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Meet our new Project Coordinator

Please give a warm welcome to our newly hired Project Coodinator, Christine. As project coordinator, she will be streamlining event planning materials and establishing detailed work plans to be implemented by the organization’s operational departments during the event in June 2017.

Go to her bio for more information 🙂


Guaranteed Ticket Update!!!!!

From our lovely ticket lead:
Hello fellow Apogaeans, ticket codes have gone out for people who met one of the following criteria during the 2016 event:
    -being Ground Control
– being part of Ignition
– being Spark or department volunteer
– or having 6 or more volunteer hours during the event

If you believe you should have gotten a code and did not please email

The sale period lasts until March 10th, so please purchase your ticket by then.

This is a full price ticket as a reward for your 2016 service. If you are part of ground control, ignition, a spark or a department volunteer this year you will get a code for a discounted ticket after March 20th.

For all detailed ticket info please go to the main ticket page.

Ticket Prices, Sale Dates, and Youth/Scholarship applications

General Sales dates, Ticket Prices, and the application process for 2017 Youth and Scholarship tickets have all been updated.  First general sales round is March 15th at 7pm. Come to the Tickets main page for all the info!!!

Update: 2016 Guaranteed ticket codes are going out for last years service. These are full priced tickets and are transferable to another person. If you are on Ground Control, Ignition, a spark or a department volunteer this year you will offered a ticket for that position at a discounted price after March 20th. The 2016 Guaranteed ticket is for the 2017 event, but it is a reward from you 2016 service. Check your email( account if you are on ignition or had one as a spark) for your code!!!

January Board Meeting

Photo by tiarescott - CC 2.0 license -

Photo by tiarescott – CC 2.0 license –

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Fusion Factory
3563 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205

All monthly board meetings are open to the public. There will be 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting for public comments, but if you think you might need more than 5 minutes to address your issue, please contact to request a place on the agenda.


Art theme contest
Volunteer recruitment
Ground Control Retreat

Consent is Sexy, Consent is Serious

ConsentDearest Community,

Let’s take a minute to talk about consent.

Consent as the 11th Principle?

We thank you for your enthusiasm and participation. As a reminder, we are an event that follows the Ten Principles of Burning Man. This is very important to us as a community and to our status as an official Regional event. There has been a lot of talk in the communities around the globe about adding an 11th principle: consent.

Some people may say that consent is a basic tenet of respecting other people, and that respecting our fellow citizens is a vital component of the principle of civic responsibility. Other people will find that relationship a bit esoteric and insist that we adopt consent as our 11th principle. There is a reason for this.

We take Consent Seriously!

Consent is a very important aspect of our community. Consent means, simply put: asking for permission before taking actions that impact other people.

Quite often, when we refer to consent, it is in relation to sexual relations. However, consent also means disclosing before sharing food that may have something special in it; consent means asking before writing on someone else’s art; consent means asking before taking something that doesn’t belong to you; consent means asking before touching; and consent means asking before taking photos.

Also remember that a person’s age, sobriety, and cognition impact their ability to consent. We take consent very seriously. We also do take allegations of people who break our community rules very seriously.

People’s ability to feel safe and free to express themselves without fear of their boundaries being broken is an important part of what makes Apogaea special, a “temporary autonomous zone.” More on that later, but first:

What To Do If You Feel Your Consent is Violated at Apogaea?

As a reminder: if, at any time during the event, you feel as if someone has acted in a way that goes against our community standards or crosses your boundaries against your will, and you are unable to resolve the situation yourself, please contact the Rangers.

Rangers serve in many capacities, one of which is to act as peer mediators to help you remedy the situation. If the infraction is great enough, they will report the incident to the board so that it may be dealt with on a greater level. And, if at any time you feel that the Rangers are not properly responding to your situation, you may personally choose to escalate it to the Board. This escalation does not necessarily mean that you will get the outcome you desire; however, it does mean that we will take your situation seriously, listen, and do our best to help you find resolution.

Consent is Vital to Creating A Temporary Autonomous Zone

We understand that creating a temporary autonomous zone without some basic structure is nearly impossible. It is with the creation of this temporary autonomous zone in mind that the Ten Principles were created. Keeping these things in mind, we would like to express to you that we hold consent to be very important; we take allegations of consent violations seriously; and we do not tolerate predators at our event. If you have questions or concerns, please email

Thank you. We love you. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Your 2016 Board of Directors

Camp hacks, recipes and cooking tips

Photo by Codiak

Photo by Codiak

Eat great at Apogaea! Use this printable recipe list for quick and easy mealtime planning. Got a favorite camping recipe? Share it in the comments below!

We’ll also share information on ice availability, camping hacks and cooking tips. Bon apetite!

Cooking hacks & camp recipes

Cooking in foil pouches saves both water and cooking fuel.  Burners love prepping foil-clad treats in advance, freezing them and tossing them onto the heat at meal time. Also, when you are finished cooking, just ball up your foil into a little ball and toss in your moop bag. Easy to pack out!

Click here for a printable list of fabulous camp recipes and cooking hacks

Ice, ice baby!!

You can purchase ice daily at Center Camp. Here are the updated ice sale details as of June 6:

  • $3 suggested donation – bring exact change!
  • Feel free to donate more if you like.
  • Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Ice comes out of the big ice chests, donation goes in the igloo! It’s that simple!

Please use only what is necessary so there’s plenty to go around. As of June 6, we do not yet know if there will be one delivery or two.

Ice preservation

Be a good Apogaean and practice radical self-reliance! There are a lot things that you can do to extend the life of your ice.

  • First and foremost, put your liquor, beer or other non-perishable drinks in a separate cooler. You will be opening that cooler more often. Every time you open your cooler you release cold into the hot environment.
  • When you are getting ready to prepare a meal, get all the food that you need out at once. Limit the amount of times that you open and close your food cooler. Once before the meal and once after the meal is much better than opening and closing it to search for each little ingredient you need for those awesome Apogaea meals.
  • Keep your cooler in the shade. In a pinch, a shiny emergency blanket laid over your cooler will reflect a lot of the light and heat that will melt your ice. Another alternative is wetting a towel in melted cooler water and draping it over the cooler. As the water evaporates, it naturally cools what’s underneath.
  • Think twice before dumping loose ice over your food. Keep it clean and drinkable by bagging your ice into gallon-sized Ziplock bags before it melts. Once it’s liquid, you can transfer the water into a bottle for a refreshing drink.
  • Speaking of resealable bags, keep your snacks from getting water logged by storing your food in air-tight containers!

To dry or not to dry. Ice is the question.

We generally don’t recommend dry ice unless you have experience with it and know how to handle it properly. It can be more trouble than it’s worth.  Tips for those that decide to use it:

  • Get a small Styrofoam container and turn it upside down over the dry ice in the bottom of your cooler put a cloth over that to protect other items in your cooler.
  • Anything that comes in direct contact with the dry ice will freeze solid. Just in case, freeze a gallon of water or two (depending on the size of your cooler). This will keep the ice much cooler throughout your burn if dry ice is not an option for you.
  • The best place to purchase dry ice is King Soopers. You only need a couple small chunks and it is fairly cheap. Reliant Dry Ice sells at a 50-pound minimum, but if you and your camp mates pool your resources, this will go quickly:
    Reliant Dry Ice
    1751 East 58th Avenue
    Denver, CO

Trash the potties and we all get sent home.

We cannot stress this enough: if someone puts trash in a porta potty to render it dysfunctional, the event will be canceled. In zero uncertain terms, misuse of the porta potties will cause a big stink and we’re not just talking about poo.

If our Rangers and ICS teams notice trash in the porta potties and adequate restroom facilities are not available, we will all be sent home. No shit.

Pro tip: Bring your own hand sanitizer for each visit. Get a little bottle attached to a clip and hook it onto your belt. You can refill these later from a bigger bottle!

Stay hydrated!

Bring one gallon of water per day for drinking. You will be out in the sun and constantly losing water from your skin. The air is incredibly dry and you will be sweating a lot but you don’t get sweaty because it all evaporates before you can realize you have sweat.

Electrolyte packets are a great idea to stave off the effects of heat and sun. Try drinking at least one liter of electrolytes per day. You can get sugar-free electrolyte powder from Sprouts. They are made by the same company that makes those EmergenC packets you all love so much!

If you are drinking alcohol, please be extra careful to stay hydrated. Alcohol causes your body to shed any water that you would normally retain. Be sure to drink water or other non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated drinks between beers or cocktails.

Shade is your friend. 

We all love to wear as little as possible in the hot desert sun. Be careful! There is little to no tree cover at our land in Valdez. Even though you feel like you are keeping yourself as cool as possible by walking around in next to nothing, overexposure to the sun is a serious problem.

Bring a canopy, shade structure, tarp or anything you can securely affix to your camp to provide as much shade as possible. Use a light colored, lightweight fabric as a personal sun shield, apply sun screen often and take an umbrella to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun! Daytime costumes that provide shade are a great idea. Just make sure that you do not over heat in your awesome costume.

Don’t be a dark wad!

See and be seen by bikers, pedestrians and art cars! You can pin el-wire to your hat or backpack at night. Do not overestimate the power of head lamps in a dark porta potty at night! Get one that has a red light so that people can see you from the front as well as behind you. Remember, there will be some art cars driving at night, so make sure you can be seen! Please avoid taking disposable glow sticks. LED glow sticks are reusable and many double as flashlights.

Light up your camp at night!

Motion-activated battery lights are great for the outside of your tent. Point them toward the front of your tent so you can enter your tent easily at night. Battery or solar powered Christmas lights are awesome for keeping things lit up. Don’t forget to hang something that glows from any safety lines you use to secure your tent. Tripping over these in the middle of the night is a reliable way to get hurt!

Keep your grey water to a minimum!

Showers are hard to come by at Apogaea, especially if you want to minimize the amount of grey water that you have to haul out.

Take a sponge bath with two wash clothes:

  • the first washcloth you will put water and a little bit of Dr. Bronners and wipe yourself all over.
  • The second washcloth you can add just water and wipe off all Dr. Bronners.
  • Bring a gallon-size Ziplock bag to store all of the used washcloths.

Clean up your camp kitchen the easy way

Keeping your dishes clean is important for an easy meal time. Who wants to do dishes before you can start cooking?! Bring a couple of squirt bottles. Fill one with 1/3 Dr. Bronners and 2/3 water. Fill the other one with clean water. Spray your dishes down with soapy water right away and give them a quick scrub. Then just spray them down with clean water. The sooner you clean your dishes the easier it is. The cleaner you keep your kitchen, the less interested any wildlife will be in what you have in there!

The 2016 WWWW (Who What Where When) has arrived!

Photo by Dirty Santa

Photo by Dirty Santa

Hello Apogaeans! Are you getting moist? We are! Here is your 2016 WWWW(Who What Where When)!

Check it out, download it, and print yourself a copy. BONUS! Check out our list of things to pack for specific events!  

Click here to download the PDF (hint, it prints nicely on 8 ½ x 11 size paper).

Hard copies will not be given out at the event, so you’d best radically self rely and print it yourself.

There will be one large copy permanently posted at Center Camp.

Here is our partial list of special things to consider packing if you’d like to participate in some of the numerous wonderful events happening at Apogaea this year:

  • Bring a cup and plate for any camp or event serving food or drinks (duh)
  • Any instruments you have, for Burnin’ to the Beat, SoundPuddle, Camp Amalgamation, and the Temple of Resonance Opening Ceremony
  • Music you may want to hear played at Burnin’ to the Beat
  • Treasures for the take-it/leave-it treasure chest at The Octopussy
  • Painting supplies and flow props for Camp Lackadaisical and Camp Radically Adequate Sound and Theme Camp
  • Costume and clothing donations for Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion
  • Stuffed animal donations for the Frankenbaby Mutation Station
  • Chopsticks for Grubstation: The Intergalactic Chuckwagon
  • Sandwiches for the Mad Hatter’s Poker Party
  • Clothing to be ‘spiked’ with dino spikes (recommended items include hats, hoods, hoodies, jackets, dresses, tails, and socks) at Dinos for Life “Spiking” Station
  • Martini makin’s, maid costumes, feather dusters, knee pads and dustbusters for the Maid Brigade
  • Scotch for the Fourth Annual Scotch Happy Hour
  • Western apparel for the YAHTZEE! Tournament & Cactus Roping
  • Yoga mat for Kinky Yoga and Yoni/Lingam Sunning Workshop
  • Pickled food (homemade or store bought) for the Pickle OFF!
  • Red-carpet-worthy clothes for HOT DAMN
  • UV reactive clothing for Up Uranus Black Light Party
  • Red shoes and purple outfits for Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion’s Purple Party
  • Wonderland themed outfit for the Mad Hatter’s Twizted Tea Party
  • A side dish for the Apogaea Meat & Greet BBQ
  • Juggling balls (if you have them, else they’ll be provided) for Ball School

End transmission.

Apogaea 2016 Placement Map is Here!!!

PLacement MapHere is your 2016 Placement Map.  Please note that it is still being updated. You may want to check it out after the weekend/before leaving for the event, for any additions or changes. (click here or the image above to go to the full interactive Google map)

Printable-map-thumb Printable Placemap (PDF)

Be sure to print:

  1. The Printable Map
  2. Key

Alternate versions:

  1. Map_with geographic imagery(use key from above)
  2. Large version (with geographic imagery and camp names, useful on a tablet or mobile phone)

Some important information regarding the lay of the land:

      • Potential Fire Art: Most ‘potential’ fire art will be placed in one burn area to give us the best chance of approval by the county fire chief during the upcoming inspection.
      • Sound: The southwest area of the event has been zoned for the largest and loudest sound systems that run late. The northeast area of the event is zoned for the smallest, most quiet daytime sound systems.
  • Top of the hill placement: Attention adventurous theme camps or art projects! If you would like to be moved to the top of a hill at the most southeast point, that is currently open camping. This will help free up space in other areas. You would likely see and hear camps from below, but no sound or fire would be allowed in this area. It is vehicle accessible, has some open areas for theme/art and forest areas for camping. However, it’s farther away from other camps, requires walking up a hill, and is in a low traffic area.
  • Tents: There are several large clearings and shaded areas around the periphery behind theme camps available for tent campers. These are spaces where a full-size vehicle has difficulty accessing but is usable if gear can be walked in.
  • Vehicles: Space is tight and accessibility is limited. Please carpool! you will save gas, make friends and save space for parking. Vehicles must be parked at off-site parking lots after unloading gear. Vehicles that have a legitimate use (theme camp infrastructure, used for sleeping/camping instead of a tent, Apogaea org utility) need to be registered and pick up their vehicle pass upon arrival. For vehicles associated with a camp; as long as the vehicle is not parked on a roadway or next to a roadway with prime frontage space allocated for art/theme use, then it’s up to the camp to place vehicles and manage their space accordingly. For vehicles not associated with a placed camp, the vehicle pass only designates its use within the event site but does not guarantee an exact place to camp. Open camping areas are first come first serve.
  • On-site Help: Placement team members are available on shift every day from 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. at major intersections to help arriving participants find a place to camp. For pressing issues, find someone with a radio to put a call into the placement lead on duty.


Updates are being made up to the last minute. Email placement ( with questions or find a placement lead during work weekend / early entry for help.

Permit for Apogaea Approved

6/2/2016 Update: The event permit is in hand.

Hey gang, Trailblazer here with an update!

The other day I spoke with several Las Animas County officials and the president of the Widow Woman Canyon Road Land Owners Association (WWCR LOA).

The members of the WWCR LOA were concerned about our use of their main road and how we would impact them during our event. After discussing how best to address these concerns with the president of the LOA, I found out that these people are kind enough to let us use Widow Woman Canyon Road provided we help them ensure the road is maintained after our event.

This last piece of the puzzle was what I needed to get our event permit. I spoke with the man that will be signing said permit on Tuesday and he very smilingly said, “you can mail the $150 for the permit now.’’

I will be doing just that today and sending it overnight so that we can keep things moving along as they are. The permit is not yet in hand, but we will update you as soon as that happens.

We have fought hard to keep our heart alive and I simply cannot wait to be on the dance floor with you beautiful people! And the treats I’ll taste as I walk through our community! And the most exciting of all?!!? My brain is already tingling from the conversations we shall have!!

You can breathe now. Apogaea 2016 is happening <3

With this permit comes great responsibility. Please do not forget to print, sign and bring your liability waiver form to the event. Your waivers contain a section that includes a visual eye to eye confirmation that you understand the risks that come along with this property. We have never been on land that’s contained risks like this before, but this isn’t something new. We always adapt.

Please be aware of new processes along the way so that we can be as efficient as possible getting ourselves into the event. Read your survival guide from cover to cover. And please understand that any rules that we put in place, we do so so that YOU can have a safe and moist Apogaea! You are family and we want to protect you and your little ones, so pay attention to what will get you kicked out of this event. We do not want to evict anyone, but we will if we see you putting yourself or others in danger in ways that would impact every single one of us, especially your elected leaders.

Respect the land, respect our neighbors and let’s leave the community of Valdez just like we found it.

Trailblazer out … for now 🙂

WWWW Entry Deadline

ApogaeaSplash2 WWWW

The deadline for WWWW entries is 11:59 p.m FRIDAY MAY 27thIf you have an awesome happening that you want everyone to know about, please submit it by then!

To submit an event to the WWWW: Go to, register or log in, and enter your event’s information. That’s all there is to it! 🙂

Please reach out to us at with any questions.