Photo/Video Privacy Policy Updates


Hello my lovelies! 

With June right around the corner, it’s high time I introduced our newest department: Apogaea Media and Propaganda (or AMP for short). They encompass Photo, Video, Graphic Design, the Survival Guide, and the Who What Where When. I was talking to the team recently and they sent me a note explaining the photo and video policy. Check out :

We’d like to take a moment to talk to you all about Apo’s Photo and Video Policies. We know this can be quite the topic around the webs, so we’ve done our best to outline what we and the board feel is a good summary of our community’s desires, while balancing the legal terms every participant agrees to in their ticket policy. The biggest change you’ll notice at the event this year is a small experiment to promote transparency in our image capturing efforts. We’ll be creating neon-green AMP signs available for camps and individuals to post on their land or hang off their camera—NOT as permission, but as a friendly warning to those who may not want their image captured. The “Ask First!” Policy is at the heart of what our community is about: responsibility and courtesy from all parties involved.

  • Take responsibility for informing others before clicking the shutter.
  • Take responsibility for your own image by starting a conversation with the photographer that doesn’t.

Our hope is that these new signs help to keep people informed about where cameras are and start new conversations around boundaries and permissions. We’ll also have AMP volunteers walking the event in matching neon-green AMP shirts. They’ll be capturing photos and video for our Apogaea Archives while educating participants about our a/v policy. If you have questions, need to report a creeper, or just want your picture taken, we’re here to help! As AV geeks AND participants ourselves, we can see this subject from both sides. But we’d love to hear yours. Email us at [email protected] and let us know what you think!

If you have any questions about the policies, check out the new Photo and Video Policy page.

Flame OUT!

Arthur Flaming