Apogaea Continues to Support the Bailey Community

Emily's Parade Volunteers

Back in action for the third year in a row, Apogaea supported the Bailey, CO community by participating in the 8th annual “I Love You Guys Foundation” (ILYG) Emily’s Parade, a motorcycle rally from Columbine HS to Platte Canyon HS and a 5K run/walk.   Apogaea proudly donated $1,000 in cash as well as $400 in sausages that Apo volunteers cooked and served at the event.

Five (5) of our Apo volunteers — Bill Carter, Eddiey “DryRub” Hayes,  Keli Schmid, Julie Stenger, and Matt Stringer – woke up early in the morning on Sunday, September 29, 2013 to get to work.  Julie and Matt both functioned as course marshals during the 5k race to direct runners, while Keli, Eddiey and Bill fired up the grills and cooked 1,000 sausages to serve to the runner and biker participants that convened at the high school.

Matt and Julie made a small presentation at the ceremony following the race/rally and thanked everyone for welcoming Apogaea into their community, also expressing how much it means to us to be part of their Bailey community.  During the presentation, they handed Ellen Keyes, the co-founder of ILYG and Emily’s mother, the ceremonial $1,000 check.

This year, the event drew over 100 runners and 2,000 motorcyclists.  ILYG was started in response to the student hostage crisis at Platte Canyon HS on Sept 27, 2006, when an armed gunman took six female students hostage, sexually assaulted them, and then took his life after killing student Emily Keyes.  ILYG works to enhance school safety by providing training and education for better collaboration between schools and law enforcement.

Want to see what happened last year? Check out 2012 ILYG


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