Apogaea 2014 Art Fair and Town Hall Summary

The 2014 Apogaea Art Fair and Town Hall with the Board occurred March 29th, 2014 at Photo by CaroshineFusion Factory. It was well attended by Apogaea community members and showcased some amazing art.

Kenyon, winning artist for the effigy, was in attendance with a replica of the effigy. We hung out a little bit during the fair and I couldn’t help myself from asking him what was his inspiration. He said….

»More info on the effigy

Also in attendance was RevJeremy, the temple creator. To the untrained eye, this is merely a 2 story, dual tower temple with a 16′ rainbow bridge and an 84′ path in the shape of an infinity symbol. But what you are really seeing is a representation of the four elements; the Path of Life, the Heavens, the Earth, the bridge transcending between the two and a whole lot more. The Temple of Infinite Light is built for all Apogaeans, however it will double as a pyre for the late Jenny Kush.

»To follow the Temple progress, check out their Facebook page

After finishing a quick chat with Jeremy, I was distracted by some shiny lights. I followed the bright shining light and found another art project: Lumenexus. This art project uses participant’s movements and sounds to produce light and sound patterns. Lumenexus fills a five foot wide cube and is based on minimal surface geometry.

»Check out the Lumenexus Facebook page

Photo by CaroshineAs I continued to walk around, there were many booths featuring wonderful art projects and theme camps. From a large robot to some AWESOME ants, many art projects and theme camps were present to share their projects. One that I, personally, am REALLY looking forward to is the Hippie Hunger Games. Based on the popular Hunger Games book/movies, this camp is bringing out the inner American Gladiator in all of us. You should have SEEN the Nerf arsenal they brought to the art fair!

Around 2pm, the board attendees started the Town Hall Question and Answer session. The community was eager to find out more about placement, however members from that department were not in attendance at the time. The community pressed on discussing things like the Apogaea Event Calendar and the Community Calendar, effigy and temple and how to donate money to these wonderful projects,

Also discussed was early entry, gate hours and exodus. This year, gate will open early at 9am Photo by CaroshineWednesday through Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday, gates will close at 7:59pm, Friday at 6:59pm and Saturday at 6:00pm. Sunday will be exit only (hehehehee) and the hours will be 9am-6pm. There will be an extra exodus day for large theme camps and art on Monday, however registration will be required.

»More info on Gate information

All in all, it was a fun Art Fair and Town Hall! I even sang a Dong Gong Show song just before the plug was pulled. “WEEEEEE are the CHAMPIONSSSSSS my frieeeeendd….and we’llllll keep on fiiiighting, to the ennnnnddd…..”