Apogaea 2014 Theme Announced!!


We have a theme for our 2014 event:


Ignition voted for the winner out of 77 idea submissions.  Congratulations to Jeanette Edwards for submitting the winning idea!

To describe her reasoning for submitting this idea, Jeanette wrote:

“I recently listened to a Radiolab podcast entitled “Emergence” and throughout the program and my subsequent research I couldn’t help but be reminded of the community of Apogaea. Emergence is a scientific concept that essentially describes what happens when a system becomes more complex than just a group of individual pieces. Emergence appears in many areas of science such as physics, sociology and biology to name a few. An example is an ant colony. A single ant holds no special quality and appears rather random and idiotic but when there is a colony of ants, organization and order emerge. Another fun example is a frequently executed experiment in college psychology classes when the instructor has some collection of items (i.e.jellybeans) and asks the students to guess the total number. The average guess of the entire class is always closer to the real number than any single students guess.”

Now we’re excited to see how the community chooses to use this theme idea to express their own creativity!