Apogaea 2024: Big Money Art Grant Deadline EXTENDED to 1/8/24!

We know y’all have been busy partying, so we extended the deadline for APO BIG $$ ART GRANT apps til January 8!!! LAST CHANCE to get funded and build your BIG ARTY IDEA for this year’s event!

Hey everyone, we’ve noticed that many of you have been fully immersed in the festive season, engaging in various celebrations and gatherings. We understand that amidst the excitement and joy of these events, it might have been challenging to focus on other tasks. That’s why we’ve decided to give you a bit more time to harness your creativity and put forward your amazing ideas. To support your endeavors, we’ve extended the deadline for the APO BIG $$ ART GRANT applications until January 8! This is your golden opportunity to make a significant impact and bring your artistic visions to life.

Don’t miss out on this LAST CHANCE to receive funding for your BIG ARTY IDEA for this year’s event. We are eager to see the diverse and innovative projects that you come up with. Whether it’s a bold, new artistic installation, a captivating performance piece, or any other form of creative expression, now is the time to act. This extension is a rare opportunity to refine your proposals, add those extra touches, and submit an application that truly reflects your artistic potential. Let’s make this year’s event a memorable one with your unique contributions!