At-Home Consolation Art Stimulus Round!

We’re sad Apogaea got cancelled, so now CATS wants to fund your small-scale home quarantine art! Holding a physically-distanced mini-burn in your backyard over Labor Day? Let us help fund some art to show off for that. Then, in September, send us photos of how your art went, and any cathartic art deconstructions/conflagrations it undergoes, and we’ll share with everyone here on our website.

This grant round is super easy. Send us an email answering these 5 questions and we’ll respond to your grant request within a week!

Grants are capped at $20 per applicant and we’ve budgeted a total of $200 for this round. We’ll be funding on a first-come first-serve basis until the end of July, or until we run out of money, whichever comes first.


  1. Your name and project name.
  2. Describe your project (like 50-ish words is fine, no need to get carried away; it’s $20 we’re talking about here).
  3. Why is this art perfect for home? Or is this somehow a smaller/sketchier version of what you planned for a burn this year?
  4. Attach a photo or sketch of your idea. Like something worked up in Microsoft Paint would be great.
  5. Will your art be completed by Labor Day weekend? Can you commit to sending us some photos or video of your completed project (and its demise, if applicable) by Sept 12?

Email your grant request to [email protected]. Remember, we’re funding on a first-come first-serve basis, so request your funds TODAY!

After Labor Day we’ll collect photos and videos from our artists of the completed projects and publish them here on our site for the community to enjoy.