2018 Theme Contest is OPEN!

It’s time to decide on the Apogaea 2018 theme!

Do your civic duty and participate!

Do you have an absolutely brilliant theme idea for Apogaea 2018? Do you want to avoid Moist 2.0? Send us your idea!

From now until 11:59 pm on October 10th, submit your ideas to guywire@apogaea.com. Only one theme idea submission per person is allowed, so make your first bid your best bid. Please include a description with the theme idea for context.

The final theme will be voted on by Team Ignition. The winner of the theme contest will win a free ticket to Apogaea 2018! Thanks for your participation and sharing your creativity!

Here’s where we went in years past:

2017: “Propaganda”

2016: “Moist”

2014: “Emergence”

2013: “Alchemy”

2012: “Spiral”

2011: “Illuminate”

2010: “Artopolis”

2009: “Smells Like Community Spirit”

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