Apogaea Update – Fri 4/3/2020

Dear Apogaea & Friends,

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe.

Like us, you probably have been hearing about event cancellations almost every day and perhaps are following the discussion regarding the big show in Nevada. We know this time of uncertainty can be stressful and we would like to update you on our current thinking about Apogaea 2020.

There aren’t many communities who are as capable of dealing with tough circumstances as we, and we do amazing things together. We burned things at Apo two years ago in the middle of a Stage 2 fire ban. We have dealt with cacti, hail, heat, and rattlesnakes for years. If anyone can pull this off, we can.

That said, we don’t know that Apo can happen this year. Large gatherings are not currently possible in Colorado, and those restrictions may be among the last to be lifted on the other side of the curve. Knowing that this event involves a lot of work to pull together even under normal conditions the board decided a few weeks ago that Apogaea will not happen in June and are discussing where to go from here.

In the meantime, you may find the information below helpful in making your summer plans.

Q: When will the Apo Board decide new dates, or if Apo will happen this year?

A: The board will next discuss the outlook for the event on May 3rd.

Q: Can I buy tickets to Apo?

A: Not presently. We have paused ticket sales until further notice.

Q: I can’t or don’t wish to participate in a postponed late summer/fall 2020 event. Can I get a refund for my ticket?

A: Yes, less our transaction fees (based on your ticket price and payment method). We will start processing refund requests in early May.
Please note this needs to be done one ticket at a time so we ask your patience this. We’ll be sharing information on how this will work in the coming weeks.

Q: If Apogaea 2020 is cancelled, will you be giving refunds to all ticket holders?

A: Yes, less the transaction fees.

Q: What about Art Grants?

A:  CATS is working with Big Money grant recipients individually to either pay the awards with the understanding that they will bring the art to Apo when it happens or put the projects on hold. CATS is continuing to accept seed grants applications open for now but will not grant awards until we have a more stable outlook.