B*A*M*F: Bureau of Apogaea Medical & Fire

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Emergency Services 2017
Bureau of Apogaea Medical & Fire (B*A*M*F)

CONTACT: [email protected][email protected]

We donate our time and expertise as our gift to the community.
We operate within the scope of basic first aid and mitigation, with the agenda of helping our friends and family during times of need.

To volunteer, please visit http://volunteer.apogaea.com/!

Doctors, Nurses, Medics, Trained CPR Volunteers, Etc.

Apogaea’s Medical volunteers will be collaborating with an event EMS team in order to expand our level of care and to maintain compliance with State and Local regulation. Emergency Services will be providing appropriate infrastructure and personnel so we can better treat major and minor illness and traumas such as burns, dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, respiratory distress, chest pain and mental health assistance.

Remember BMAF Medical is not considered first aid. We are your fifth aid.
You and your first aid kit are your first aid.
Your friends are your second aid.
Your campmates are your third aid.
Our community is your fourth aid, and if all else fails, we are here for your fifth aid.

Fire and Safety Team (FAST)

Apogaea’s Fire volunteers will continue to collaborate with local agencies to maintain compliance with local bands and regulations, to mitigate at risk areas and to monitor approved burns and fire art. This year we will have the local fire department on site with us to help keep us safe.