As we wave the finishing flag for some of our board members, we now open nominations for new members to join. Elected board terms are three years. Being on the board means committing to work on Apogaea year-round, responding to emails, attending meetings, and creating and maintaining this container for our incredible community to do […]

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2018 Apo Census form…

Please fill out our 2018 Apogaea Census form. This gives us some general statistics about the attendance, as well gives you a chance to voice your opinions on what you liked and disliked about Apogaea this year. This information will be reviewed by the board and departments to help make the old saying true….”Next year […]

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BAMF Updates, plus 2018 WWWW!!!!!

Latest from BAMF: Car camping is approved! Fire spinning is approved for effigy and at approved locations Spinners MUST ATTEND A FIRE SAFETY MEETING FRI OR SAT AT 5; NO FIRE SPINNING THURSDAY“ Effigy is approved (special conditions apply) Personal LPG fire pits are approved (pending FAST inspection) We’re still being worked on smoking tents/smoking areas. If you have […]

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BAMF Presents: How not to die….

AT APOGAEA 2018!!!!! BAMF has some extra tips on how to stay safe at Apo this year: Be spark aware this year! No outdoor smoking! There will be several BAMF approved designated smoking tents (they have to be flame retardant to be approved). Cigarette ashes and butts must be contained. No spark creating devices (generators must have […]

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OMG Last Chance Ticket sale…

  The OMG Last Chance ticket sale for Apogaea 2018 is today at 7pm MT. Due to Ticketfly currently having issues, we’ve changed the last sale to be held on Brown Paper Tickets instead. Make sure you setup an account for them if you have not already done so. For all other ticket details, please […]

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The 2018 Apogaea Survival Guide is HERE!!!

Are YOU ready for Apogaea 2018? Not unless you’ve read the 2018 Apogaea Survival Guide, Event Checklist, and printed out and signed a liability waiver. So make sure you click the below link and get reading!!!!!!! There will be a quiz at the gate. Apogaea Survival Guide and Event Checklist

Volunteer Database is live for 2018!

If you have a ticket already, you can click here to register and login. Although there are volunteer tickets available, you will need to go through the specific department in order to make arrangements for qualifying for one of those tickets. Signing up here will not qualify you for a ticket. It is so fun […]

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2018 Seed Money Grant Winners!!!

Hello Apogaeans! We here at CATS are pleased to announce this year’s SEED MONEY GRANT WINNERS and are stoked to see are your cool projects this year at the event.Wyrm Food Warming Beacon by Kevin and Sean McWilliams has been awarded 599.00. A flaming bowl of dragon soup with fire-poofing chopsticks to attract hungry, cold […]

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