Quick info about Apogaea 2010

Apogaea is a non-vending event which means it doesn’t fund itself through fees from the sale of goods during the event. While this creates a better experience for you, it also means that the entire event functions through volunteers. A great way to make this event YOUR event is to volunteer to help out with theme camps, cars and community.

Got a good sense of humor and love to meet people? Sign up for gate, greeter or floater. Like playing Tetris and have an eye for spacial relations? Help people find the right parking location and keep the event area free of cars and safer for pedestrians.

Do you have a strong karmic relationship with mother nature and want to help other people realize theirs, too? Join the Green Team and keep all trash contained and not wasted. Have you been to Apogaea before and want to make it as good as you know it can be? Sign up for DPW and see the event in a way you’ve never seen it before. Really.

You don’t need certified medical or fire training to give time with the Bureau of Apogaean Medical and Fire or with the Rangers, but it helps. More descriptions of all these areas and others not mentioned here are available on this page:

YOU will be rewarded for your efforts and given cool stuff that your friends won’t have unless they do it with you. Yes! It is possible to do a shift with a friend. You’ll see the times still available and can sign up to be together. It’s a great place to put that nickname you like being called, but we will need you to include your full name and email address. Check out how easy it is:

If you don’t already have a ticket or need to get one: Save space! Camp with a friend. Apogaea tickets make great birthday presents, love notes and thank yous.

Don’t pack away those winter coats yet! Very high elevation causes the evenings to be in the low 40s. While the many burn barrels are great places to hang out, you’ll want to be able to comfortably walk away from them, too.

A note about being green: Please limit your food and supply packaging. Take things out of big boxes and fix them into smaller containers or bags that you’ll reuse later. Some recycling will be available on-site, but what isn’t able to go there will need to be taken out by you. Cans over bottles is a good place to start. Large water containers vs lots of bottles also good. Bring re-usable cups with plates and utensils you can wash.

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