Apo 2013 Ticket Art Contest Winner!

I’m burning to announce the ticket art winner, which was voted for by Ignition members in February!

Congratulations go to KEMO!

This is his 2nd year in a row of winning this contest.  It was fun how Kemo added a twist with an element of surprise when he applied anonymously.  Once the votes were tallied up, it was announced to Ignition that there was a winner, but then they had to figure out who it was.

2013: Alchemy


When I asked Kemo what inspired him and from where the idea for his design spawned, he said:

This ticket art concept stems from the Old World Alchemists, when humans were first understanding the connection between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm. I’ve been using the enigmatic symbols of Alchemy in my art for some years, and this design was a natural progression. I used golden hues as a nod to the first Alchemists who tried to turn different materials into gold. Alchemy progressed over the centuries and is the precursor to modern chemistry.

I won the ticket design last year and this year I decided to enter it anonymously. There were several solid entries and I was honestly surprised when I found out that I won. Thank you community and until next year…Burn Brightly )

Below is Kemo’s other winning ticket art from 2012:

2012: Spiral


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