Apogaea Granted BIG MONEY Round for 2022!

Yay BIG ART! Behold, the recipients of grants from the BIG MONEY Round.

Way back in 2020 (when we originally granted this art) there were 23 applications requesting $73,000 and CATS awarded 9 of them for $24,000 in funding. These are the projects that survived pandemic and are here for Portals 2.0

1 Million Points of Light - $2999.99

Mike Lustig

One Million Points of Light (“1MM”) will be a vibrating fiber optic sculpture comprised of 1,000,000 fiber optic strands arranged within a large rectangular frame, illuminated with 1,000 RGB LEDs, elevated to eye-height. 1MM will allow people to knowingly view 1,000,000 moving, distinct physical objects. The strands will move with wind, touch, and motorization. There will be three vibrating motors on the sides and top of the frame that will “kineticize” the strands. The effect is similar to a million fireworks streaking and exploding in every millisecond. There will be a podium about 10 feet in front of the object, with dimmer dials allowing participants to control the relative vibration of each motor and a knob-switch to change patterns of the light. The operation will be intuitive for anyone. By changing the relative vibratory oscillation of each motor, interference patterns will emerge, creating an ever-shifting wash of color and movement. Standing in close proximity of the object will offer participants a chance to be tickled simultaneously by a million objects. My hope for this project is to condense the sensation of witnessing a field of tall grass waving in the wind, or a tree of quaking leaves.

Climby Slimeby - $3650

Timb Omspach, Adam Chiszar and “Tuff” Mitch Kraemer

A climbable steel cube of slime.

Sk8 Kamp Flame Effects - $2965.69

Sk8 Kamp, Inc.

Sk8 Kamp Fire Coping is an interactive art piece for Apogaeans working their way to the top of Sk8 Kamp’s mini-ramp. This flaming art piece doubles as grindable coping, with specially slotted and bored sections to allow flames under the skater as they pass over. Participants are encouraged to grind and slash through the fire after they progress on the ramp during daily skate lessons.

"Scared Geometry" - The Tesseract of Fire - $1500

Aaron Wilson, Apollo Colorado Ltd.

Building on the theme of the first Tesseract which made its debut at Apogaea in 2019, “Scared Geometry” will be a shining, blinking, blasting, poofing contraption. An LED Zonohedral dome.