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What’s New / Changes for 2010

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Personal Boundaries

  • No means no, ask first, and respect personal boundaries. See B.E.D.

Car Camping / Parking

  • Park only in designated areas.
  • Car camping is very limited and only permitted in car camping designated areas. You can register your car camping needs ahead of time with [email protected]

Sound Policies

  • Sunrise set – Sunday’s quiet hours don’t start until 8am to allow for a Saturday night / Sunday morning sunrise set.
  • Quiet hours are from 6am to 11am on Friday and Saturday and from 8am to 11am on Sunday. Of course this means that since sunrise is technically at about 5:30am there will be a sunrise set every day!
  • Reduced sound hours are every day from 4am until the start of quiet hours.


  • Apogaea discourages the use of non-reusable glow sticks. Use battery operated devices instead.
  • Grey water shouldn’t be dumped on the ground.
  • Recycling will include aluminium cans and composting. Please bring home and appropriately recycle or dispose of everything else.


  • The gate will be open from 9am to midnight.
  • Plan on arriving before dusk or you will have to wait until the morning to drive in. People arriving after dark with camp infrastructure may be escorted to their camp at the gate’s discretion.
  • Ticket sales end at 7pm on Saturday June 12th at the gate.
  • Tickets are limited so get yours early.
  • Print and sign your waiver ahead of time

Fire Policies

  • All generators must be supplied with a single standard fire extinguisher, type ABC dry chemical (the regular red ones).
  • Check with the Emergency Services tent or any Ranger to inquire about current burn ban status.
  • For burn barrels or Emergency Services approved fire pits, bring a 5 gallon bucket of water, a way to secure it to the ground, your own wood, and a way to clear the vegetation around the barrel.
  • Don’t move the Apogaea burn barrels and wood.

GPS coordinates:

  • Gate is at N 38.9727 W 105.4771

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