Are you excited yet?

Hello Apogaeans!

It seems like we’ve been waiting so long, and all of a sudden it’s almost here! Things are really kicking into high gear, so be sure to check the website often for news and events. Here’s a little info. from Guy that you may find interesting:

I’ve looked through the ticket sales and we are now an international event! We’ve had tickets shipped to London! Also there’s Alaska, Hawaii, New York, Vermont, Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Arizona, California, Florida, Washington DC, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts ( a bunch), Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and of course Wyoming

Thanks to all of you for all the work you do to put Apogaea on the map!

This weekend you have lots of events to choose from:


  • (GuildWerks in Denver) Help Quartermaster Dave load up Apogaea’s brand new (to us) semi trailer:
  • (Fusion Factory in Denver) Don’t miss the DPW Fundraiser Saturday night. This is your chance to see all your white trash DPW Dics embarrass themselves for money. It’s sure to be… well, we’ll see:



  • Start off your day having brunch with BAMF. They are holding an open forum from 10-12 at the Laughing Latte:
  • Then head over to the Magic Mansion for the May Board Meeting from 1-4. This is the last public board meeting before Apogaea!


If you’re still not excited, read through the list of granted art projects again. We’re about to see, hear, touch, smell, climb, and enjoy these ideas turned into reality.
1st round art grant awards
2nd round art grant awards

Get fired up, people, it’s almost time to burn in the mountains!

Flame on,

Flaming Art