Get Cha Money – Seed Round Art Grants Close Tuesday Night

Artists! The Apogaea “Seed” creative grant round closes Tuesday at 11:59pm, so if you have an application in progress make sure to get it in before the deadline!
The Seed round is for projects requesting grants up to $599.   A total of $8,000 is available to be awarded during this round.
The Seed round has funds for the widest variety of project and art types, and we especially encourage first time artists to apply. This is a great opportunity to apply for your first grant.  If you’re a first time artist and want some guidance, feel free to reach out to us by email. We’re here to help and we’re rooting for you, but only if you make it in before Tuesday  night’s deadline, we’re kind of sticklers about that.   [email protected]

Lastly a reminder the “Cash for Gas” round opens on March 1st so stay tuned for info coming on that.