Things to Bring! / Events

Hey, Apogaeans!

In addition to your food, water, costumes-of-awesomeness, cup, and reusable plates/silverware, here are some things from the soon-to-be-printed WhoWhatWhereWhen that you might want to throw in your Apogaea pack:

Handmade creations, books, clothing, accessories, glowies, or other gifts to share with your fellow citizens at The Gifting Tree.
Your musical instrument(s) for Organix Sound Dome’s ongoing jam session.
Towel for the Sauna Dome (you wouldn’t go anywhere without your towel, would you, you hoopy frood?).
Black and white attire for the Thursday night Apogaea Welcome Party.
Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, leis, and your best tiki mug for the Hula Hideaway Luau Thursday night! Also accepting donations of rum or vodka (show your Hula Hosts and Hostesses some love!).
Bottle of champagne and/or brunch stuff to share for Friday morning’s Champagne Brunch potluck at Circus High Camp.
Green or recycled attire for Karma’s Green Soiree, Friday afternoon.
Noisemakers for the Hug Parade Friday afternoon.
Extra food/drink, especially avocado-based, for the Avocado Bar and Happy Hour at Centropolis, Friday evening.
Your sparkliest gloves, your ostrichiest fans, your ta-ta-liciousest pasties for the Happy Hour Burlesque Show Friday evening.
Friday at 6:30 Hula Hideaway hosts a Happy Hour and potluck-roast suckling pig preferred, but you could bring anything to share.
White attire for The White Queen’s Ball on Friday night.
Or, if that’s too literary for you, wear all blue for the infamous Return of the Camel Toe Jam. Camel fleas optional.
Saturday’s got a Bar-B-Q seminar-bring a sauce for other aficionados to taste. At Centropolis.
If you’ve already got a hoop, there’s the Hoop It Forward hoop decoration and hooping extravaganza. If not, they can probably set you up with one! Try it!.
Centropolis’ Margarita Symposium sounds soooo boring, having to taste all those different delicious tequilas, mixes, and margarita recipes. If you had to go. though, you should bring some tequila.
Clowns. You love them, you hate them, you fear them. [As well you should-ed.] The Clown Rave at Circus High Saturday night will either be a fun, happy place with music and red noses, or the stuff of nightmares. Either way, you should go. Wear your clown gear and be given libations.

See you in a couple days!

Johnny One