than full price, you are encouraging scalping.