Super Important Apogaea 2020 Announcement Of Many Things

In this post:

  • Theme for Apo 2020
  • Date and location for 2020 event
  • Ticket Art Contest
  • Effigy/Temple/Big-Money art grants now open.


The winning submission for the Apogaea 2020 theme contest is Steve Wilder with Portals. For his contribution Steve wins a ticket to Apogaea.  His full theme description reads:

To me, Apogaea has always felt like a series of portals.  Doors and gateways to other lives and other dimensions, where everyone can explore freely and make of their lives whatever they want to.  In 2020, I feel the world will progress through many important transitions, and it would be really fun to play with this concept at Apogaea!


Apogaea 2020 will be held June 11-14 (that’s the 2nd weekend in June) on the existing land you’re all familiar with in Valdez.  Some interesting tidbits, we had 1302 participants attend last year, 53 of whom were tiny humans (children) with the rest being adults.  We don’t yet know a popular cap or date for ticket sales this year,  so keep following our website/newsletter/MySpace religiously like we know you all do.


Up next is the Ticket Art Contest!  Submissions should related to the 2020 Apo theme Portals and the submission deadline closes on Jan 31st at 5pm Mountain Time.  The winning ticket design will also be awarded a ticket to Apogaea.  Submissions should be sent to [email protected].


  • File formats should be TIFF, EPS, PDF, or HIGH QUALITY JPG files.
  • Resolution should be at least 200dpi. We prefer higher resolution (300dpi).
  • Submissions will be judged based on concept, execution, and image quality.
  • Ticket design size: Please download the templates below for correct sizing.

Ticket design must include:

  • The name of the event, “Apogaea”
  • The Apogaea Logo, which you can download below in JPG format
  • This year’s theme name, “Portals”
  • Dates of the event: June 11th – 14th, 2020

Please Note: It is very important to stay within the developing guidelines. Pulling images off the internet is usually not a good idea. Not only are those images usually lower quality images, but doing so without permission from the original artist is bad bacon. Copyrighted images are not accepted.

Templates and Files
Horizontal Ticket Template

Vertical Ticket Template
Required Apo Logo in EPSJPGAI, and PNG for more detailed info and design files, please click here.


We at CATS (Creative Art Team Support) start work early to help contribute to a badass event every year, which is why we’re excited to announce the (underline)Temple/Effigy/Big-Money art grant round is now open.(underline)  This round will close on January 31st at 5pm Mountain Time.

We have allocated $25,000 of available funding this round, and will be accepting applications for projects seeking between $1200 to $6000.

Seed Round projects seeing under $1200 will be reviewed in the next round slated to open March 1 and close March 31st, but that’s subject to change, we just wanted to give you an idea of what we’re currently planning for.

Curious what type of art we fund or how we evaluate grant applications? Read the CATS manifesto here .

To actually start filling out your application go to .