Sound Camps and Theme Camps (2010)

Here are the sound camps and some of the other theme camps you’ll find at Apogaea this year. For a full, ongoing list of Art Installations, Theme Camps and other projects and events, please visit the Apo 2010 page.

Loud Sound Camps

Circus High – Raise your expectations with sweet beats any yummy treats. Don’t forget your clown shoes.

DROP CITY & Metal Alchemy – combined forces bring you an immersive, cynergetic, & experimental foundation for artists to channel their beings. TUNE IN. TURN ON. DROP OUT.

– Metal/Goth/Grindcore/Dark Electric. DJ space and stage space available.

Space Camp – Electro, Dub, and Down Tempo.

– DJ space available.

The Wild Roofie Gang – In the spirit of Disney family entertainment, The Wild Roofie Gang hosts a variety of diverse & wholesome experiences throughout the weekend of Apogaea. Before his passing, the great comic genius Don Knotts was captured by the TWRG and initiated into our tribal rituals. He had an even wilder look in his eyes after we finished with him. All citizens of Apogaea should tremble in anticipation of the same treatment.

– Some ambient time slots available.

Whomp Delivery Service – Dub-step, Electro House, and Breaks coming to a location near you.

– Interested in music submissions.

Also Playing

Kamp Kronic – Blazed Beats and High Times. A small stage with rock, hip-hop, and jazz sets. DJ Space available.

XPAT Alien – Aliens may land and play their intergalactic anthems.

Center Camp – Open mic and sign up shows

Grand Funk Depot – Full Depot Serves, chuga chuga, choo choo , Ambient music

Wonderland Vortex – Psy-Trance and more among the toadstools.

Don’t Miss

Mr. Science’s Camp – Science fun

Styli Helias Umbra – Art Gallery and drawing robot. Video Projection.

Volcano Lounge – Chill lounge in the trees.

Sausage Fest @ the Lazy Lounge

Charlie’s Pizza Parlour of Joy and Deliciousness! – Grab a slice or two Thursday afternoon at the pizza oven.