Temple Grant Awarded for Apogaea 2013

It is with excitement that we announce the winner of the Temple art grant for Apogaea 2013!

The Apo Board has approved the Art Committee’s choice to award art grant funding to the Temple of Transubstantiation.  Read below for a description of the conceptual design.  Also, check out the links at the bottom of the page for sketches and the Temple team’s Facebook page.

Temple of Transubstantiation

by Felonious, Cabana, Lynda M. White, Valerie “Photogoddess” Santerli, Ryan Elmendorf, and Veronica “V-tron” Rivard

The Temple of Transubstantiation will serve as a sacred space for contemplation, healing, catharsis, and growth in the temporary city of Apogaea. Reflecting on the theme of Alchemy, fire is not the only method of ritually transforming energies in this “place of ending and beginning.”  Sage smoke (air) purifies, water washes away, and earth offers not only a chance to bury the past—but also to plant the seeds of new intention for the future.

The Temple offers itself as the spiritual center of Burner events, providing grounding and depth to the event and creating community through shared ritual.

It is a place for reflection, grieving, commemorating those who have passed, honoring those who have contributed to our lives, forgiveness of self and others, and celebration of the future.

Through the alchemy of private ritual in a public space, the Temple offers the possibility of closure and of moving on afresh, the transubstantiation of old energies into new!

In light of the likelihood of a fire ban—and to shake things up a little—this Temple is not designed to be burned. Instead, we will offer alternative transformative rituals.

The Temple of Transubstantiation will live in a grove of trees, set apart from the noise and hubbub of Apogaea. The Temple takes the form of a pagoda topped by a zome—a shape seen in nature and echoed in sacred architecture. It is surrounded by a half-dozen smaller spaces that mirror the main structure, pods that provide intimate space for solo reflection or communion amongst a small group of friends.

Entering the Temple, one encounters the centerpiece— the gorgeous root ball of a tree suspended in the center of the space. The roots are wrapped in gauze and thin copper wire. Hanging pouches of rich soil give off an earthy smell. Streams of water cascade to a pool below. Participants are offered the opportunity to write their thoughts, prayers, and commemorations on special sheets of paper and hang them from the centerpiece. At any time they wish, or during a main ritual, participants will drop their written dedications into the pool, where they will dissolve!

Having let go of stagnant energies of the past, participants can take with them a seed bomb (a ball of clay, compost, and seeds) to symbolize planting the seeds of their new commitment.

The Temple is not merely a collection of structures, although wise use of architecture will support our goal. Intentionality—starting with the first nail driven in construction—gives rise to the energy that defines sacred space. It is the creation of this palpable energy that is our final goal. We look forward to bringing this gift to the community!

2013 Temple Facebook page is:


Model of Temple

Sketch of Temple