2014 Apogaea Event Dates!

We’re fired up to announce the dates for 2014 Apogaea: Emergence!

Wed, June 4 – Mon, June 9 Sun. June 8, 2014
Early Entry: Tues June 3


First of all, allow me to point out that we now we have an extra day for Exodus!  NICE. The Monday After will be used as an extended exodus for big art, camps and volunteers needing extra time to pack up. Individuals will need to register for the extended exodus.

Also, you may have heard a different set of dates were chosen.  It’s true! The following dates were announced at the September 29th board meeting:

Public: Wed June 11 – Mon June 16.
Early Entry: Tues June 10

After the announcement, it came to the BOD’s attention that these dates were the very same as the Hundo Bike race in Bailey.  The race attracts quite the crowd and covers ground very close to our event.  Bikers, campers, traffic and road closures could seriously complicate many aspects of Apogaea, including our emergency response plan.

In response to this discovery, the Board initiated an online vote to move the date of Apogaea one week earlier in 2014 to avoid the date overlap.

Public: Wed, June 4 – Mon, June 9, Sun, June 8,2014
Extended exodus for preregistered art and theme camps: Mon, June 9, 2014

Early Entry: Tues June 3

Mark your calendars;  let’s see what will emerge!
 Flaming Art

Wanna know about the other big announcements about 2014 like the big increase in CREATIVE GRANTS, POPULATION and TICKET PRICE?

Check out the September Board Meeting Summary for all the juicy details!