Apo 2013 Community Art Fair & Town Hall Meeting UPDATE

**********UPDATE 2/26/13**********

The Community Art Fair happened at the Fusion Factory on Saturday, 2/23,  but was sadly cancelled on Sunday due to blizzard conditions!  (see the original official announcement ).

Thanks for all who showed this weekend, including all the artists below!  What fun it was, and getting a little taste of what’s in store for Apogaea 2013 made me want to ask “are we there yet????”   It was especially funny to see the crowd part with giggles and smiles as  gleeful racers squeezed through on the mini horses from the “Kentucky Derby” booth.


The Apogaea Board of Directors held a mini town hall at the Art Fair on SATURDAY from 2:00 to 3:00 PM.

SUPER AWESOMENESS: Per public request, we’re delighted to include a town hall podcast (*thanks Bug for making this happen!*)

You can also check out the 2013 Town Hall PowerPoint  presentation that accompanied speakers.


Artists that Presented at the Art Fair:

A-CON The conclave performance/effigy performance over the course of apogaea’s duration has been a bit lackluster. Fire performers only and not quite as radically inclusive as we’d all like to see. As Apogaea grows so in turn should the effigy performance. Ultimately with our fireban status we cannot rely on being able to perform with fire. Neither should we be robbed of an awesome performance. So, to drum up more support in the community I’d like to have a table to recruit people who may not know it’s going on. Moreover it’s a good opportunity to express our vision to people in our community so they can be excited for/help our effigy performance be MORE THAN over the top!

BAMF: BAMF booth to promote volunteering with the Medical and Fire Safety team!

Burn Your Brain:

Cabana Club @ Apo The Cabana Club @ Apogaea is your tropical oasis in the Rocky Mountains! Serving yummy cocktails & grilled cheese sandwiches to the Apo community every afternoon along with fun themes, DJs, costumed performers & healers.

Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion: Costume and clothing theme camp. We will be taking donations of clothing and money and letting people know about our project.

G.N.O.M.E. Project: Gnomes make their way to Apo.  This workshop will allow people to paint and take home their very own gnome.

Hidden Retreat:: Hidden Retreat is a quiet place to get away from the techno music, wild parties and craziness of the rest of Apogaea.  Choose from one of three peaceful spaces located in the trees, all within close proximity of each other.  Comfy blankets and pillows beckoning you to take off your shoes, sit down, relax and breathe.  Lie down under the trees and look overhead.  There, beautiful fabrics, garlands, crystals and wind chimes floating from trees will entertain your eyes and ears (if you aren’t napping already).  At night the trees and ground are lit up with soft lights.  This will be a secret space to nap, relax, journal, create, have conversations, do yoga, meditate, or hold a ceremony.

Hidden Retreat will be listed on the map and in the wwww.  But the exact location will remain a bit of a secret.  There will be a few signs posted nearby with arrows stating “”you want to go this way””, but not saying why or what treasure awaits those who follow the arrows.  Hidden retreat can only be found by word of mouth, stumbling on the treasure or by those who search with a purpose.  This is a treasure, a treat, a surprise to be found.

Each space will have its own look and feel, based on color schemes. Tarps will define each area and will be held down by tent stakes. These will be covered with a base blanket and loose blankets and pillows will be strewn throughout the area. Each space will be outlined with solar LED lights so they are visible at night. And, a pathway leading to the Hidden Retreat will be lined with solar lights. Chinese lanterns, gongs, wind chimes, material, crystals and garland will hang from the trees, attached with light wire.

Each space will have a handmade wooden box, which will be painted and decorated, that will serve as a place to store participants’ shoes. Participants will be urged to leave games and gifts for other visitors.

We will work with the Apo registration team to identify workshops and classes that may be a good fit for the space. We anticipate that meditation, yoga and small group massage gatherings may be good matches for the energy of the Hidden Retreat.

Kentucky Derby: The Kentucky Derby is bringing horse racing to Apogaea.  Mint Juleps…fancy Derby hats…and a race for the Rose Blanket. “The Kentucky Derby” is just what it sounds like, a miniature version of Churchill Down including a track for actual horse racing. You’ll have to visit our booth and experience it yourself.

The Living Room: “The Living Room is bringing the inside outside one room at a time. A functional art installation – a place for people to chill during the day, party at night and a place for the community to come together and share.

Prima Materia: Prima Materia, a twelve-foot tall sculpture of an Ouroboros fabricated of recycled metalwork and light panels, contains a poofer and/or laser array that exits through the mouth. Located on the bottom portion of the Ouroboros itself will be a saddle where the poofer/laser operator will ride/sit, and the sculpture is on wheels.

SoundPuddle & DIY Interactive Electronics: “The SoundPuddle crew will need a table at the art fair, to promote both the SoundPuddle installation and the “”DIY Interactive Electronics”” workshop that we’ll be hosting at Apogaea.  We’ll be designing and building wearable circuit boards for the Apogaea workshop, where we’ll teach people to solder and program the boards to react to sound. At the art fair, people can vote on the shape of the circuit board, and what it’s default interaction should be. We’ll also be looking for volunteers with soldering experience to help facilitate the workshop, and accepting donations for the last bit of funding we need for electronics hardware.  On the SoundPuddle side of things, we want to collaborate with other people in the community to schedule musical performances and other events inside the SoundPuddle during Apogaea.”

Sparkleficial Altar: Bring your glittery glittery offerings to Apogaea’s Sparkleficial Altar. Show your respect for the Sparkliest Pony in the Sky at this pony-themed shrine. Meet other sparkle ponies of the faith, and share in the eternal love of all that is supercute. Get sacrificed, or sacrifice something special, if you’re in the mood.  

String Theory Dome: Black light string art

The Story Portal: The Story Portal aims to connect individuals to the vast world of shared experience through spontaneous and true storytelling. The concept is simple: spin the wheel and tell us a true story about the topic you receive. When I fell in love. Getting fired. Breakdown to breakthrough. Something I do well. A funeral. All in the family.

Temple of Transubstantiation: “The Temple of Transubstantiation will serve as a sacred space for contemplation, healing, catharsis, and growth in the temporary city of Apogaea. Reflecting on the theme of Alchemy, fire is not the only method of ritually transforming energies in this “place of ending and beginning.” Sage smoke (air) purifies, water washes away, and earth offers not only a chance to bury the past—but also to plant the seeds of new intention for the future.

It is a place for reflection, grieving, commemorating those who have passed, honoring those who have contributed to our lives, forgiveness of self and others, and celebration of the future.

Through the alchemy of private ritual in a public space, the Temple offers the possibility of closure and of moving on afresh, the transubstantiation of old energies into new!

Workshops and events:

There will be a Town Hall on Feb 23 from 2:00pm-3:00pm.

Alchemy By Design: 30-60 min workshop.  Exact time TBD.

Your next great breakthrough will come from a breakthrough in your thinking. To design an extraordinary life, you need a system that is revolutionary. Alchemy By Design is a ground breaking training that will empower you to experience more success, joy, happiness and fulfillment out of your personal and professional life by harnessing the powerful resources of your mind.