Open Board Meeting this weekend (and every month)

Hey all! Come join us tomorrow (Sunday Aug. 8) from 4-7 for the monthly Apo Board meeting.  This is our regularly scheduled meeting, which happens the 2nd Sunday of every month from 4-7, alternating between Denver and Boulder. This month: Please come to the MEET THE BOARD CANDIDATES opportunity at the next Board meeting.  Please […]

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Land Search still – and always – on

Check out our land requirements and please suggest land for next year’s festival. We’re looking at both mountains and plains (badlands!) locations that will be more accommodating for large art and large sound.

Apogaea 2010 Event Census Now Online

Please take the Apogaea 2010 Census – the papers at the event got all soggy so here it is in an online and slightly improved version. You can take the census even if you did not attend, just n/a all the questions about things that you didn’t get to experience. You’ll have to enter […]

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Apo 2010… Art, Camps & Things

What are you likely to experience at Apo this year? For a full list of Art Installations, Theme Camps, Performance Schedules and the like, click here. For the Apo 2010 Placement Map, click here. Official Who What When Where And of course whatever YOU bring! Remember, YOU are the gift, and Apogaea cannot happen without […]

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Things to Bring! / Events

Hey, Apogaeans! In addition to your food, water, costumes-of-awesomeness, cup, and reusable plates/silverware, here are some things from the soon-to-be-printed WhoWhatWhereWhen that you might want to throw in your Apogaea pack: Handmade creations, books, clothing, accessories, glowies, or other gifts to share with your fellow citizens at The Gifting Tree. Your musical instrument(s) for Organix […]

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Quick info about Apogaea 2010

Apogaea is a non-vending event which means it doesn’t fund itself through fees from the sale of goods during the event. While this creates a better experience for you, it also means that the entire event functions through volunteers. A great way to make this event YOUR event is to volunteer to help out with […]

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Sound Camps and Theme Camps (2010)

Here are the sound camps and some of the other theme camps you’ll find at Apogaea this year. For a full, ongoing list of Art Installations, Theme Camps and other projects and events, please visit the Apo 2010 page. Loud Sound Camps Circus High – Raise your expectations with sweet beats any yummy treats. Don’t […]

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Effigy Art Pieces Available for Your Creation

The message: *** Pieces of COMMUNIGY– Apogaea’s community-built effigy– are now ready for you to pick up and make into works of art! Instructions are included with each piece on what materials to use (or avoid). If you intend your piece to be burned, the use of less-toxic materials is requested. If you use non-burnables, […]

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Survival Guide is now updated

What’s New / Changes for 2010 see the Survival Guide for details Personal Boundaries No means no, ask first, and respect personal boundaries. See B.E.D. Car Camping / Parking Park only in designated areas. Car camping is very limited and only permitted in car camping designated areas. You can register your car camping needs ahead […]

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