October 2012 Board Meeting Summary

It’s me, your faithful liaison super hero, here to dish the details of the October board meeting. Back once again at the Magic Mansion in Boulder, all four Officers, two Board members and two community members attended.

When you stop to think of it, isn’t it remarkable that Apo is run on a purely volunteer basis? Right now is an exciting time as new Ignition members join and some are re-ratified; a primordial soup of sorts becomes birthplace of who-knows-what-cool-improvements-could-happen. From what I’m seeing, Apogaea 2013 Ignition is really kicking into gear and it’s looking promising!

Public Comments

Caroline ‘Caroshine’ Kert reminded the board that the first Ignition Mixer would be held on Oct. 28 to inspire ignition leads to start thinking now (instead of one month away from the event) about the changes to be made to make the best possible Apo yet. As the Ignition Fluffer, Caroshine was psyched to keep morale high and communications flowing between Ignition folks.

Duney Dan would like to continue supporting Fusion and Guildwerks with events and ‘spread the love.” Everyone agreed.

Kingpin raised the issue of defining Ignition roles and criteria. This subject came up several times throughout the meeting and will be discussed in more detail at the Board Retreat.

Officer Reports

Our present officers have been busy with the transition from the former officers, and are working to improve the system for document storage and retention (especially financials) and the consistency of procedures in general.

Steve Merager mentioned that the new Financial review team (Steve Merager, Erica DeNorscia and one other Board Member TBD) spent about 35 hours working on sorting through non-art grant checks, downloading and printing 200+ transactions, sorting checks, etc.

The board continued the important discussion about Ignition criteria and the distinctions between Department Leads and other Ignition members and volunteers. The subject was postponed to be discussed at the Board Retreat

Reimbursement and Budget Request Procedure

Yippee! There is now a new and easy process for being reimbursed and for Ignition Leads to manage their departmental budgets!  Check out the full reimbursement policy document.

In line with the new policy, Steve will never have the Apogaea checkbook on him, so ad-hoc reimbursements at an event are not possible. All requests for reimbursement will have to go through the process that’s laid out in the Reimbursement Process document. However, if an exception need be made, you can call Steve directly to discuss a reasonable resolution.  You know that self-reliance thing?  You can dooooo iiiiit!

Questions about financial matters in general? Email [email protected]

Ratification of Ignition Members

Delving into the details of the ignition roles, board members collectively accepted the ratification of returning leads from 2012 as well as some ‘fresh blood’ (see below). Wishing to avoid the ugly scene of bloodshot eyeballs, sleepless nights, and the general hair-pulling stress of any overworked ignition members, a few new roles were created.

Several Ignition positions are still available and a handful of positions are still being confirmed.

Returning Ignition Leads from 2012
Bug Barbeque – Volunteer Database
Captain Ron – Transportation
Caroline “Caroshine” Kert – Ignition Fluffer
Dana Deason – Volunteer Coordinator
Deb Pika – Cat Herder
Greg Rasmussen – Info Booth Lead
Guy Mason – Apogaea Security Squad (ASS)
James “Grandpa” Whiddon – Artist Collaboration; Survival Guide and WWWW
Jason “Kemo” Santiago – DPW Dic (infrastructure)
Matt “Swayze” Jury – Dept of Mutant Vehicles (DMV)
SchmidE – Degreeter
Somer Andom – Effigy
Terri “Kiki” Beach – “Swag” Volunteer Gifts Lead
Uncle Dave Welly – Rangers

Returning leads to be confirmed:
Center Camp Infrastructure
Center Camp Scheduling & Performances – Holly Conrad 
Greening Lead – Dawn Yukus
Liaison / Community Outreach – Lawrence “Milk” Phipps
Lamplighters – Pai
Quartermaster – Dave Robson
Sign Coordinator – Erin O’Brien
Ticket Art / Fliers – Gwin Coleman

New Ignition Leads
Annie Ransome – Online Community Liaison/Community Reporter
Bastion Ridley – Medical Lead
Erica DeNorscia – Finance Committee Member from public
Mary Hall – Budget Lead
Somer Andom – Accounting Lead

System Administration split into two roles:
James “GrandPa” Whiddon – IT Innovation
Damien Budd – System Administration

Board Retreat

The board agreed upon subjects to be tackled at the board retreat. By the November 18th Board Meeting, the board will select a date for the Board Retreat.

• Volunteer / Ignition structure
• Rewards system
• Author of Collaborative Way, Jason Gores, will chat with group
• Policy Revamp
• Community Facing Process (e.g. online posting)
• Art Budget
• Fund-pool and purpose
• Community event support

Upcoming Board Meeting

C’mon out to the next board meeting on Sunday, November 18th at the Fusion Factory from 1pm-4pm.