Seed Round Creative Grant Winners!

thx seed

We are again excited to announce more creative grant recipients!  This is for the Seed Round, which is for projects that requested any amount under $600.00.

Total Funds Available $7,000.00
Total Funds Requested $20,090.53
Applications Scored 38
Average Grant Request $490.01
Grants Awarded 14
Average Award $434.96
Total Funds Awarded $6,089.41
Stand-alone Installation 22 53.66%
Theme/Sound Camp 4 9.76%
Center Camp Installation 2 4.88%
Center Camp Workshop 0 0.00%
Performance Art 7 17.07%
Art Car / Mutant Vehicle 1 2.44%
Workshop 5 12.20%


Leather Bracelet Workshop
Artist – Andrea Pliner
Granted amount: $581.59

The “Leather Bracelet Workshop” will be hosted at the same time every day during the event. Participants will use leather working tools to decorate a leather bracelet that they will be able to keep or gift. Participants will create their bracelets in a dedicated space in our weather resistant dome, hammering on logs as workspaces, drum circle style. The workshop will be monitored so that assistance can be provided should it be needed. We have asked for materials for three hundred bracelets, so that people can let their creativity emerge.

Artist – Ben Burdette
Granted amount: $115.00

The cyclophone is an electronic instrument, about 4 or 5 feet in diameter. It has a circular keyboard, various knobs and buttons, and a web interface. The circular keyboard is a little too big for one person to use, so it encourages multi person use. The cyclophone emits a variety of sounds depending on its configuration. It offers some configuration options via the knobs and buttons, and more options using a wireless web interface.

The Crystal Garden
Artist – Ben Eppley
Granted amount: $550

The Crystal Garden consists of six (6) – 6′ tall crystal clusters that will be placed throughout the Whomp Truck sound camp. These crystal structures will each have 3 crystal points, each six sided, and constructed using metallic conduit and white spandex fabric. As Apogaeans walk through the dark towards the camp, they will see a pulsing, glowing garden of crystals.

The unique feature of this installation is that participants can have complete control over the color and pattern of the lights in the crystal clusters at the stage. We will use a program called LightJams that will pixel-map the LED strips and allow for participant control via motion sensors in a Wii remote. As the participant moves the remote, the lights will change in sync with their movements. The remotes can be passed around the crowd so that each person can participate. This is a form of interactivity rarely seen at sound camps, or music events in general. The crowd never gets the opportunity to control the light show, and are forced to simply watch the light director’s vision rather than create their own.

Burnin’ to the Beat
Artist – Bryan Corey
Granted amount: $599.99

A Ruben’s tube is a classic physics experiment to visualize sound waves which drive the rise and fall of flames along a perforated gas tube. The gas flow changes as the sound pressure inside the tube changes, rewarding the viewer with fiery sine waves when a tone is played, or complex fiery waveforms of constructive and destructive interference when music is played. In other words, we see the fire dance to the music.

Artist – Christina French
Granted amount: $450.00

On the way up the hill to Banana Camp, after taking a turn on the slides at Fucking Unicorns, you see a brightly colored flower at the edge of the path, and a sign with the first lines of a poem that beckons you to discover “poeTree.” More flowers and poetry-lined signs lead you on a pleasant journey to a brightly colored tree, its trunk surrounded by a circular, roomy, cushioned bench. You hear enhanced sounds of the forest coming from a central speaker, which intensifies the piece’s “beacon” effect.

Emerging from the path, you take a seat. Looking up, you notice more of the brightly colored flowers from the path “blooming” on the tree. Putting one to your ear, which easily reaches you in your seated position, you may hear a grandfather reading a poem about masculinity for his grandson, a friend reading a poem of forgiveness, or a child giving Shel Silverstein a spin.

Recited poetry is being sourced from diverse groups (age, economic background, ethnicity) and on a variety of topics to ensure a diversity of core poetic types and concepts. All denizens of Apogaea can find a poem that speaks directly to their experience or emotional core.

Chef Artist – Dawn Cordova
Granted amount: $30.00

I would like to have cookies available for everyone. I would like to bake an absurd amount of biscochitos (Mexican cookies) for the cafe. I would provide a sign and covered container. The cookies are similar to biscotti but softer.

Mix & Match Mirror Belvedere
Artist – Gabriel Vanaver
Granted amount: $599.00

When I see people at these art festivals dressing so elaborately, I see them as art and I see showing their costumes off as a gift to us all. This is a way to take your costumes to the next level. It is also a way to see yourself in other people.

When I was a child I used to love playing around with those mix and match woodblocks. putting the head of a lion with a body of a penguin and the feet and tail of an alligator was fun and silly. this is also a nice way to digress to our inner child and play around with our bodies.

This Hexagon Belvedere will have 3 walls with mirrors on the inside angled in different ways, and 3 doors to stand in to view from. When looking across you will see a section of yourself and a couple reflected sections of other people standing in the other doorways.

Artist – Gregory Allan Davidson
Granted amount: $550.00

“Nucleus” is a 19 foot high, 21 foot long, and 12 foot wide structure made up of two connected modular geodesic spheres based on the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron. The base of the structure, built into the form, is made of two walkable platforms and two sets of stairs that lead participants into and through the interior of the spheres, and includes benches where participants can sit.

The steel frame of the geodesic structure has attached panels of RGB LEDs, which are wired to microcontrollers that light the panels in sequence based on a variant of Conway’s Game of Life, the classic computer science problem.

The project seeks to give participants a sense of connectedness and actual integration into its own development and evolution, as a reflection on the human species’ own movement towards cooperative unity with our surroundings; it alludes to our participation within and influence on our ecological community and, through such, the collective betterment of the planet itself. A better world can only emerge through our collaboration with those around us.

Arts Caravan
Artist – Jeanette Oeleis
Granted amount: $264.94

Arts Caravan is a traveling visual, circus, and performing arts learning experience for all ages committed to connecting communities through creativity and expression. By cultivating a cross pollination of creatives we are able to introduce circus and art to a broad spectrum of people.

For your participatory pleasure we present Apogaea 2014 with 6 delightful workshops: ‘Turn Your Frown Upside Down: Circus Improv’, “Bellydance Movement’, ‘Circus Vogue: Gestural Figure Drawing’, and ‘How Do Didgeridoos Do What They Do?’ and ‘Circus Sprouts’ our children’s workshop combining all five workshops. Each adult and big kids workshop will be approximately 1 ½ hours each. All workshop facilitators will present a station style workshop for kids at the ‘Circus Sprouts’ workshop where they switch every 20 minutes or so to a different project/content.

Artist – Lawrence Phipps
Granted amount: $209.50

Ferox is best described as a parabolic ambient sound projector augmented by synchronized strobe lighting. It’s a giant 8′ diameter parabolic dish that projects sound in a narrow 2-3° beam across a great distance (expect 100+ yards). The dual strobes cycle slightly out of phase with each other as well as the audio (think slightly arrhythmic & rhythmic white noise more than music).

Because the lights & sound are similar but different in phase, the installation does strange things to your head, specifically your perception of time. Your mind is challenged to process two signals that are out of phase. You experience the perception is that they speed up and slow down. This perception is exaggerated when a third signal is present, in this case sound.

Ferox comes alive only at night, and awakens shortly after sundown each evening. The audio will loop hourly, and each evening Ferox will feature a differently themed loop.

The Lifeguard Chair
Artist – Matthew Stringer
Granted amount: $408.39

Apogaea faces serious safety concerns and legal liability due to swimming related accidents and injuries. To help protect Apo from liability and to reduce the likelihood of serious injury, Apo MUST have official volunteer lifeguards to protect attendees.

The Lifeguard Chair is a beach-style lifeguard chair for two, and will be equipped with lifesaving floats (ring buoys and tubes) and wooden shark fins to encourage interaction, role-playing and participation.

The Lifeguard Chair will be placed at a “pool” – daytime sound camp, or other busy area where people hang out- so there are a lot of people to serve as “swimmers” to be protected. There will be wooden shark fins that people can strap to their backs if they want to be a “predator” as well as equipment for people who want to play as “lifeguards”. Any and all attendees are welcome to act as lifeguards or sharks – or narwhals, pirates or seamen spewing whales.

The Big Couch
Artist – Noah Murray
Granted amount: $599.00

The part of the couch you sit on is about chest high so you have to either get a running start and jump up onto it or you can have your friend boost you up as well. The arms of the couch are big and round and padded so you can sit on them too (like 5 people per arm really) It has been a huge hit on the Playa for the last two years and we have gotten tons of positive feedback and “thank you’s” from hundreds of people for bringing it out there. It’s really a super fun, comfy, art sculpture that everyone, especially kids, love to climb up on, and play on. We still have yet to meet a person that doesn’t love “The Big Couch”!!

W.A.R.R.Y. M.E.” Art Project – “Wedding Altar To Rid & Remove Your Materialistic Excesses”
Artist – R D Stjernholm
Granted amount: $599.00

In line with the Burning Man principle of Decommodification, inspiration will be encouraged of all participants to pledge going forward their commitment to love, honor and devotion of fellow human beings while ridding themselves of any and all physical or emotional attachments to the ever increasing materialistic garbage pile of commercialized and commodified stuff that has entered our already complicated lives and should never ever be mistaken for a substitute of human fellowship. Spontaneous proposals, mini-ceremonies and general shenanigans will be the theme of the day.

White Wedding Dress and Wedding Wear attire is highly suggested and expected. Parade will commence at the Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion Main Runway stage at approx. 2:00 pm and proceed around the Apogaea camp site terminating at the proposed “W.A.R.R.Y. M.E.” Art project which stands for “Wedding Altar to Remove & Rid Your Materialistic Excesses” hopefully to be placed in the general vicinity of both the Apo T.O.I.L. – Temple of Infinite Life and the Throne of the Emergent Multitude Apogaea 2014 Effigy.

Wish You Were Here
Artist – Roscoe Ferguson
Granted amount: $533.00

We believe that life changing experiences can happen at nature based art gatherings such as Apogaea, Burning Man, and other similar festivals. We have been personally, positively impacted by these events. We are proposing a project that will spread the positive energy that these events create to any and all who come into contact with it, even those who cannot attend.

We will construct 3-D letters that spell out “WISH YOU WERE HERE”. The letters will be built out of stratocore transparent plastic. The words and letters will be stackable to enable different configurations. The interactive part of the project is that the letters will serve as a backdrop/foreground for its visitors to have their photo taken with. We plan on using a digital camera to take the photos and a digital printer to print out the souvenirs. The project will also have another level of interaction in that whoever receives or views the photo postcard will be taking part in a piece of the project beyond the festival.

We also plan to create a website to store all of the images so that anyone can access all the photos whenever they need a kick of inspiration/happiness.