Looking Ahead To Apogaea 2021

Hello Beautiful People!

We appreciate that the Citizens of Apogaea have been waiting patiently for the status of this year’s event. The last few months have been, well… interesting. As a society we’ve been facing a situation unlike most of us have experienced before, and hopefully we won’t again for a long time.

In late March it was apparent that we wouldn’t be able to come together in June, but we wanted to take some time to see how things were evolving to make an educated decision about when, or if we should try to host the event later this year. This was not a decision that came easily, and we want to thank the community for their patience in this era of uncertainty. From the bottom of our hearts we extend our deepest gratitude. Thank you!

As we’ve been thinking about what we should do and what it means for us, one of the principles we’ve been reflecting on most recently is Civic Responsibility. We are a community. We are artists, dancers, vendors, volunteers, programmers, DJs, cooks, theme camps, neighbors, parents, friends… and we are people, and we’re all dealing with a lot of disruption and uncertainty in our individual lives. We want to have fun and share the love, but we want to do it as safely as possible.

After much consideration and discussion and with heavy hearts it has become clear that a safe event this year is not possible. Even as some functions of our society are waking up, it’s clear it will be a long time before large events will be safe. We’ve decided this isn’t the right time to gather together. If even one of us got sick because of Apo it would be too many.

Though cancelling Apogaea 2020 is deeply saddening, we’re warmed by knowing that the fire continues to burn within us. We’ll take a break this year and plan to come together again in 2021. Apogaea has endured other many challenges in the past, and we will rise again.

As promised, we’re pleased we can refund tickets, less the Paypal processing fees which are unfortunately unrecoverable and $1 per ticket for BurnerTickets. Payments will go to the original purchaser in most cases. Artists will be able to keep their grants for bringing art to next year’s event, and all volunteer credits, as well as the theme and ticket art awards, will be rolled over to Apogaea 2021. We will start processing refunds to the original purchasers starting Monday and plan to finish by mid-May. Unfortunately it’s not practical for us to let your ticket ride, or to accept it as a donation, but we have a donation button activated on our website now if you would like to pitch in.

The next Board meeting will be on July 12th at 2pm MDT. Please join us then to start building the foundations for next year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, stay safe, and we’ll see you next year!

– The Apogaea Board of Directors