Apogaea 2020 Update – Mon 3/23/2020

Dearest Apogaea & Friends,

Given the immense uncertainty in throwing a major event under the current circumstances, as well as being cognizant of our civic responsibility to discourage the kind of social gatherings that generally need to go into the planning and building of our awesome event before we even set foot in Trinidad, we’ve decided the best thing for now is to postpone Apogaea 2020 for at least 2 months. We’re fortunate enough to have a landowner who is flexible and we are looking at dates in mid to late August. Of course we’re also watching the news carefully, so stay tuned for updates.

For any deadlines pertaining to grants or ticket sales, consider them extended and keep an eye out for new information.

For more information and discussion, the next board meeting, next Sunday, is open as always to you, the amazing Apogaea community. This time we’re going to do it completely virtual, online, for the first time ever. Please find the connection information on our home page as it becomes available.

Our community is amazing, creative, and resourceful, and it’s much bigger than Apogaea, and I know we’ll keep the fire burning. Stay safe, take care of your hearts, and as always – be excellent to each other.

– Apo Board of Directors