Apogaea wants YOU to help with the event map as a Placement XO!

Apogaea’s Placement Department is looking for an XO or two! (second in command)!

Be a part of the team that puzzles out the best fit for all things placed (camps, art, departments) at Apogaea!

Join the Placement Lead, Changeling, in map, spreadsheet, and placement strategy creation in an Ignition position!

As it is a core position in an essential department, the Placement XO position has work expectations regularly before the event, including weekly during April and May. Pre-event, most work can be done remotely, and the Placement Lead, Changeling, will oversee all training, guidance, and seek to provide a smooth, fun, and rewarding experience.

Some position duties are negotiable and many can be tailored to fit your interests and skills.

The base duties of this position include:

  • Data entry/transfer of Placement registrations
  • Creation of Google MyMaps Maps
  • Working with the Placement Lead to decide where things go onsite
  • 2-4 4 hour Placement Lead Shifts on site

If interested, the Placement XO position may also help with:

  • Naming things for the art map (following the Surreal Safari theme)
  • Surveying the land
  • Creating art for the art map
  • Placement related communications

In person attendance of:

  • Land Recon Day (in March or April)
  • The Apogaea Ignition Retreat (April 5th-7th)
  • And Work Weekend (May 31st-1st/2nd)

Is highly encouraged.

For more information email
[email protected] if you think that this position would be a good fit!