February 2013 Board Meeting Summary

February 17,  2013
Magic Mansion

Iiiiiiiiiiiii’m baaaaaaaaaack to bring you another board meeting recap.  February’s board meeting was held at the Magic Mansion in Boulder.  We were cozily packed with eight (8) of the nine board members and officers plus twenty six (26) Ignition and community members.



Michael Yancy, one of our board members, has taken a new job in Texas.  It was an ‘offer he couldn’t refuse,’ and everyone expressed congratulations.  At this point he’s going to be flying back for the board meetings, but is unsure how he will continue his role with Apogaea for the long run.

Jordan Chabalowski, who is new to the Denver area, presented some introductory information about a local volunteer firefighter project he is starting that he’d like to present to Burners Without Borders.

He’s compiling a list of needs, and is beginning to coordinate with the area fire departments, the forest service, and Apogaea’s community outreach coordinator, Milk, to name a few.  He’s hoping to find 1st responders and EMT etc. to have a base to bring to BWB as a proposal, but he envisions various possible roles such as front line, camp, cooking, road block etc.   I’ll keep you lovelies posted as this project progresses.


President, Kingpin, talked project management – how the remaining several months will ideally look in order to keep on track with the timeline for planning.  Lemme give you a few highlights:

  1. Sound and theme camp pre-registration will be earlier this year so the placement map can be created before work weekend.
  2. Work weekend will be June 1
  3. The Sound Town Hall meeting should be in March (confirmed for MARCH 24th)

Vice President, April, has been touching base with volunteers and working with leads to solidify a working protocol for the volunteers. She plans on presenting a proposal that will be put to a vote at the March board meeting.

Treasurer, Steve, presented on screen the detailed spending summary (budget) with departmental spending plans submitted by leads.  Prior to the meeting, he and the Finance committee reviewed it, compared previous year spending, etc. in order to highlight any areas needing further investigation by the board.  He set up another meeting for after the board meeting to go through those line items needing further review.

Everyone shared appreciation for how much Steve has brought to Apo so far in his term as Treasurer.  Thanks to Steve, as well as to all the board, Ignition and the public members who put so much time and love into cultivating our community into the robust experience it is!

* Michael Yancy started a short discussion about Apo’s financial future.  Right now we don’t have any way of dealing with long term assets, investing money, purchasing land, etc. but Steve and the Finance Committee are helping to pave the way for those kind of advances in a near future.

* Steve was happy to announce that the $3,000 check was sent to the artists for the temple.

Secretary, Missalicious, was unable to attend and Kellie Nedrow kindly volunteered to take the minutes.


There are still Open Ignition Positions!  You can still join Ignition until April 21st

Check out the past meetings’ Ignition ratification:
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Ratified by Board Approval:

Cat Herder Leads

  • Jeannette Edwards
  • Jordan Chabalowski

Conclave Safety Lead –  Amie Spicer
Conclave Pod Shift Leads:

  • Dani Kinard
  • Gina Hatem
  • June Rodgers
  • Melissa Camara
  • >Michael McDonough
  • Veronica Rivard

DPW Daily Leads

  • Ben Hart
  • Chad “Onyx” Becker
  • Joe Zobchek
  • Nate Harris
  • Scott “Koda” Dudley

DPW XXXo – Chad “Onyx” Becker
Land Search Lead – John Collins
Medic Shift Leads

  • Aaron Archer
  • Lisa Darr
  • Andrea Lewis
  • Cynthia Van Lingen
  • *TR>

RV Lead – Melissa Baker
Survival Guide Graphic Design Lead – Matt Menke

New Positions:
These roles were discussed and approved by the board to meet the goal for improved organizational quality and structure, event efficiency and shorter shifts:

  • Art Curator
  • Cat Herder leads (2)
  • Center Camp Daily Shift Leads (6)
  • Conclave Pod leads (6)
  • Conclave Safety lead
  • DPW XXXo (2)
  • Info Booth Daily Shift Leads (3)
  • Volunteer Gifts Assistant
  • RV Lead

There was some discussion of creating a new position that would meet the growing need to evaluate areas of volunteering not currently in the volunteer database (i.e. they are pre-event, not previously counted as volunteers, or they don’t fit in the database structure at this time).  The motion to create the position was not approved, and with further discussion offline, it was decided to incorporate these nuances into Dana’s position as Volunteer Coordinator.


A pretty extensive part of the meeting that pushed us past closing time was the ticket sales discussion.  Matt Stringer and his team did a great job of researching options for ticketing.

Please refer to the ticket sales info page for what the board approved.  The scalper policy was tabled for offline discussion.


Sunday, March 17, 2013
Fusion Factory
Denver, CO

Feb board mtg 2