Second Round Grant Awards

In the second and final round of 2012 Apogaea art grants, your hardworking Art Committee had many great proposals to choose from and only a little money to grant. Thus, unfortunately, many fine projects were not given grants. After much deliberation, we chose the twelve following kickass proposals that had detailed budgets and plans for your experiential pleasure.

Hoop It Forward

led by TR
The Hoop It Forward workshop would allow people to try out hoops that were made prior to the event (for size, weight, etc.) and then to use their own creativity to decorate the hoops (with all kinds of crazy ass tape). The participants may take this hoop home with them.


Hypnotic Spiral Vortex

led by Kevin Johnson
A spinning spiral vortex of rebar, mirrors, dichroic glass and LEDs. By day, light will reflect off the mirrors and through the glass sending light and rainbows over the forest. By night, ‘snow falling’ LEDs will twinkle. Inside the spiral vortex will be an illuminated 6′ balloon with a hypnotic spiral on both sides. It will look as if the balloon is traveling up the vortex. It will have the effect of causing any onlookers to be mesmerized into a state of ecstasy and euphoria.


Viking Ship Dance Stage

led by Gilbert Barnes
Imagine a stripper pole on a Viking ship, add Apogaeans and pump the music.


Volcadexteras: Colorado ‘can’ded Fire Stage

led by Jesse Taenzer
Two interlocking hands create a stairway and fire performance stage. The ‘skin’ of the hands being a collage of fuel cans collected over the past year.


Odd’itory Illusions

led by Christopher Mikkelson
A Multi-dimensional 3 screen broadcast used to create a panoptic experience to guide the audiences consciousness through perceptually meaningful elements & physi’o’ptical illusions.


The UFO Has Landed

led by Aaron Ordaz
We will be build a UFO that is in the landing position. There will be 8 panels that will have LEDs on it that are controllable by the user.


Camp Shibari

led by Diana Drake
Camp Shibari is to be a place of comfort and relaxation where all can enjoy the beauty and comfort of wearing, tying and learning about rope. We will offer classes and be glad to allow any and all to wear our ropes as they wish.


The Sound Bath

led by AnDrew Brislin
The Sound Bath is a space for you to go and let meditative vibrations spiral around you. Upon entering the Sound Bath frequencies begin to swirl around your body. The participant controls the sound by slowly moving around in the space.


Metascene Camp

led by John Sondericker
Like a lighthouse in a foggy, foggy night, Metascene Camp helps intrepid Apogaeans find their way, warming their hearts with welcome arms that grope and fondle in the most appropriate ways. Metascene Camp is the Rx for your soul.


Everybody Needs a Little TuTu!

led by Jessica Zimmerman
Camp Wardrobe Malfunktion will be hosting a tutu making workshop. The goal is to have a multi-hour workshop that will allow Apogaea to be covered in tutus. The workshop attendees will keep their tutu creations.


Rickjob Spincat Toys

led by Adam Kemis
We build an arsenal of recycled props for the sole purpose of learning and gifting to anyone interested. By collecting popped and therefore useless bike inner tubes from local shops we can use them to build poi, staff, double staff, clubs etc. props to play with both being eco friendly and inexpensive these props are quite the blast to play with!


Mallurd Wedding Camp

led by Yana Nightingale
During the day, an ordained minister will be available for weddings or ceremonies expressing love toward one another under a beautifully designed and decorated arbor.


Nobody got all the money that they will spend on their project, far from it. All are putting in their own funds or holding fundraisers so do help them out with your time, materials, and moolah.

Thanks to all of you who are participating in one of the world’s greatest festivals.
This is gonna be good.

~Rev. ttt, Apo Art Lead